Hey guys, I'm looking to get a looping pedal since it seems like it'd be a lot of fun to play around with. That being said I know nothing about pedals besides my wah, any tips on what I should look for?
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No shit? 2 of us DTers went to bonnaroo, you should've talked to us beforehand and we would've met up!

peyote contains mescaline, and since there's not really a reason to doubt it, that's probably what it is. I say, take it then come into chat. We'll keep each other company tripping all night

Aw damn that would have been pretty sweet. You had a good time?

I took it about an hour ago, still feeling nothing. I'm thinking it may not have been legit since I would guess it would have started kicking in by now.
Disregard Gamecube, acquire N64.
Hey there DT! I've got a question for you guys. I went to Bonnaroo a week and a half ago, and as we were packing up to leave, one of our neighbors gave me a small pouch of what he called mescaline. He said he took 3 of them to significant effect and he had one left over so he just gave it to me for free. I've determined that it seems to be peyote, it's green and in powdery buds similar to this image. I'm not sure if I should post a picture of it for you guys to see, that seems a little sketchy.

My question to you guys is should I take it tonight? I've done acid and shrooms before and from my understanding this is at least on a similar level. However, having no experience with it, I dunno what you guys think of me taking it tonight by myself. I'm at my dad's house but he's already gone to bed so I could take it now and essentially be up all night tripping. I've never tripped solo before though so I'm a little nervous about the idea. What do you guys think?

edit: Here's a picture, does this look like peyote to you guys?
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well people dip blunts in sizzurp, which is a codeine based cough syrup. so who knows, it might work.

Hm. Anyone else know anything?

And on the subject of disc golf, hell yeah. My senior year of high school consisted of me and my friends getting out of school around noon-ish, smoking weed, and playing disc golf.
Hey guys, how's the DT doing?

I've got a question for you guys. What is the legitimacy of codeine bowls? As in, bowls with codeine sprinkled over top. I was a little skeptical that it would work.
Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys had any particular advice regarding addy, SWIM will be trying 10mg for the first time to help him study for a final tomorrow.

edit: the final being tomorrow, I'm studying for it tonight.
Hey guys! Haven't been in the DT much at all lately, I'm afraid. How's everyone been?
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alright experts, testing question(s):

part 1: say someone was a once a week smoker, of average metabolism. then they smoked three days in a row and then stopped for 3 weeks. would the turn out clean in a urine test?

part 2: same hypothetical person, following those 3 weeks, they smoke once. how long until they are in the clear?

part 1: probably, it's not a clear cut answer but I'd say most likely it'd be clean, especially if said person drank a lot of fluids during those three weeks.

part 2: I would guess you'd be clear in a week, maybe less.

Take it with a grain of salt though, drug tests are fickle beasts.
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*insert lols*

whats up guize im back into the DT! started my t break today, gonna be a few days to a week long, im not too tolerant but i just like smoking a bowl and gettin high

I'm on a mini t break as well; I smoked a ton this weekend on fall break (alone in my house, what the hell else was I gonna do lol) so I'm gonna see how long until I smoke again, hopefully I can last a ways into the week.
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**** alcohol.

Smoke weed.

Drop acid.

But yeah, that's scary as shit dude. Don't let people drive when they're ****ed up, especially that bad.

Lies. Do all three (though not at the same time).

But yeah, don't be afraid to tell someone they shouldn't drive. People tend to be way more overconfident in their abilities, or pressured to be able to drive.
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Dudes i'm so ****in high it aint funny..get me sober

The sober will come, just enjoy the high. Take advantage of it.

Also, watch this:
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In the UK I think it was around £10 a gram, when it was legal.

I tried a few times and honestly I wouldn't recommend it, the high isn't very fun/strong and the comedown can be quite bad e.g once I was sick black sludge for half an hour.

Hm, a friend of mine seemed to enjoy it significantly. However, I've been offered $40 a gram which seems a little ridiculous to me, as all information I've found has been $20 or less, usually.

I'm still not decided on doing it yet, anyone else tried it?
Anyone have any experience with mephedrone? I'm thinking about trying it, how much does it usually sell for?
I'd say about 7; I smoke weed roughly four or five days out of the week, and I binge Friday/Saturday night with drinking. Other drugs occasionally, but those are the regular ones.
Anybody have experience with amanitas? I'm thinking about trying them with a friend, I've heard that smoking a little weed does wonders for taking out the bad side effects (i.e. nausea, etc).
Fake. My friends and I made one for our hall as well.
I don't think he's talking specifically about guitar, but just having less passion about most activities in general. I don't know what to tell you though, perhaps you're just growing up? Find new passions, explore new ideas, live life!
Man, I'm awful at SC2 high. If I'm only mildly high I can do fine, but once I get anywhere past that I just start doing awful. The management aspect is just sooo much to deal with and I can't keep up.

Makes the games crazy intense though, haha.
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hi dt I bought a new bubbler a few days ago and named it "Starcraft" just wondering if any of you named your pieces

Niiice. Any DTers play SC2?

Also, how long do firecrackers generally keep for? I made some Saturday (ended up with five for myself), ate two then and shared the last three with a few friends Monday night. They were obviously fine, but I was wondering how long they do usually last.
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You guys are dumb if you think it can't potentially affect you negatively.

You'd also be dumb if you think it automatically affects you negatively. Sure it can, but it can also be used responsibly with virtually no problems.
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saw gogol bordello stoned and drunk as hell last night

picked up 9 hits of DOC today also, going to trip tomorrow night camping out with friends

Aw man, I'd love to see Gogol Bordello. I saw them briefly at Bonnaroo but that's before I really knew them, now they're my favorite drinking music.
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Firecrackers taste like ass. They get you pretty high though.

I'm not too worried about taste, I just want to make sure I'm using the weed as effectively as if I made brownies. I've heard cases where firecrackers don't really work or something.
Any substitutions for cheesecloth?

Or, for that matter, should I just make firecrackers? I don't care much, but I've heard firecrackers are a little bit iffier.
On another note; I'm going to my high school's homecoming football game tonight (I graduated last year). I was planning on pregaming with a few friends before going, but I've heard rumors that they're breathalyzing people coming in. One 'source' says that one of the teachers is going to breathalyze random people as they come in.

I'm not sure I'm willing to risk it; while I think it's more likely he'll use 'random' as an excuse to breathalyze who he wants (aka who isn't acting sober) I don't know what refusing the test if I get chosen would mean. Other options is to blaze beforehand, but that doesn't really appeal to me all that much.

Looking for a good cannabutter recipe/any tips. I'm making brownies today or tomorrow so I want to know what I'm doing. I've got a half o to use (though I'm not sure if I'll use all of it).
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I wish I had fall break. Its my favorite month outside, and I'm spending it all inside.

It's beautiful outside here, fall is my favorite time of year as well.
So mushrooms fell through, (what else is new, eh) but I'm determined to make the best of this weekend. A couple of my friends have fall break so I'll be hanging out with my close group of friends from high school for the first time together since we all left for college. I'll have my house for the weekend as well, so I've decided to make some brownies.
Get over it and stick it out for two more years. They feed, clothe, and shelter you, it won't kill you to go to church.
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Dude I wasn't actually trying to find anything. I wanted to play Starcraft and then I saw this notepad file just sitting right there in his D drive.

1. It's still not your business and you should stop jumping to conclusions about him and the note.
2. He plays Starcraft so clearly he can't be that bad.
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I think I'll worry about starving kids, unemployment, the homeless, people with HIV/AIDS, and human trafficking first. Thanks

Priorities are fine but are you actually doing anything about those things?
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advice: stop snooping

This, why the hell are you looking through his personal shit? It's none of your business, quite frankly.
Friend's shroom contact fell through, looks like that won't be happening. Ah well, I'm not giving up quite yet but I'm not hopeful we'll be able to find anything in a week.
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****in BLAHH.

Alarm clock didn't go off, so I missed two classes I really kind of needed to go to.


I always use my phone as my alarm, and yesterday I didn't remember to change it from vibrate to ring mode. Somehow I managed to wake up to the quiet buzzing of my phone halfway across the room. Not sure how, but I got lucky and didn't miss a class.
Sure. I'm not saying I won't toss a can into a trash bin if a recycling bin isn't nearby, but in general I try to recycle.
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If it was your first time taking shrooms how do you know they were potent?

Regardless, if you drink to get a small buzz it'll loosen you up and make your trip more enjoyable, any more and you're just gonna get too wasted.

I tripped with a few friends, a couple of whom had done shrooms before. We all ate the same shrooms, so I'm going off of their word on it.

That's what I was thinking; I'm just going to have a couple drinks and by the time I actually trip I can't imagine I'd have any issues.
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But you still don't know how it will effect you as an individual.
Plus, you're leaving out a lot of details.
By "drinking" are you talking about a few beers? Or half a bottle of vodka? How much shrooms will you be taking? Is this your first shroom experiment?
Mainly is how much and of what type of alcohol will you be consuming.
3 beers before hand, stretched over three hours, shouldn't have any effect since you'll be pretty sobered up by then.
A bunch of shots of hard liquor, that could be a different story.

I'm taking an 8th of shrooms, and I've done half an 8th of shrooms once at Bonnaroo this summer, so this is only my second time. I am, however, in a much better setting (my own house, with just my closest friends, whom I haven't seen much since college) and the half 8th I took a Bonnaroo were pretty potent.

How much alcohol I drink depends on the responses I get here. I was thinking just a couple drinks, enough to get a good drunk feeling; I'm not trying to get smashed or anything. I don't know how it effects me as an individual but I never will unless I actually try it, so I want to gather as much information to decide if I should or shouldn't.

Also thanks to ultimatedaver and Jhachey22 for your responses as well. Anyone else?
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Then don't.

Hence why I'm asking here first. So that I can gain said knowledge. That doesn't mean I won't ever do it, I just want to know what the effects are.
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I drank a ton of beer the first time I did shrooms. You'll feel awful the next day, however its fine I think, just know your limit and drink within it.

I figure that since I'll have stopped drinking at least three hours before I take the shrooms, I don't have a ton to worry about. I've also heard that it might help with possible anxiety, so maybe still feeling the effects won't be such a bad thing.

Other thoughts? I don't like combining drugs when I don't know what the interaction is like.
Alright fellas, drug question for you guys. Next friday I will be doing shrooms. I was going to go to my old high school's homecoming game, and then go back and chill at my house with my friends and trip. Now, my question is it okay to drink that night, as I don't really know the effects of alcohol and mushrooms combined. I would be drinking BEFORE the football game, so I was thinking by the time I actually finish with that, get back, and take shrooms, I won't really have to worry about it. I've also heard of people combining the two with few ill effects.

So what are your guys' thoughts?