This has got to be the fastest moving thread in the Pit and there are only a handful of people posting in it.

Also, story ideas? I'm racking my brain but nothing really sounds great.
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Which big pharma legally uses to keep people fucked up.

Codeine, Oxycodeine, hyro, etc. Those are all opiate based, and if you didn't know, heroin is also opiate based. Pills are more or less medical grade heroin.

Novocaine, cocaine, most, if not all other -caine ending drugs are from the same plants.

My point is that most pain killers, local or general anesthetics are derived from the same thing that illegal drugs are.

Meth is prescribed for ****ing ADHD

I personally don't do any drugs. Would I? Sure, I'd like to freely smoke weed without any repercussions, but until it's legalized, I'm not going to jeopardize my financial aid for college.

It's a damn tragedy that almost 50 people had to die for some idiotic drug war in Mexico. Some of the nicest people I meet here in Texas are Mexicans. Save for the gangbangers, most of them have this sense of community I don't see in other ethicities; they're not bad people. It's a shame that shit like this has to happen.
Something about being busy makes time go faster. 3 years after high school is hella shorter than 3 years IN high school.
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Get better soon.


Ever since seasonal allergies kicked in on top of it, I've been getting about an hour or two less sleep. I really need to clean in here...

Prescription flonase! been taking it for a week and I have no allergies at all after suffering for months.
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why do men have nipples?

I know where this is going.

Men Breastfeeding
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Good luck with the singing bro I love it but I hate my voice

And as for not posting MLP covers, what about originals?

Like eurobeat's discord song? love it. and livingtombestone's cover that much more.

I remember EBB posting a while back while he was making 'discord' and asking for opinions on some samples. I have one of the earlier demos of it on my computer somewhere.

Very few originals I like. Most of them seem very lazy and "hey I threw a bunch of mlp themed shit together, look at me!" But that's me. I'm probably a little too critical. There is great stuff out there.
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A lot of people were taught that, and it's significantly less offensive than the predestination theology fronted above.

The problem with it is that it removes accountability from the equation, since once you accept Jesus, it no longer matters how you act (at least in reference to being 'saved').

Given that Jesus specifically taught the principle of accountability, I can't see that being correct?

I see your point. It does sound like a freebie. I'm no theologian, but I'm sure there's something that proves me wrong.
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I sing along to MLP songs when no one's around

Ha. sorry, I should word myself better.

I mean when guys post covers of them on youtube. I sing them all the time, but that doesn't mean I'll post proper covers.
sounds like a good plan.

but don't expect me to be posting mlp songs. Guys singing those always kinda creep me out.
fatigue more so. I don't talk, sing, yell, or do anything that strains my voice much, so singing is somewhat of a "workout"
I think it's more or less from a lack of "use" per se. You underestimate just how little I talk.

I am a lonely man.
I was surprised with myself, I can kinda hit Adam Levine's parts in Stereo Hearts, as well as some verse sections in Long Black Train. Huzzah for range. I can only go for a few minutes before my throat hurts or I hit a stoplight. Whichever comes first.
I was taught that, if you sin, you go to hell, unless you are saved. Simple.
All sins are the same to God, we're the ones who categorize them (killing is worse than cheating, etc.)
I'm not sure about the deadly sins, that's a later discussion.

At any time while you're still alive and breathing, if you make the conscious decision to accept that Jesus is the savior of man, etc, etc, you are cleansed and accepted into heaven when you die. This being that when Jesus died, He sacrificed himself in your place so that you don't go to Hell.

Sinning after acceptance doesn't negate your ticket to heaven, but it's still a no-no. Repenting and all that from what I understand is just a way of saying "sorry" for sinning while still being saved.

Everything else, (extremely simplified) is history lessons, and how to not be a douchebag.
I hate finals. I'm note even try to catch up on the last 30 pages. I usually don't see anyone in the pony stream.

On a side note: I think I want to start singing, which is huge for me, considering I barely talk as it is. I enjoy singing in my car and whatnot, I can easily carry a tune, I may not have the greatest voice but hey, it will develop over time right?
Okay God, since you know the future and everything, what's my purpose in life? What is the fulfilling reason for my existence?

Just a friendly reminder that everyone's awesome.
Keep up the studying for finals, the semester's almost over.

Should anyone ever need to chat PM me! I might not post often but I check a few times a day.

Other than that, how is everyone?
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I do not have a pony to be .


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I usually don't laugh much at all anyways, but when I do, I snort and get those deep belly laughs going.

I laugh at stray thoughts I have in public, and then I look like a weirdo, and laugh even harder. It's a slippery slope.
Huzzah! Found an avatar.
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Well however many times I get welcomed, I really appreciate the hospitality, everypony!

I've never seen you before.

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Just recently (as in last Saturday)

Stood too close to a pit at a show. Someone fell into my knee, pushed it back the wrong way.

Outside of that, I've been incredibly lucky.

Did something like that in football once. Playing safety, went for a tackle, and as I did, one of the d-line guys grabbed the RB and right as I got there, I turned to shoulder them with my left side, and they both fell on my ankle and snapped it. My ankle was bent like, 45*. God that hurt.
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Hi whoomit
Now's a pretty good time to get into ponies - you've got plenty of time to watch both seasons while we wait for season 3.

Watch all the episodes, go through all the art, make ships, analyze every frame possible. Maybe write a fic or two. Argue ships. The usual summer fun. Maybe even make a song if I can get a hold of some damned mics.
It was a work accident. I was punching holes in cabinet parts on a machine involving a pneumatic clamp, I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing really. That part of my job was more second nature, but anyways, I was trying to change the song on my ipod when my foot slipped on the pedal that activates the clamp, and smashed my left index finger. Ripped a good portion of the skin and meat off my fingerprint and pinched off a section of fingernail and meat. Blood everywhere.
So, uh. >_>, can I have Discord? I don't really know where to get avatars for this stuff.

EDIT: Snips/sixstrings.
[Fanboying]Check out cliff campbell of fair to midland. guy uses a PRS and Orange amps. absolutely LOVE his tone. if i find a good video of him, I'll post it.[/fanboying].
*In reply to Shotgun saying something about avatars*

I'd be cool with Snails

Or Shining Armor, because, you know, badass married to the niece of a demigod.
I like to pony!

But I have no pony.
This is going to be a great thead
Chili Peppers Live at Slane Castle. I could, and have, watched that multiple times. Still blows me away.
I'd like to believe there's something waiting for me after I die.
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*giant picture*

....Mother of God.

This is amazing artwork.
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When you're laying in bed and you can't close your eyes because you have the spins and you know throwing up is inevitable but you really don't want to cuz throwing up sucks but then you realize that there's no way you'll get through the night without throwing up so you get up and go to the bathroom and wait for it to all be over and then end up sleeping on the floor of the bathroom.

You almost described my New Years verbatim. Minus about a liter of alcohol.
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So after watching it for a third time I have decided that this is not an episode of a cartoon. That was a goddamn Disney movie

They managed Disney movie in 46 minutes. Could you imagine a full length, 90-120m pony movie? God, I would cry.
Toughie, but I guess gay son. I couldn't handle my daughter being public transit.

And shocker? That's weak now. I prefer the minivan. 2 in front, 5 in the back.
I have a 2001 Grand Am with a 2.4 L. It's small, but it has some decent get up and go. I couldn't quote you actual horsepower. I'd have to look it up.

Ingram really did wonders with the music. Impeccable. It was more than worth all the hype and ads. Gotta admit, I was a little watery at the end.
But I'm a sucker for stuff like that. Shh.
My only problem was Celestia. Damn! Her first real display of power and she gets crushed. I wish they would've let her down more gracefully. I know they had to keep her aside for plot points, but still. I wanted her to go down better.
I need to watch that again. That was a damned masterpiece. This has to put mlp on the map if nothing else. I head rumors that John Delancie was returning. God I can't wait.
Boring as hell. Can't drink. Everyone's drunk and being an ass. You have a giant X on your hand and you pretty much walk around and chat with semi drunk people. Or dance. Depending on the bar.
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I curse on a fairly regular basis when I'm with my friends. At work or around my family I usually tone it down.

If I'm drunk, all bets are fucking off.

I'm the complete opposite. At work everyone curses, every other word is f-this! and F-that, or other colorful variations. I never curse around family, and rarely with friends.

I don't curse when I drink,
I flash people.

That's understandable, I just felt the need to defend myself. But yeah
Birth Ignorance < Chosen Ignorance.
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I'm beginning to think that most people here don't even know what a serenade is, let alone know what it means to make a girl feel loved. Thank you everyone who actually gave a decent suggestion.

I'm going to stake my spot here and ride the incoming wave of assmad.