i have a really old amp head and after getting back from a gig, i plugged it back into the outlet and the cabinets & i turned it on. I started to smell something like burning plastic. Did I blow a fuse or what happened and can it be repaired (easily?)?
well, i'm teachin a few people how to play (brother and friends)
Rock you like a hurricane
or Tribute by Tenacious D (it uses the A minor, D, C, and F chords a lot)
You're Still Waiting- Spoken
Ever Changing- Rise Against
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Nah. Kim played on Sweet Dreams. Think he came up with the beginning too. And the Probot album does kick ass. Love the song at the end 'I Am the Warlock' with Jack Black.

...i wonder if him and jack are ever writing music together like in their own band...
cause jack black was doing I Am the Warlock with David Grohl and David Grohl was on Tenacious D(movie) as the Devil
...idk...crazy junk...
Never Too Late(Three Days Grace)
All Neirds Beware(Chiodos)
Tribute(Tenacious D)
History(Tenacious D)
Attack (Thirty Seconds to Mars)
No Control(Bullet for My Valentine)

Johnny B. Goode(Chuck Berry)
Almost Easy(Avenged Sevenfold)
Don't Hold Back(The Sleeping)
Everybody Wants Some(Van Halen)
1Rock you like a hurricane
2Baby you wouldnt last a minute on the Creek (Chiodos)
3Monsters (Matchbook Romance) that a guitar in that song...?
Dave is hilarious in it.