Not that I have taken dancing lessons with recitals since I was five, but she (like most dancers) probably thinks it's pretty important.
Not that I would know.
It looks like my eye. Brown on the inside, green on the out. ^^
we're fucked...
I helped to fix the G.
Quote by westo
we're being attacked on the U.

I just wasted half my ink and kinda fixed it.
EDIT: They attacked the G and now I'm out...
At the risk of sounding stupid, what are chavs?
me on my skateboard about 6 months ago.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

crap, this is my first time using photobucket. lemme try again.


what the hell!
Double fail!
But seriously, you're missing the first "[" in front of IMG. ^^
EDIT: Beaten to it...
Quote by Godsmack_IV
would you do meth just because you were allowed to? would you lose all common sense because there wasn't a law to tell you not to do something?

I mentioned meth because mercedes was talking about the government controlling what people put in their bodies. Some people do meth on their own choice. If meth was legal, it would be much easier to get. I'm just saying that there is positive side to government control as long as its not excessive.
Quote by mercedesisbenz
In a free country you would expect to have control over what you do and don't put into your body, but that idea got lost a while back.

The country does it to prevent something from happening. Imagine if everyone was allowed to do meth?
Happy birthday! Hope it's good.
Mines tomorrow!
Quote by mercedesisbenz
If you call the cops you're assisting a corrupt government of violating its own citizens rights. Go for it.

How so? Marijuanna is illegal.... not a right.
Quote by skaguitarist53
anywhere outside of michigan the cops will probably arrest on marijuana possesion

OH no. In the dumbass town where I live, people having been trying to pass initiatives such as regulation and tax on pot sales and making pot the lowest priority for cops. 4/5 of the initiatives passed. The city did nothing so the man who lobbied the initiatives in the first place did ANOTHER petition for another vote. 4/5 passed again. I don't think he realises that the city can't do anything because it would go against state and federal law. He's wasted soo much of the taxpayers' money for absolutely nothing.
Caramelldansen (Swedish electronica song)
And that's not me
Quote by CobbZ
Its not funny.

Theres some things that are sick and shouldn't be ****ing wrote about.

Sick ****s.

(although most of them are amusing)

They need to learn where the ****ing line is. This thing hurts.

This is making fun of ctrl+alt+del.
The author took a serious turn in the comic, making dramatic instead of funny.
Cyanide-and-Happiness is just making fun of that. The words in the last panel are the words Tim, the ctrl+alt+del author, said.
Go to control alt delete and check out the past few comics/posts.
Quote by Macabre_Turtle
lul wut?

Quote by Macabre_Turtle
You will never know how many levels you just failed upon.... even that one level where you thought you may have won; no. You failed there too.

I know. I thought he was being serious. Not joking.
I didn't even realise they were jokes.
I just thought it was some guy being serial.
1. Okay. Hooray for sarcasm?
2. It can break and stop moving. It's still broken. That doesn't mean it can't be used.
3. 1 of something large can hold two of something small. ex: CAR
4. If every restaurant searched for every party that didn't show up, there wouldn't be restaurants due to no income.
5. I have to ask, are you on them now?
6. Ok.....
7. What if the doughnut gives you a bad case of food poisoning and you need to sue to pay for the medical bill?
8. A wall can't serve.
9. Food from ovens tastes better.
10. They say that because it is from a long time ago as opposed to something recent.
EDIT: and I appologize for killing all of those....
The grammar nazis are going to get you hard...
I visit UG every now and then. Mainly for tabs.
Sometimes I lurk and occaisionally I post, which is why no one knows me. ^^
Quote by valennic
How do you figure?

Probably guess and check.
More than that could work.
*idea* Pit, we could try to see how many words work assuming it is two words 5 and 6 letters long respectively.
Quote by MedicreDemon
He repeats three letters.

Oh, I was assuming that the N with a line on the top and right sides was one letter rather than two.... Same with the other repeats with lines on the sides.
I'm probably wrong ^^
There are 8 letters. One letter is repeated. So that makes seven different letters to figure out.
Dude, sooooooooooo many words would work it's not even funny.
Quote by texaskym224
erm, sorry i dont know what you mean? lol

Don't worry. This a typical response in the Pit.
Dude, if your more worried about running out than the actual alcoholism part, you have a problem. Beer is absolutely horrible if you drink it while your brain is still in developement. If you're drinking three times a day, your brain is going to be seriously ****ed up.
/medical advice
I don't understand why some people are getting pissed.
I play guitar AND bass (including stand-up bass)
I found the joke funny...
And I like guitar jokes
Yea, I think it's broken... Oh well, thanks for your help anyway guys.
Quote by Matty22
You deleted it somehow or that's what I did anyway. Did you have Powertab or an earlier version of Guitar Pro that you deleted? I had Powertab and deleted it because it seemed useless and my RSE stopped working so I reinstalled it and it worked.

If that helps...

Both are installed and as far as I know neither have been deleted. I'll try reinstalling them.
Quote by FireandFlames
Is the Wave unmuted and turned up as well?

Everything is unmuted and turned up except for Input Monitor. That one is grayed out.
Quote by FireandFlames
Is the SW Synth unmuted?

Yea... That's why I'm so confused by this.
Ok, pit. I need your help.
I opened Guitar Pro to work on some stuff and hit the play button and nothing sounded! I realised I had RSE turned off, and when I turned it back on, everything that used RSE worked. For some reason, my computer's MIDI playback system isn't working. I checked the audio controls, and the sound is up and it says my MIDI playback is working fine. Can anyone offer any help, please?
My MIDI playback system is Microsoft GS Wavetable SW synth if it helps.
I don't see why everyone gets so mad when someone posts a video like this.
This guy is amazing... at a game.
I admit he lacks a life, but still.
I never see anyone start complaing when someone posts a video about some amazing snipe on halo or a winning streak in COD4.
Why does everyone get so bent out of shape if the game relates to music?
1. I like Guitar Hero as long as the people playing it understand that is nothing like a real guitar and that is just a game for enjoyment.
2. Surprisingly enough, the Guitar Hero version of this song is even more sped up than the actual song. (Check the times on YouTube, the Guitar Hero one is shorter than the vid)
3. Dragonforce sucks.
4. I have officially lost all faith in humanity.
That guy is one of the few people i believe deserves the death penalty.
I just realised that YouTube doesn't have a zero star rating.
I didn't rate your video btw.
OMG! Unfair!
I don't have any near me!
I guess I will just have to live a unsex-offended life....
It means Day. As in Day of Days.
Google is your friend.
Black is the absence of color/light.
And our brains are limited to what we can perceive in the real world.
One of my senior friends who I used to look up to because he was awesome at the upright bass always says stuff like rofl and lol.
(pronounced raw-ful and lawl)
It cracked me up.
Then I found out he liked 4-chan. He then quit our school orchestra in an unrelated matter.

UBER EDIT: Now that I think about it, this site has corrupted me so much. When I do use these, my friends give me weird looks.
They don't even know what rickrolling is...
Oh, and for the TS.
Did you really have to go on a rant about a band you hate?
Now that I think about it.... I almost never see a thread like, "OMG I absolutely love this band! What do you think?"