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So i dont have to listen to you run your damn mouth while i try to listen to sweet tunes, then again i wont text you back either so youre f*cked either way.
eh. not stellar. vocals are quite annoying.
not bad either though as far as guitar playing goes. pretty close for most parts.
Eh i still think they are a bit sub par for my standards, then again its all personal preference so if it works for you, then dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
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i love jimi ,slash and joe sat. How can i play like my heros to sound like them but all blended together into my style? WHat would i have to know?

well, basically all the overrated sh*t there is to know.
thats all any of them are.

place palm on strings.
play with wrist.
strings are now palm muted.

pinch harmonics?
dude. you need to get palm muting right before you think about anything else.
palm mutes are one of the most basic techniques possible.
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I see.

Well, if you want to keep listening to this fag shit Opeth (or rather, O-pff), go right ahead.
Real metal fans listen to actual metal though, so off you go.

Your probably from the states, im assuming?
I'm from Finland, we know metal. We spawn more real metal bands (along with our brothers in Sweden) than America ever will. We definitely consider Opeth real metal here. The fact that they are one of the most important progressive metal bands of all time is really not even debatable, despite if a person likes them or not.

Really you should be the one getting out of this Conversation.

To the Original, id say if you dont like the albums you have already tried, you really may just not like they band, as they are both good albums. Try "In Mourning" and their new album Monolith. They are a wonderful Swedish melodic death metal band in the same vein as Opeth.
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I ordered a sm57 today, but i will also need a good audio interface i believe.
I have done quite some research on this, but I don't know exactly what i would need besides the sm57 to mic my amp.

any advise is welcome

*Advice* spelled with a C.
Also...i am assuming you are trying to record to garageband or logic or pro tools etc, if you say you need an interface? I am confused because just to mic your amp all you need is the 57, you dont need phantom power or anything.

What is your amp? If you have a shitty amp youre better off getting a cheap line6 interface that comes with computer based guitar tones to use recording. Id never record anything but a nicer tube amp. I use an Eleven Rack with pro tools for most of my recording, because they work so well together. If you have the 800 bucks id just but that.
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no, i would say it definitely will not give you any better sound/reliability, at least not equal to the amount you're speaking of spending. Sure, better trannys may last longer, but honestly id just go with the ones that come with the kit. there are honestly better things you can do with the money.
need to make the intro a little more "professional" sounding.
guitar sound is a little thin.
where is the bass?
drums lack...drumming.

singing is actually pretty well done though.
hhmmmm. ill chip in.

just think how awesome it would be to play a show with the vocalist in a mech? hahahahhaha
youre one of the lucky kids.

i never got shit given to me. i sold my car in hs to buy my first real guitar.
honestly i could give you my opinion, but i really think it just comes down to you playing one and deciding that you like it
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Have anyone though of putting a thin marking line on the frets for 1/4 bend , 1/2 , full and so on so you can bend precisely on tune if you look at your fretboard?

dumb idea.
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Ok guys, guess i'm off to a bad start already

Ok I checked another thread.

Which would you like a review on?

how about peavey guitars in general?

seems like you kinda have a thing for them...haha
no one else uses 12-54's?


torcherror plays in B

agreed. use 54's at least for drop c.
my guitar that is in c standard used 56's.
and the guitar in drop A# (in flames tunning) used 64's.
use big strings.
used mesa boogie dual recto.
Zombie Inc.
In Flames

Not anything hard at all, i just love how incredibly melodic it is and how it transitions from clean to distortion. quite an epic solo.
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I have a DD7 that I haven't been using and wanted to sell. I was hoping to get $115 for it and I will pay the shipping.
I can send pics if needed.

your name is top seller? you ****ing ******. you dont even have a profile you little **** weasel. you mother****ing bloody vaginal belch. get off this site.
dude...epi ****ing sucks.

buy an esp. for 600 you can get active emg pickups, a faster neck, locking tuners, and better wood and quality.
tune half step up to C standard and you got in flames another fantastic gothenburg band
"i have strong versitile hands..."

Thats what she said. =P
price range?

unless your getting a real gibson id definitely recomend the esp version of the les paul. they are just amazing guitars. i have 5 esp's and couldnt be happier. i also have an edwards alexi laiho V and its equally well built
im based in raleigh but live in boone. im a music major at app and am signed to split rail records. i wouldnt need you on guitar at all if your interested. we play a slightly thrashier take on the classic gothenburg melodic death metal sound. any interest?
its a bad amp. you wont get the sound your looking for. that amp has no punch, period.
look at overall time instead. i work for split rail records, and while its not policy we encourage the artist to put between 35 and 50 mins of music down for a "full length" album.
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^i added you on UG, we should message eachother haha. Yes i speak french but im more english.

Anyone know how to get the newer In Flames tone. Don't get me wrong, i love their old stuff also but the tone on the last 3 albums is really good. How can i achieve it?

you have a peavey 6505 already, thats exactly how. they just use the pod rack mount units for their clean sound.
Who do you find to be the best melodic death metal band?

I personally love the Gothenburg bands (DT, IF, At The Gates) and ill go ahead and throw COB in there since ive been listening to them for years, but recently have gotten into stuff like Mors Principium Est, Wintersun, Kalmah, Eluveitie, and Insomnium. Anyone know of any really good Melodeath metal bands?
they are pussy metal.

only vaginas or those who have vaginas listen to them.
All Nightmare Long - besides the ones you mentioned this is maybe not the "easiest" but its a really easy song that has a really simple solo and sounds great when its all put together.

yeah one is pretty simple too and is an amazing song.
dude pick a real love by metallica or Contractor by lamb of god.

now hang with me for a second.

if you have a girl over and you wanna do the dirty why put on edwin mccain? that would be the slowest most boring **** session ever. find a girl who likes fast music, put on Contractor and youll be in for one hell of a fast ride :P