Who still hasnt got a life yet then?

I reached the conclusion that those who fit in here and come across as cool influential persons, dont have a life. They probably dont know the meaning of Mates and are long haired self righteous hermits still living at their parants house with no future prospects.
Tara suckers.
That's all the answer i need.
So have you all grown up yet? Balls dropped?

*This is a test to see if you are all still a bunch of infantile idiots*
*A few execptions here to which people are classed as idiots....*
Wear a hooded top, sit in your car after school and only have the rear offside (nearside for you i assume) window down so he/she cant see you when they arrive and have this playing, would work better if you have tinted windows, and see their reaction.

Also, wear a captain kirk mask if you have one.

Should look good, after school when no one is around, sun is setting, you get the picture
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already a thread on for spambot. The mods are all aware of it.

I didnt know this, i work to live so never get time for ug no more, my apologies
bit of a premature response by me there
((Hello)) ultimate-guitar.
Evean John <>
AddFriday, 1 May, 2009

My name is Evean.
I' am a caring and loving single girl willing to talk with people and learn more about each others culture and ways of leaving.
I am happy to reply to your ad.
Little of my hobbies are listening to music, playing guitter, reading, cooking and dancing.
I hope to have a good communication with you if you are caring no matter the space and distance.
It will be appreciated if you write back so that we can communicate better.
Hope to hear from you.

**** off

lol at chav thing, but im anything but a chav, classic trance was uot and banging before it was street law to have burberry and nike tracksuits
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I don't do either of those things.

When you work 48 hours a week and finally get night off, it feels imence to chill, however illegally, and crank up the amplifier with some Graeme Harrison or Deadmau5
Anyone agree with me when i say there's not alot that beats a night off work smoking some bud and listening to classic trance anthems?
he couldnt rape me, i cant squat for ****
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i was not aware that this was Metallica

dave mclain is the drummer for machine head who happens to be extremely good, and robb flynn is the lead singer and guitar player
the one with lights is actually Machine head, i was to busy headbanging to take photos of metallica, and the other onw shows you where i was sat, right on stage entry
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That's pretty cool, unless it was them actually trying to slap you round the face...

Still boast worthy
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Should have damanded hand jobs, they got off lightly in my oppinion

Of course i should have demanded a hand job, how could i forget
Holy **** i got hand slapped by james hetfeild, dave mclain and robb flynn !!!!!!

watched metallica live and didnt realise were we were seated, i was seat 1 next to entrance to the stage!!!!!
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Seems the thread is ok then. Which is good because I'm going to see them on the 28th of Feb at Sheff. Arena.

It's the pit, anything can happen, even virtual murder is allowed....having said that, *goes off to find an unsuspecting victim*
I Know i cannae wait
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i'll be there rocking with you

Ill be there windmilling your teeth away :p
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Why can't they come anywhere near Florida???!!!! They came to Jacksonville, which is only 30 miles away, in 1992 I think, and I wasn't born yet.

tut, fly abroad, they are always much ebtter abroad
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Not sure if this is the right place for this kind of thing bud, think there's an 'ONLY "I've got tickets to see____"' thread somewhere.

I didnt see it, hope this gets moved or left here rather than closed :S
Im going to see them at MEN on feb 26, anyone else going?

Looking forward to seeing machine head who are supporting, its gonna be a blood bath!
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So... your mom's vagina is large enough to crawl out of?

Happy birthday anyway.

A kazillion e-cookies for you
So, have you actually considered going on a diet?
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Megapixels is only the size of the images, it reflects quality about as much as the size of the buttons or shuttersound. If anything, more megapixels means lower quality because you cram more pixels onto a limited sensorarea.

Oh, how you've all been played for fools...

No idea, but I want one.

Havning proved that, the resolution of the 8 megapixal camara on this phone is 3264x2448
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I had a super awesome mega uber phone before, it did everything but make calls.

So I downgraded to this

looks like a wannabe trigger happy tv
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It rings, it texts. Pretty much it. lol It has WAP I think.

tut tut it has that as an extra, it uses 3g internet, and i have unlimited web time on my contract :P
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Can you call ppl whith it?

Technically no, its too good for measly calls, why would you want to call people when you can watch your vids on it through you tv with built in 5.1 surround, take sharpest pics a camara phone can do and do everything an ipod touch and an iphone can do and more?
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Oh, its still the downgraded one. Do you have verizon.

Quote by Kensai
Who wouldnt want this excellent feat of engineering?

In your town, kensai, anything is possible
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Omnia? I have the downgraded version 2.0 megapixels.

No its the samsung Pixon m8800
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ROFL excellet
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I have a 15 megapixel camera phone.

:O link me i cant be out teched on this :p
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Can you throw it at people?

Its not a brick if thats what you mean, its one of the lightest and lsimmest of its kind
What do you think? If anyone else has this phone, how do you rate it?
Jul 2008 explains alot
Who remembers the avatar?

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I voted the middle option because I believe that there needs to be a change in the laws. An18 year old should not be charged with any crime for having sex with a 17 year old. It's stupid. There needs to be some revision that brackets the ages.

In Englnad, the law says that both genders must be atleast 16 to have sex, but if say one was 16 and the other was 13 -14 -15, the chances of you getting prosecuted are virtually non existant, unless the circumstanes were considered wrong in the eyes of the man behind the desk with the little wooden hammer.

Edit: "unless the circumstanes were considered wrong" by that i mean as long as the couple have had a good relationship, or as long as neither partners were considered vulnerable.

Assualts and rape take a whole different angle though.

Pedophillia is something that cant be changed, and as its one persons own free mind it cant really be seen as wrong, Whilst molestering Is wrong imo, it kind of conflicts with saying that pedophillia is ok, becaause you cant really expect someone never to act upon a lifetime of sexual desire, no matter how depraved.