I've been having the same metronome for a couple years now, which is only adjustable in increments like the old-time metronome (92, 96, 100, 104, etc.) Now that I'm using my metronome a lot more for technique, this is really frustrating me.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good metronome that adjusts in 1 beat increments?

Someone told me the Seiko DM50 did so and was pretty cool, but I haven't seen it in person.

Any thoughts?
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ALPOH video
finally found it

Thanks for the link!
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Memento, how did you get them to sign it? you just brought ur guitar to a show hoping for them to sign it? lol

No, my dad is a lightning director and set up a personal meet and greet through their manager when they came here on tour.
That's awesome. I was only able to get Syn, Zacky, and Johnny sign my guitar. =D

The making of the album cartoon is hilarious. I like all the parts with Johnny and how the Rev was talking for him instead. "Whoa! That's ****ing'd you do that?" "The same way I did your mom..." "Let's not speak of that..."
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We need some haters so I can shout at them -_-

Now that's funny. =D

Well, I suppose that would kickstart the thread a little.
Well, yeah, I figured that.
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I think that's the aim. There's photos around the net of him (Tuomas) dressed up in POTC costume.

Seriously? I have to see that.
I knew there was going to be a ALPOH vid, but does anyone know when it's going to be released?
Yeah, that'd be awesome to see.
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I dont think i actually have one definite favorite song. but my favorite solo definitely has to be the one from afterlife on the new album

I can agree with that.
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Amy one else love A little piece of heaven besides me

Great song, yes.
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I don't really like Dear God, but musically it is good. I'm not really into country so that's why I don't like it so much. I don't think it should be scratched off, but they shouldn't of ended the album with that song though.

This is from the new almost acoustuic christmas:

their out of time during the solo...

I'm not much of a country fan either, but the song has grown on me. However, I do agree that the album shouldn't have ended with that song. *shrugs some*
Well, we've established that Johnny may not be the best bassist around, but at least he's funny?

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A Little Piece of Heaven is somewhat ringing a bell in my mind of a similar song by Atreyu. Does anyone know the title of it? =/
I think Syn and Jimmy are by far the best musically in the band. Syn is one of the best guitarists in my opinion, as is Jimmy with the drums.

Zacky is pretty good rhythm guitarist, but I mainly love how well he and Syn work together.

I give Johnny credit because he has improved a lot over the years, but people can always learn more.

Matt definitely has some singing talent, but he's not the greatest.
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Is he trying to be funny or something? =/
Quote by SuperRitsu o_O?

That gets 5 stars just for making me laugh my ass off. =D
Oh, I'm sure they did. =/ What are some of your favorites of Tarja's solo stuff? I'll check them out.
The Synyster custom is amazing and looks amazing. I didn't buy it, though. For some reason, I feel weird playing someone else's custom. I know; it's weird. But so am I. *shrugs*
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^ Yea for some reason the Japs get more songs than everybody else does, idk why.

Anyways, yea the orchestral version. I hardly listen to it because I feel Nightwish is mainly Nightwish because of the lyrics. It sounds like somethings missing when I just hear the music, but that's just me...

Naw, it's not just you. I feel the same way, and I love the way their lyrics sounds. However, the orchestral version is pretty awesome as well.
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I think that may be your record in this thread for number of things being torn apart in one post. Best part is that they are always valid points.

Giant Raven: 13
quietimeating: 0

I agree with that. That was definitely interesting reading the whole argument.

One of the reasons why Avenged is my favorite band is because they're very good at not fitting into any one mold. Music is their passion, and they will experiment with anything that sounds interesting and new to them. They are also willing to take the criticism for doing whatever they want and move on unscathed.

Personally, I'm not big fan of labeling bands into genres of music. Today, people make a big deal about bands fitting into a specific genre like it's the most important aspect of a band when it's, in reality, the least important. Music isn't about genres, it's about the music itself. Duh? Music is a form of expression, and it's because of that that makes it have no rules and no limitations. Why should music be anything other than that? They may have lost some fans because they grew out of the so called metalcore genre and changed their sound drastically, but they have balls for moving on in their own direction and making their dreams happen while laying it all out for the audience to think of it as they wish. They are true musicians, and they're not going to change that.
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They don't have to be there

Maybe he had other more important things to do

Or that. That's likely.
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yeah i thought that as well and wasnt he the one that said the fans they had were so good as they (a7x) had them in video clips and did signings etc? Cause if it was him then didnt he sorta contradict himself by not being at the meet and greet

Well if you go to their myspace and view their pictures, you'll see that Matt has taken pictures with many fans, so I don't believe Matt was contradicting himself. I think he's a sincere person, but that doesn't tell me why he wasn't there at the Meet and Greet. Maybe he does some and misses some. It wasn't just him anyways; Jimmy wasn't there either. I wouldn't want to come to any conclusion without having all the facts. I'd call him and ask him myself if I could, but alas, I cannot.
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Anyone know why they don't do meet and greets? And if not, what would be some reasons why they wouldn't? That surprises me because Matt was very interactive with the crowd when I saw them live in New York back on the 14th, even leaning in to ask someone what they had said after he asked a question or something.

And just my opinion about the vocals, I think COE was Matt's weakest album vocally. Just a little too nasally for my liking on that album. He's REALLY improved on the new album and I was very impressed with his vocal abilities live. I think his best vocal performance was on Waking the Fallen. And I don't mean the screaming, but the clean vocals, etc.

I have no idea why they didn't do it. When we were in the room waiting for them, one of the managers at the House of Blues gave us a small speech about what we could and could not do, and he just said that Matt and Jimmy wasn't going to do it. I don't know if that applies to other shows or just this one, but I was a bit surprised myself. Matt always seems like the type of person who would enjoy collaborating with his fans.

I agree that Matt's vocals have greatly improved with their new album. I don't really like playing favorites with their album, though. There's many songs I love on CoE better than other songs on other albums and vice-versa.
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the new album is foooo ****ing awesome! i love a little peice of heaven! and all the other songs are soo adicting! a7x for life!

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yea but so are soo many other bands, i think it's the same with other bands people either like them or hate them, theres no real in between and if they hate them thye need some stupid reason as to why

True. Bands have become very controversial. No one ever seems to feel indifferent about a band anymore and instead has strong feelings (whether positive or negative) towards a particular band. But then again, you'll always find that with music, art, writing, and everything in entertainment.
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Fortunately, he's much better now. Unfortunately, no one pays attention to their high points and just overemphasizes every low point the band has ever had.

True, and that pisses me off. But oh well, such is life.
My Dad's a Lighting Director, so he knows a lot of people. Somehow, he was able to set up and Meet and Greet with them. Matt and Jimmy don't do that, but I was more than happy to meet the other three.

I have no idea what's with that guy bagging Matt, but I think he's an underrated singer. He does really well live as well. People should show him some respect.
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lol at the tight white jacket syn's wearing

and damn nice guitar

Thanks ^__^

Yeah, I thought the jacket looked funny on him. I'm glad he took it off because it didn't suit him.

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HAHAHA does syn have "MARLBORO" tattooed on his hands??? if he does he is my hero... again.

I wasn't exactly thinking straight when I met him, but I think he does actually. =D
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same guitar. *high five*

EDIT: oh you have a floyd. w/e close enough.

*high five back*

Same guitar, that's the only difference. So yeah, close enough.

Once they went on stage, he took his jacket off and looked a lot better. He was really nice though.
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And which two are those?

And how many have you heard?

And do you even know his name?

I went to their show last night, and they were f**king awesome!

Not one of my best pictures, but I don't care at all. I was so happy I nearly cried.
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Like...most other songs?

^^;; Well, I mean REALLY listen to it, not just putting it on and paying only half your attention to it.
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yeah avenged sevenfold are kind of unique, i find that anyway as ive never heard any similar bands.
if you think of any let me know

I really can't. Avenged Sevenfold is truly unique, and I'm sure they're proud of that. I don't believe you'll find any sound that is "a7x" in any other band.

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Yeah, that song has really been growing on me. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I think it's one of their best songs to date. Lyrically it's great, it has a great melody, an awesome bridge, and then of course the alternating steel string guitar / electric guitar leads at the end. I only wish those leads kept going a little longer!

True true, the alternating steel string guitar / electric guitar leads at the end of the song are my favorite parts in the song. When it all comes down to it, it's just a song you have to listen to in order to appreciate it for its greatness.
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^ yea for me the album still ends on ALPOH....i just cant listen to that song the whole way through

Well, it doesn't have to work for everyone. It's not like you HAVE to like the song.

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guys i want to listen to more a7x similar bands what wowuld you recommend me obviously bands similar to WTF or COE not the new one.

Hmmm...*tries to think of similar bands* That's kinda hard, actually.
Dear God is a song that grows on you. After really listening to it a couple times, I realized it's not such a bad song at all.
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Don't worry,there are always worse players then you are

True true.
Shadows kicks ass compared to Brandon.
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Not as good as I could be , i played for hours everyday for the first 5 years , but back then was no internet , so just used to trade licks and riffs with friends , borrow tab books to learn. Im only just starting grasp how scales work and learning to sweep pick.

That's pretty awesome. I'd love to be able to sweep pick, but I'm no where near that level. x_X
Why's everyone getting confused about this? @_@
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put it on the internet, like rapidshare or something, i wanna hear

So do I.

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Gah, I didn't knwo they had made a new A7X thread... I feel dumb now...


Well, now you know!

Nothing much here, you?