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Also, hi o/
Well, fuck. When they meet the Muslims with their Muslamic Ray Guns, we'll all be buggered.
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it's cool hes just an ass man.

But I'm an ass man to-

Oh. OH.

Very good.

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Can't you read?

She was interested in my friend, not me.

It was a general "you".

Also, since you were the one who wanted to bone her, I guess that makes you the barnyard aficionado isn't it?
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I'm not one to discriminate.

You probably should when it comes to fucking donkeys, mate.

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you know that ludacris song "area code"?

Well I've got hos in different country codes

If she knew you called her that she'd serve you your own balls for dinner.
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Values are the key here. similar values and physical attraction are always a great start to any relationship.
(FYI your bf is a cool guy, I still have a PDF somewhere that he did to help me on some maths stuff :p)

Boo motherfucker

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He really is a quite remarkable guy. I am glad he was able to help you out , he has quite the knack for helping people with math(s). I hope that someday when he retires he might consider teaching for awhile.

Completely understandable! I think its hard to find someone with the same values regardless of the race, but culture can definitely make it even more challenging. Good luck in finding your man!

What she said, apart from that I might not have any patience left to teach people when I retire. It's alright teaching you or someone like Toni, because you want to learn. But if I'm forced to teach then I'll have to deal with the entitled little shits too, and that's something I could probably do without.
I voted. What about the rest of you? There's someone in need and all of you are just sitting here masturbating.

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Yeah well you try and stay sober on a ship that can replicate alcohol for free

Captain Kirk was really taking a chance when he let a scotsman on the ship.

Oh nonsense. No true chief engineer would ever bother getting drunk on scotch

because there's an abundant supply of engine coolant which gets the job done much faster
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XO - Jackal58
Medical Head - JustRooster
Pilot - Kensai
Chief Engineer - LordBishek
Rescue Technician - Craigo
Head Researcher - SlackerBabbath

I'd serve on this ship, but I'd be glad I'd be down with my precious engines rather than stuck on the bridge with a drunken Swede behind the controls.
That twat from the kooks might be what you're looking for.
I like both, especially when we can both gaze into each others eyes.
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is that a filthy jew?

Well, I mean, he probably had a shower I guess
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Lol. There are no gay Muslims. Just ask Ahmadajidingdong.

Sorry, did someone say my name? Wait, brb...

Where were we? Oh, hang on...

Yeah, I still got it!
I can't remember how to manage formatting at the moment, but you can try using lyx. Also, try the LaTeX subreddit ( and try posting your question there.
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I do say.
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I already explained it. The community creates a circlejerk.
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So, you basically want to invent paintball?


sorry dude, it's mandatory.

No it's not. You make it mandatory.
I don't really get what a lot of you are bitching about. There's overuse of memes wherever you go. Just look at that stupid nodding gif that everyone here keeps posting, thinking they're funny. It was about as inventive and as tired as the whole "arrow to the knee" phenomenon, or for those of you that remember it, the "Russell, what the fuck" and "faster tom, run" bullshit. The point is, in any community, you'll generate a hivemind and eventually a circlejerk. Reddit suffers from it because of it's size, but at the same time, there's a lot of good stuff if you care to look. Of course, the more you recycle and repost jokes, the more you're likely to post tired and unfunny shit regardless of community size and quality - which is why 9gag, memebase and funnyjunk all suffer from it even worse. The other thing you need is a community approval system. Reddit's got it half-right from the karma system, except that they should probably make it invisible, so that it works, but nobody gets to see what the vote count is, merely the effects of an up or downvoted post.
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That's not a troll, it's an Orc.

Wait, what? I'm sure that's an Olog-hai
The stupid in this thread really hurts.
It's alright, but the danger is overconfidence in the relationship because it appears through to begin with. With regular dating, you usually take things slowly, and you get a chance to really know a person before you make a commitment. With an arranged marriage, too often I've seen families that both parties rush into because they're assured that because they did background checks and things before, the dating is almost an afterthought. They commit to each other within a few months and then are surprised when the people they marry are not the same character that they thought they were. Just take it slow, and it's fine.
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Meh. He was hard to work with.

Work on what?
Well, I meant the name thing.
Just do what I did.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I like it. The trick to reddit is if you're on the popular subreddits, expect to be inundated with shit. This happens here, this happens there, and generally anywhere with a large community. Instead, pick your subscriptions carefully, and make sure you really look around to see which subreddits can really help you, and which ones have just devolved into circle-jerking.

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You'll transform into one of those people who say "I saw this on reddit before". The hipsters of the internet.


Never, EVER, EVER visit r/clopclop. NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE
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And he's leading the primaries...

That's no laughing matter. I know it brings up the chances of Obama winning, but from my experience with American politics, there is every chance that just a little too much of the public might decide to go full retard and vote this nut in.

To be honest, I think Tzeentch, changer of ways would make for a more stable administration if he was elected president.
Hey man, good to see you!
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Hahahahahhahaha... shit I'm dying

That was gold, first one to make me laugh in a long time
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Slightly Altered that for you.

I'm in one. My girlfriend and I celebrated two years together in November. She's in Canada, I'm in England. We're slowly but surely working to make sure togetherness is a realiy.

It takes a lot of effort and is stressful, but if you know you've found the right's totally worth it. I wouldn't give up my lass for anything. If I'm bloody well promising to her in a few years that I'll be there for her in sickness and in health, till death do us part, then a few thousand miles is water off a ducks back.
Why the hell isn't it? They've been in beta for ages and they're preinstalled on samsung devices anyway
Hang on wat, that sounds like Swype
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...found a suitable Female etc.

Do you want kids?

TL;DR When the time is right, do you want kids?

Is it just me that has a massive problem with the fact that this post required a fucking TL;DR? When did we decide having the attention span of a goldfish was an acceptable quality?
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isn't this on the front page of UG?

Please, PLEASE tell me the headline is "DAVE MUSTAINE GOES FULL RETARD"