This is my second song I've ever made and I'd want to know what you guys think about it?
Thanks in Advance
You can use iRig which sounds really nice with ampliTube/GarageBand
I think you should get a VM Squier Precision/ Precision Jazz ($299 new), It'll fit well with punk.
Get a HSS Strat

Either MIM Fender/Jackson/Squier.
Thanks for the suggestion, btw I'm also considering Parlor guitar the Recording King in particular, are they any good?
So yeah I'm looking for a travel guitar to play when I'm chilling.
Here are my current option :
1.Dean Flight Series
2.Luna Safari
3.Washburn Rover
4.Yamaha APXT2
So which one do you think is the best, and please add more suggestion if you know a better option

And I have 1 more silly question. Can you do various tuning like (D Standard, E flat) Or you're stuck with E standard?

Thanks In Advance
Wow these tracks are very unique and experimental, love the bass lines on both songs, and I really loved the guitar especially on Cape Veil Petrol they sound odd but in a very good way. The only mistakes I heard would probably the slip in (1:57) Cape Veil Petrol, but other than that these tracks are great.
Guitars in Europe are actually more expensive than the ones in the US. I've visited UK once and the guitars were 20% more expensive.
I could go all day long but my favs are
- Led Zeppelin
-Pink Floyd
-Jimi Hendrix Experience
-John Mayer Trio
-SRV and Double Trouble
Well they use an extra guitarist sometimes, but the main members are still only 1 guitarist.
Wow thank you so much this helped me a lot.
I want to record some tunes with only DI box and computer (is it possible?), but I'm very clueless about the order, and stuff.
So can you guys help me with the order of the set-up,
I didn't have a DI box yet but I'm planning to get the Whirlwind, I heard It's pretty good for It's price.
and also can you recommend me some software for the recording?

Thanks In Advance
I like strat sooo go for a fender
but to be honest for more "bang for the buck" Ibanez would be the best choice.
Seriously Line 6 is not all that bad, Line 6 bashing is so 2007..., It's not like he's going to play in a festival or something, Line 6 is a fairly decent amp.
And I still think that he should buy a pickup instead of a new LP, why buy a humbucker guitar when the guitar is already equipped with humbucker, and he only needs one pickup so he won't waste that much money, he will still have a couple hundred bucks to save up and buy an LP or MIM HSS Strat if he wants to. It's a Gibson, but still)

Well the Vypyr is also a good option, but It's up to you.
Assuming guitarist from the 2000's
John Mayer
John Frusciante
Philip Sayce
Joe Bonamassa
Jack White
Not really talking about technical abilities, just personal preferences.
For $500
Buy a Line 6 Spider IV and swap the pickups would be the best option imo.
Line 6 Spider IV is still a practice amp but they have a fairly good effects on them, and the distortion sounds pretty good.
Since you're a Blink fan you can buy Seymour Duncan SH-8 which is DeLonge's pickups it cost around $150 for 1 set(2 pickups) and around $80 for one pickup
And a Line 6 75 Watt will go around $100(used) and $300(new)
and there's a bit bigger one(120 watt) which costs around $400(new)
You can use the spare money to buy some bridge or tuners that will improve the guitar big time.

Good luck
fuk yea #MGTOW
speaking of days
Housewife day and International sandwich day is in the same date...
Don't upgrade the Pickups, you're better off buying a new guitar instead. I'd suggest you get a 30 watt Line 6 Spider or some kind of 30 watt peavey.
Quote by hahahahaha014
I'm sorry if that was vague haha. The music I listen to ranges from rise against to Kamelot to Bon Jovi. So I'm not really sure what to get since this will be my first guitar purchase that exceeds $250. I am scared of buying used ones, since I'm not sure how to check if there are problems with it. I'm not sure if I can post websites, but I will most likely purchase at or I am a bit leaning towards the Ibanez/Schecter brands since they look awesome, but no idea about their quality. Any help will be appreciated and thank you again!

There's no need to be afraid of buying used guitars, If you're a bit skeptical don't buy it from ebay just check your local gc/pawn shops/guitar shops/craigslist, so that you can examine the guitar first hand. Good Luck
Quote by hahahahaha014
I am interested in playing rock/metal. Style and specs I'm not really sure haha!

Used MIM/MIJ Hss Strat
or maybe an HSS Charvel strat
Not an HSS fan but Its a perfect working horse guitar if that's what you are looking for.
I have a Squier Deluxe Active Jazz Bass IV, the price is around the VM really great bass. You should also check out some Classic Vibe model If you're willing to go higher, or you can get a used fender mim.
Wow the prices in the UK is quite high huh, in my country It's under 200 pounds, but great bass anyway , best of both worlds.
A Japanese or a Mexican Fender Jazz Bass
I already post this in another bass forum that is really famous and I thought that I should also post it here, I also completed the list with the help of other members on that forum

Famous bassist strings and their gauges


Before anyone says "It's all in the fingers" or "You have to be____Himself" or "You have to have your own style". I'm just making this list to help anyone that needs reference, on what strings did their favourite bassist use , maybe they want to try it, and see if that works for them. Maybe If the strings works for their Idol/Hero, It might work for them as well. There are a lot of famous bassist, so I will try to update this list once In awhile, and I know some bassist use more than one type of strings, and I will try to update that aswell.

This list is fairly accurate, I take some of the Info from the web and TB as well, but I can't guarantee you that this is 100% accurate.

Feel free to add correction and Information of the bassist's Strings and Gauges.
Please use this format, If you can please give me the type of strings as well(Roundwound,Flatwound,etc)

Bassist name
Strings :
Gauges :

So I can copy and paste them directly.
Thank You.

Adam Clayton
Strings : DR Sunbeams
Gauges : Medium 45-65-85-105

Bob Glaub
Strings : La Bella 0760M
Gauges : 52-73-95-110

Cliff Burton
Strings : Rotosound Swing Bass 66(Roundwound)
Gauges : Extra Light .030 - .090

Donald Dunn
Strings: Labella 0760M
Gauges : 52-73-95-110

Duff McKagan
Strings: Rotosound Swing66
Gauge: 45-105 or 50-110 (for downtuning)

David Ellefson
Strings 1 : SIT DE-45105L(4 String)
Gauges 1 : Medium .045-.105
Strings 2 : SIT DE-545128L (5 String)
Gauges 2 : Medium .045 - .0128


Strings : GHS M3045F Flea Signature Bass Boomers(Roundwound)
Gauges : Medium .045 - .105

Geddy Lee
Strings : Rotosound Swing Bass 66
Gauges : Light .30 - .095

Graham Maby
Strings: Rotosound Trubass88
Gauge: 65-115

Herbie Flowers
Strings: Rotosound TruBass88
Gauge: 65-115


Jaco Pastorius
Strings : Rotosound Swing Bass 66(Roundwound)
Gauges : Medium 46-63-80-102

John Paul Jones
Strings 1 : Rotosound Swing Bass 66(Roundwound)
Gauges 1 : 46-63-80-102
Strings 2 : Electric Bass Nickel Plated Steel with NANOWEB Coating
Gauges 2 : Medium .045 - .105

John Enwistle
Strings : Rotosound Swing Bass 66(Roundwound)
Gauges : Medium 46-63-80-102

John Deacon
Strings : Rotosound 77 Jazz Bass Strings
Gauges : Light

James Jamerson
Strings : La Bella 760M James Jamerson
Gauges : .052-.073-.095-.110


Lee Sklar
Strings : GHS Super Steels
Gauges : 40-58-80-102 (4-string)

Larry Graham
Strings : GHS L3045 Bass Boomers
Gauges : 40-55-75-95

Les Claypool
Strings : Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings
Gauge : 45-100
Early Primus Gauge : E and A 80 D and G 40(Various Brands)

Marcus Miller
Strings 1 : DR Strings Marcus Miller MM-45 Fat Beams(Roundwound)
Strings 2 : Jim Dunlop Marcus Miller Super Bright Brass Strings
Gauges : Medium .045 - .105

Mark King
Strings: Rotosound Funkmaster
Gauge: 30-50-70-90
Strings 2: Status hex core steel double ball
Gauge: 30-50-70-90



Paul Mccartney
Strings 1 : Pyramid(Flatwound)
Strings 2 : Maxima 40(Flatwound)
Strings 3 : Thomastik JF344


Roger Glover
Strings : Ernie Ball(Flatwounds)
Gauges : -

Roger Waters
Strings: Rotosound Jazz77
Gauge: 45-105

Ron Blair
Strings : D'Addario Pro Steels
Gauges : Medium 45-65-85-105

Roger Manganelli
Strings : Ernie Ball Super Slinky Bass
Gauges : .045-.100

Steve Harris
Strings : Rotosound SH77 Steve Harris Signature(Flatwound)
Gauges : Heavy .050 - .0110

Strings : DR Nickel Lo-Riders
Gauges : Light 40-60-80-100

Stanley Clarke
Strings: -
Gauges: .035 - .090



Victor Wooten
Strings 1 : D'Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound Bass(Roundwound)
Gauges 1 : Light .045 - .0100
Strings 2 : D'Addario ETB92 Bass(Tapewound)
Gauges 2 : .50 - .105
Strings 3 : D'Addario Piccolo Bass(Nickel Wound)
Gauges 3 : .20 - .052




Zander Zon
Strings : 4-String Piccolo strings.
Gauge: .020 to .052.
Well the most used scale is Pentatonic, which sounds good most of the time.
Maybe try Dorian, and Mixolydian.
But I think the best way to create solo is just to think the melody in your head, and play it on to your guitar.
Satchel from Steel Panther are a bit underrated, probably becouse the band is too Parody-ish, but I think they are great, well not their lyrics, but their riffs and stuff.
I'm assuming you're into Rock and Metal

Sad But True
Metal Militia
Creeping Death
The Call Of Ktulu
Fight Fire With Fire
The Four Horsemen
The Unforgiven

Diamond Head
Am I Evil
Lightning To The Nations
Sucking My Love
In The Heat Of The Night

The Spirit Of The Radio
Fly By Night
Before And After

Led Zeppelin
Communication Breakdown
Immigrant Songs
Since I've been loving you
In My Time Of Dying
Achilles Last Stand
The Wanton Song
The Lemon Song
I Can't Quit You Baby(Zeppelin Version)
Whole Lotta Love
How Many More Times

And Many More
John Paul Jones
Paul Mccartney
Cliff Burton
Jason Newsted
Bootsy Collins
Nathan East
Mark King
Stu Cook
Quote by higgins909
I'm still wanting to get a bass over all this time, but don't really know how to tell if a bass is a good one.

Most of these vs a guitar.
4 or 5 string, 4 looks less intimidating to me, but 5, I like to think I would end up using it in the long run, but not sure. Maybe there is a quality sacrifice for the price.

Stock strings any good? $20 for a set of strings is a bit costly to me.
How high should the action be?
how much tension on the strings?
is the string gap bigger then a guitar? (finger picking is very hard to do on my strat)
Even after reading lots on pickups, I'm still pretty lost. (I think I would like active?)

I like the sound of Pierce The Veil - King For A Day's bass.
but also like things like tool schism down to blink 182 and muse.

Then there are amps.... just about as confusing as the pickups, to me.
I was thinking about a acoustic b15 as its only $100 ish (would get a amp after a while)
Orange crush PiX, quite a bit more money.... probably louder tho...
these would also be amps I would play on for 5 seconds, because idk anything.

Was thinking about a sterling sub ray4 or ray5... didn't want to go over $320
there are ""a-lot"" (according to the internet) of ibanez bass at the local GC, but I have fears of their quality...


Well I'm also quite new at bass(1 year), but this is the way I do it.
1.4 String is enough
2.Not really, get some D'addario or Ernie Ball
3.I like it low
4.45-105 is my favourite
5.Yes, but some also have a tight gap

Amps :
Get a Peavey

Bass :
Sub is great, but you should also consider, Squier VM, Squier CV, Squier Deluxe Active Jazz Bass, LTD, and A used Fender MIM
How about MXR?
Oh okay then, thank a lot appreciate it
Oh thanks for the info, I was thinking I would play along to the track like all the other bass covers on youtube, but I would write "I do not own the copyright to this music" or maybe "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
Hi guys, I'm quite new here, so I'm not quiet sure on where should I post this thread.I have a few questions about covers.
Since my school holiday is near, I'm planning to make some bass covers, instead of just jacking off for a whole month lol.

My questions are.
What equipment & software do you need to get a decent sound?
How to avoid copyright infringement on youtube?

That's all, Thanks In Advance.
There are 4 reasons why they are one of the best.