It's miraculous how these
Fantastical images crawl through my mind.
Round, smooth, alabaster
From skirt fringe to striped socks.
Her raven-black glistening eye-catcher,
The deep welled hazel, charcoal outlined.
Coral bows inviting the eye.
And it makes me homesick.
Something like a mix of August Burns Red and 7 Angels 7 Plagues.
This is a thread about bands with great breakdowns, not really bad thrash bands.
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Like I said, act like an asshole and you're an asshole. Treat me right, I'll treat you right. I don't care what you want in your pants, just that you have pants on to begin with.

No problem.
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Well, judging by your picture, you look like you're trying to fit in with a scene. But I don't judge by pictures. Are you a respectable human being, or a complete tool? That's what really defines who you are. I've known people dressed like you are in your picture, who have no respect for other people and are a pain in the balls to talk to. But my best friend has a haircut similar to yours and, well, she's my best friend. Yeah, but really, just be yourself.

Maybe I wish I was born with different genitalia?
Light This City - Picture: Start

And I'd like for this kid to dance at my funeral:
Intestine Baalism - A Curse Of Baal
Autumn Leaves - Rise From Your Nest
Garden Of Shadows - Into Infinity
In Flames - Dead Eternity
Light This City - Picture: Start
Darkest Hour - Tranquil
I do know my scene, I deal with tough guy hardcore kids trying to fight me at shows I guess.
Intestine Baalism

I don't shop at hot topic, I go to thrift stores, and order from merch now and threadless. I guess I'm not scene after all.
3/10, horribly tacky lay out, takes up way too much space.

I doubt people will get the reference in my sig.
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My band just started up and we need a banner. The name's Prophet and we play hard rock/classic rock/metal. maybe something yellow with fat letters or something, doesn't really matter. be creative. thanks

please credit cyborg mosh design
Minor Threat = a classic hardcore band, keep it, keep it!
Wash your face regularly and use a facial moisturizer if it dries out your skin.
A couple of my friends gave up I guess. :/

And my one friend was playing the choking game with the cord from her curtains, and yeah. (bad idea, yeah)
Listen to Sunny Day Real Estate, then listen to MCR and compare, not very similar.
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I do listen to Set Your Goals

but theyre hardcore influenced pop punk

but you should know that your a HxC scene kid

Okay, better example: The Exploding Hearts, you happy?
That's not pop-punk at all. Listen to Jawbreaker or like, Set Your Goals.
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i consider emo anything who's main appeal and market is 14 year old girls sorry i guess i didnt know the real definition

Please stop speaking.
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Yes, they are. There's nothing punk about them.

Emo is derived from punk son.
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now your trying to be cool and act like the whole tread isnt about you being a fagg

Hot Cross is emo. FOB and anything related is not.
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so what
you dont have to be scene to listen to a band

thats like saying you have to be balla or gangsta to listen to hip hop

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Honest to god i can't stand scene kids.. i am a violent guy though and sort of close minded about people different then me. anywho scene kids and gang bangers are equal on people who i just automatically want to kick there ass. scene girls can be hot though and typically lack self esteem which amkes them easy prey ;-)

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umm Set Your Goals is hardcore influnced pop punk

and the acacia strain is metal

it has nothing to do with being scene

scene is a fashion not the music you listen to

Scene kids listen to those bands omg.
So Old
Cryptopsy and Gorguts.
Set Your Goals, Acacia Strain, etc.

I'm guessing your name'd be Austin. I'm not really into that style, but I guess the solo has a lot of notes in it.

I have a friend's band's playlist on my profile if anybody'd like to critique I guess.
TV is gay except for a few shows that aren't even on much anymoar.
I think that you're scene.
I don't respect girls because I want to get with them? Yes! Of course, I merely take advantage of females because I want them to find me attractive. How dare I try to appeal to the other gender! How dare I try to appeal to somebody for companionship. Bravo good sir, you have me!