Just do shots, or take turns taking swigs. Will get you ****ed up the fastest
Slightly Stupid-Im so stoned is dope. I like Classified-It's Sickening. Gets old after awhile though
went down to Jamaica
i call people porch monkeys all the time lol. If you take it racist, ur just afraid to admit it. haha
Quote by Unforgotten
when hugging your parents

haha lmfao, yea thats gotta be an awkward ****ing moment
Metal guitarist with 6 years experience, own equip., transportation, a lot of original stuff, and dedication. Im looking to join a serious band, im in one at the moment but its goin nowhere. NO FLAKING! lol. I live in Camarillo, Ca (ventura county 805) so if ur near here please hit me up. Look at my profile, ull b able to tell my influences and ****.
If u wanna do it, do it. My first was a drunken night, but it was fun as ****. Just strap on a jimmy and u wont catch a disease but there still is a risk with any contact. So take a risk haha.
Aight man look...Go to those places(don't limit to just them) or apply online whatever, and yea like ur friends say, just just call them the next day or the next, it may or may not take a while for them to get to u. Don't give up hope though, eventually they will. As far as interviews go, just go in as urself but act like u really want the job. Then when u have it, its a step into the real world and u r going to have to just go with the **** u gotta do. Even if u hate it. Make sure your happy with the job u pick. Aight man, well good luck
drink a bottle of nyquil or take some xanex bars. will always work
That is a stupid idea dude. A new transmission is f'n expensive as hell, good thing nothin happened though.
Uhh yea definately not worth it like ITD said
Wow, thats deep and true man. Great job
Thats pretty awesome dude. Very nice work
hey. im not that experienced of a writer as u will prob be able to tell.. but here is somethin i wrote that fit my mood at that time. metal for the music. here it is

Now you see the truth in your life,
After you've thrown it away.
No, you can't turn back time,
Final are the choices you made.
Time will come and pass,
lay all your fears to rest,
just keep moving on,
fore soon you may be gone.
Can't seem to get anything right,
Wandering what the **** to do.
You gaze at the stars in the night,
Hoping to start over new.
V3-its a slow part different melody.
The time has come,
for you to overcome
this pain, the pain of this life
thats inside.
Don't try to deny
your feelings do lie.
Live life, without sorrow,
May not be a tomorrow.

Please tell me what you think. I need others' opinions will hit you back. Thanks
Chimaira- Down again. Sick ass fukin song, about startin a new life, knowing u can change and ur life isnt over, after addiction (well . I can relate to this song so.. yea).. Anyways hope it helps ya
R.I.P Dimebag
**** money, yea u need it, but do something you enjoy. You'll be alot more happy in life. I'm learning the hard way.
I liked it. pretty cool. tight rhyming
BODOM!! and anyother METAL
I enjoy gettin blitzed while drinking!!
Thats the same guitar I have, maybe it just felt uncomfortable to him or somethin, cuz i love mine and everyone else i talk to with one its the same. Ull like it
put a plunger in the toilet and make a b**ch act like hellen keller
Bull****! that album is badass. Yea not as good as there older stuff but its a different type of genre and they did it well.
Go with the 400 inlays and headstock look sick. 500 looks like a wannabe PRS
Dude i can ****in relate to this so much. Good job man
Randy Rhoads, Alexi Laiho, Chuck Shuldiner best and favorite.
The amp i used to jam with with my PRS, well all i could afford, and sounded good is a Crate GFX212. For 500 you should be able to afford it. good luck
haha well lets see if he blew up his school he wouldnt get a chance to kill jesus. Hed go to hell, then id have to kill him for thinkin he can kill someone thats already dead lol
First of all cocaine will make ur mouth numb if tasted, and it does have a taste. snort it and see if that nasty tasting drip numbs ur throat and, if ur mom is there to clean u guys will get alot done. lol
I personally love the game of Football however i do not consider it the best sport ever-which is hockey- but not everyone gets srutinized for it. Just because you were called gay doesn't mean we care haha j/k
Slipknot used to be sick. But Dragonfart will always suck dick
Hell yea sounds dope. im signed up
very well written i say