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If you're serious about stuff other than br00t4l m3t4lz I'd give the Vypyr Tube a good look too. Not that it's bad in that department... (The Rectifier model) (6505 model) (non-br00t4lz)

EDIT: Nevermind I may actually get the Peavey VYPYR Tube 60 instead, it's in a better range for me and sounds just as good! I am not gigging this is mainly for my own personal fun and hobbie! Thanks a lot Raijouta!

This is the exact amp right? I plan to buy off MF, because there aren't any Peaveys in any guitars stores near me.
Thanks for the great responses guys! I am actually also thinking about the 6505 Combo. I could spend a bit more for it. I am horrible with amps, so if I were to get a valveking I wouldn't be able to mess with it and change speakers, mod it, tubes, etc.

I will take a look at the combos listed and get more information, but I got my mind set on that 6505 atm.
Hi everyone, I am trying to think of a new amp to buy. I'm not too great on amps, but I'm looking for a amp before I buy a new guitar. I have more than enough money for a new guitar and amp, but I am just looking for a nice combo amp right now for mainly styles of Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock and maybe some Blues, but Metal is mainly the style I play. What are some good amps for around the price of 500 Canadian dollars. A little more/less is not a big deal either so just shoot me some suggestions. I figure I can get a decent one for around that price. As of right now people are mainly suggesting I get a Peavy Valveking. Thoughts?

As for a new guitar, I can spend about $750. I was looking at this guitar from Rondomusic called the Agile Reaper,
I hear great things about these guitars and they seem to be priced great.
I mainly play stuff like Metallica, Iron maiden, ACDC, Megadeth, Death, BLS, Exodus, etc.

Just any tips, advice, suggestions, would be great, appreciate any help what so ever!

Thanks UG.
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Im making an example of you unintentionally...sry.

lets just stop this. what makes YOU happy. /end


Just have fun with what your doing.

Another month and Ill be playing a year and I have to say I am probably worse then you and I play mostly metal. Just play man! Have fun!
Awesome dude! I wish I knew how to make guitars. :P
I played. Wish I never did.

Was addicted for 2 years. Started playing only like an hour a day then around my one and a half year point sometimes it could go up to like 15 hours a day. One day I ended up getting mad because of how rude people are in that game.. So I dropped everything I had. For bout a whole month after I stopped I was having withdrawals and really dieing to play again but I didn't have anything to go back for.

After that bought a guitar, and then started not giving a crap anymore.

Been RS free for a year and a month and plan to be for the rest of my life!
Ouch, well it'd be best to post pics for everyone to see. Be easier for us to tell you if its fixable.
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you have to tape it back or you will lose tone from your guitar! Im kidding just throw it away!

OH NOESSS!!!!! Haha!

Alright thanks everyone. Wasn't sure!
I just bought an Ovation Celebrity CC44 Acoustic/Electric last night. I was playing it today and after I was done I noticed something moving in the body. I thought "Oh crap I hope the electronics aren't loose". I decided to open it up and check. The thing flying around everywhere was a little bag of "Desiccant Silica-Gel" that said "DO NOT EAT". I don't know what it is, but nothing was loose so I was relived to find that out. But my question is, can I throw this thing in the trash, or is it best to keep in in the body of the guitar.

Sorry if this is a really stupid question I am just really not sure! Help is very much appreciated!
I would just ignore him, if you know your the better player then no point in proving it. Even though I really don't like how people brag like that about guitar if he really isnt that good. But its all your choice. Just hope he doesn't have a magic lamp and Jesus pops out and makes him god at guitar.
"its not about that, its about the music."

You wouldn't have made this thread if you thought that way.

You fail, grow some balls, and gtfo.
Awesome dude! Play the crap outta that strat!
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Try that site out for some backing tracks. Playing over backing tracks helps your improv a lot. I don't know if you got GuitarPro but you can always take your favorite songs and just mute the lead guitar part and try to solo of that, since you already know that song it will make it easier. Also the pents are a great place to start improv. Try different keys of the pent, learn how to tie all of the different "boxes" together. Learn the notes and how it works. This will help you out as well. Each key of the pent will have its own little feeling to it.

Also, when improving, I don't know how much you know on theory and what not, but you can always play the relative minor in with the pent. Take the A pent for example.


You can add the aeolian scale right with it at times.


Now of course if you just play those notes you are in Aeolian. But you can switch back and forth pretty easily. Using the root note as your pivot point. G string-14th fret, A string-12fret and of course you can break out of just that box also.

Also on your sweeping question. Just take it slow and get out your metronome. Build up speed slowly. You probably don't have the strength in your pinky yet, just keep building up this strength.

I do have GuitarPro and thanks for your advice. Anyone care to spread some of their knowledge?
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You can sweep but you only know the pentatonic? Wow.

Yeah pentatonic is fine with blues stuff, just add in a flat 5th, and you have the blues scale. (I think)

Edit: Oh and if you google guitar blues backing tracks you will find some, I've found quite a few good ones. I don't remember any particular site off the top of my head though.

I only really know some basic sweeps and I cant play them fast really. But anyways yeah I will google that, thanks.
Alright I have a couple a questions regarding a couple things so here we go..

I am not good at improvising, I really only know the pentatonics, and I still suck at improvising with them but I am getting better slowly, I usually am alright with pentatonics playing bluesy stuff, I cant shred so yeah... I really, REALLY want to improve my improvising though. I'm sick of just playing songs and riffs from other bands I really wanna get into making my own music. Can you guys give me any tips for improving my improvisation (I play mostly metal, rock, and classic rock if that helps with the question)? Also does anyone know some good sites with backing track sites I could play along with?

The other question I have should probably go in advanced techniques but I figure to just out it all into one thread. I have been learning the intro from Towards Dead End by Children of Bodom(Cant play it up to speed because I suck) But when I do the sweep at the 19th fret on the G string my pinky cramps when I hit the 22nd fret!


This doesn't happen if I do the sweep lower its just when I try this sweep on the high frets (Mainly 20-22). Is something wrong? Thoughts on this?
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You can either widen the slots at the nut, but i would have a pro do it. Or you can "lube" the slots by putting pencil lead dust/lead into the slots. I know that sounds weird but it helped with my epiphone les paul

Ill probably take it in then cause I dont wanna mess it up, any other suggestions?
Every time I tune my guitar it sometimes makes a crack sound with the G B and High E strings, and I bend em and they go out of tune. I stretched the strings quite a lot too and they still keep going out of tune, so I don't know what the frig is happening. The Low E, A and D don't really have this problem, but anyways when I was taking off the strings I notice the tuning pegs(where I insert the strings) are loose, I just noticed this but are they supposed to be kinda loose? One of my friends told me it just happens and nothings wrong but I think I have to tighten it a bit. Any ideas to whats going on? I really wanna figure this out cause it gets really annoying when I tune my guitar and I bend it hear a crack and it goes out of tune. My guitar is a Dean VX, no Floyd so yeah... Advice appreciated.
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All songs were written by Nobuo Uematsu and cronies. Rammstein weren't ionvolved as far as I know.

Ah alright.. When I looked it up, Rammstein poped up... My bad.
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i'll move this one to video game thread if need be, but does anyone know the name/or artist of that song in the beginning of FFX where Sin just owns Zanarkand during the blitzball game?

I think Rammstein made that song, but I am not too sure. When I Looked it up on Limewire, Rammstein came up, and bam I got it.

Good song btw.
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Jackson - 57 HEAL
Yea man friggin awesome!
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The Trooper, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Run to the Hills, Fear of the dark, pretty much all their stuff.

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haha that's actually amazing! I'm keeping it like that lol

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****ing pieces of ****. this disgusts me.

Q1. What level of a guitarist would you consider yourself?

Beginner X
I don't play but I would like to start

Q2. Are you male or female?

Male X

Q3. What age category do you fall into?

6-12 years old
12-18 years old X
18-24 years old
24-30 years old

Q4. How often would you buy a guitar?

Once a year
Once every 2 years X
Once every 3 years
Other Please state_________________________

Q5. What is your favourite style of guitar?

Les Paul
Flying V X
Othre Please state_________________________

Q6. What is your preferred colour of guitar?

Orange X

Q7. What is your preferred nuber of frets?

22 X

Q8. When purchasing a guitar how important are each of the following?

Very Quite Not
Price X

Q9. Would you purchase a guitar online?

Unless i can't buy it in the stores. X

Q10. How much would you be willing to pay for a guitar depending on quality?

£300-£500 X

Q11. Would the chance to fully customise your guitar interest you?

No X

Q12. What is your preferred brand of guitar

Other Please state_______Dean____________

Q13. What would influence you to buy a guitar?

Musician Endorsement
Magazine reviews
Internet advertising
Other X

Q14. What special offers would you avail of?

Guitar and amp package
Free accessories (straps, leads, strings, etc)
Discount X

Q15. I am thinking of launching a guitar with built-in MP3 player. Would you:

Definitely try it
Probably try it
Definitely not try it X

Q16. I am thinking of launching this product at a price of around £200-£400. Do you think this is:

Reasonably priced
Overpriced X
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Don't know they're names, but daaaaamn
I honestly think Jamplay sucks, the bald dude looks like he has a hard time playing the songs. I really think you should just get a real teacher, it'll be way better.
its either the blood test or excessive fapping..... im 99.9% sure its the fapping though.... keep your hand away from yourself for a day or two, and try playing then.

I fap with my right arm not my left. :P

This is my fretting arm forgot to mention that.
Whenever I play guitar I keep having this pain on the top of my forearm right in the middle, and some pain in my wrist. This just started happening yesterday and I am really annoyed with it cause I cant play properly and its bothering me. Any suggestions on what this could be? And I didn't even play the much yesterday I took a little break. I took a blood test yesterday morning though which caused my arm to go kinda weak, donno if that has anything to do with it.
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its not that.. i hate myself for being reliant on tabs.
i feel like im not going anywhere with tabs

Try Sabbath stuff, ACDC since your into classic rock, and just have fun with what your doing man. That songs you listed you can play are pretty tough not to mention if you know how to do those solos thats really really good! Domination's solo is crazy hard!
How long have you been playing and what style you do you like?

I check your profile and I would say try some Sabbath man! Easy/Easyish and will get you going.
So I was playing guitar today and my index finger started having weird pains. I've never had this before its weird. But its kind of annoying when I play guitar. Its only in my left hand index finger from the middle of it up. Any of you know what this is?
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You really shouldn't rely on others opinions about your playing. If you think you're doing well, that is all you need. If you think you need to kick up the practicing then do it.

Guitar is a personal instrument, no one else can tell you what you want to accomplish. You get out what you put in.

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its just really aggravating--- i took like 70 takes to record that and i still messed up and left out a note i should have played
you mess up on the simplest things after a while

Yea man I am the same way, I've recorded stuff before and I get really nervous and start shaking for some reason and it causes me to mess up quite a bit. But it sounded good, keep doin what your doin!