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Plz :d
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Bargain, enjoy the thread, these people keep ignoring my posts any way
Have fun!!!

Can you blame us?
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Well, she's a country girl (not a red neck, douche bags), and her dad races chariots. Something she enjoys, so I got one of the bigger ones where four or three people can fit in at once. She really likes it, so I thought it would be romantic. Plus, a carriage is overdone to bits.

I agree with you. I hope you two have a great night. A 'great' night
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Good luck, man. And oh, oh, invite the Pit for the wedding.

If she uses UG it's a bad idea, for obvious reasons.
Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck
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Can you like, stop posting? Your arguments are an unneccessary and confusing distraction to this otherwise interesting thread.

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¿Que? I have yet to understand your argument, even though I've read all your posts.

His argument is flawed. He thinks because he's going to get in trouble he's being opressed. He's basically like a little kid.
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Wow, I haven't mentioned any of those things but hey you diagnose with what you like. . ... . .

You look down on me . It isn't a problem, you people will decide my death, I have no choice in the matter, all I can hope is one day some people will respect the wishes of those who want freedom. Until then, I hope you are OK with the murder Craigo, I know you are above me and all other drug users, I just want you to know, I forgive you.

I, for one, am perfectly happy for you to die. It will be a valuable asset when you are no longer a drain on the world's oh, so precious resources.
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I'm sorry for not reading the damn near 200 posts of the thread. Next time I'll be sure to set aside an hour or so and read every inane post just so I don't offend you.

1. No, burglary is considered an emergency. I have several cops in my family, and I work at a motherfucking police station. A burglary in progress is an acceptable reason to call the emergency line at your local police department.

2. So? Doesn't mean they're going to bust their balls to get out to the so-called emergency of two teenagers wandering around a neighborhood.

Seriously, please place your tongue on the underside of my nutsack. I haven't showered yet today, and I just got back from a run about 30 minutes ago, so it is nice and salty for you. Enjoy.

Right. 40ppp. Use it. 5 pages (now 6 I think). No burglary is an emergency- that's a bull**** rule, I'm entitled to believe that. The woman my mum spoke to said that burglary is not an emergency.

If you HAD read the rest you would have found that I was wrong in the first place. 3 men, all about 20 years old. Thank you, and good night.
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White. Straight. Male. Syndrome. Seriously.

I'm thinking more along the lines of. Bull Sh!t
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Dude, you can lick the salty underside of my ballsack. Two boys wandering around a village, possibly trying to break into a house is in no way an emergency. An emergency is them actually breaking into your house. An emergency is them assaulting someone. Not just walking around with the potential of committing a crime. It's certainly something to alert the police of, but they have more important matters to take care of.

*sigh* did you not read the whole thread? I guess not.
1. Emergency is life or death. Burglary is not an emergency at all.
2. I live in the middle of nowhere. This is about as much action as they'll get all year.
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If you're so obsessed with dying go jump off a cliff.

Couldn't have said it better myself
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You live in a village. They were probably busy farming or something.

No. This is where I officially live. I actually live in London...most of the time.
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I'm going to plant a pear tree in your backyard

Make sure my dogs don't rip your throat out then
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You just made a grave mistake.

I'm hardly ever there. Normally in London or pottering about elsewhere in the country.
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Fu*k the Police, coming straight from the underground.

Oh, and on an somewhat related topic, you know your country is badass when the emergency number is 666 upside-down. UK, you guys ****ing own.

Um. Sonic Boom 6?
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If you think your story is pathetic go google Rodney King

That's an example of when the police take their power too far.
Wallace was a fail. And are you sure it was today? Were they using the Gregorian calendar?
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Maybe they had more important business to mind to?
You should respect their judgement.

Quit tryin' to fight da powa!

Not a chance. This is the sleepiest place I've ever lived in.
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A potentially dangerous situation in which the cops couldn't be bothered to do their duty and investigate.

Yet TS is the same poster who mocked that other dude for complaining about unfair treatment at the hands of a power-hungry mall cop.

Irony's a bitch, ain't it?

Different situation much?
They DID do their job with the busker, they DIDN'T do what I would have said was their job last night.
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Well THERES your problem!

( )

I wasn't listening properly. I was just talking to her and she said there were 3 of them, about 20 years old.

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all i can say is that the day you actually need help and they do it for you you can all grow up and change your opinions.

I've needed help, and they haven't done it. I got robbed, rang 999 and the cops came, drove past me and then said "oh, there's nothing we can do. Bye".

So far I have no reason to change my opinion. I understand that they have a **** job to do, and they sometimes do it right. It doesn't mean that any crime, regardless of how petty, doesn't need seeing to.

EDIT: After reading your profile I see why you were so touchy about this issue
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I like freedom. Sorry.

So do I, so does everybody. Doesn't mean that they're daft about it.
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Just allow myself to be trapped inside a single perspective? Just don't enjoy myself to the full because you say so? No thanks. A life where I can't explore my psyche and find true happiness even though it harms no one else. I'd rather be dead. And by the looks of things, I will be.

I think someone's a wee drama queen.
If you move the searcher bar thing (the red one) backwards and forwards really fast, the alien dances
Bacon Laser
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Yes, because my life will be ruined, and all will be left that I can do is satisfy my search for revenge, because I can't get a decent job, or go abroad to travel like I want to. My life will be over, all that will be left is revenge and anger.
I haven't harmed anyone my whole life, that's the whole reason I'm going to go postal, I don't harm anyone, and my life is either destroyed beyond recognition, or I'm dead. So, I'll go out with a bang

Just stop smoking then.
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Also drinking a lot of water makes you get drunk slower too, right? And it keeps you from getting dehydrated.

No. Alcohol is a diaretic, or anit- diaretic... I can't remember. And it causes you to piss more. The water just means there's more to piss, taking the alcohol with it, and stops you becoming dehydrated.
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Edit: Nope^^^, the devil wasn't sent to hell, he was sent to earth, you are saying that Hell is essentially run by God(because if satan doesn't rule hell, who does?), but if God was responsible for the eternal suffering of billions of people, he wouldn't be God. The devil chills in hell, I'm happy to chill with him!!

An old french cult thing (a few hundred to one thousand years ago) was wiped out by the catholics. Anyway, they believed that the Earth and everything about it was the Devil.
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the common old wives tale is if u can put the food in water and it soaks it up, its gonna soak the booze in ur stomach


EVERYONE! Read my last post, the one up there ^. The logical/ correct one!
And eating afterwards doesn't really help sober you up, it just stops you getting more drunk.

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isn't it the intestines that take up the alcohol etc? the stomach is just for digesting.... my biology sucks.


I think milk has a lot of protein in it, so the stomach works on it. This causes the opening to the small intestine to close up, resulting in nothing-including alcohol- getting through, so it cannot be absorbed into das blood stream.
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I tried both numbers they are too busy eating scones

Oh, should've seen that coming.
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The emergency numbers are not the police.
Ergo, the police did not fail to do anything.
Therefore, the police are not pathetic.

You've got a bit of a misleading title there, bub.

Yes, they are. When I got robbed I went to the station, the calls were being taken by a 'Seargeant Andrews". He was a bobby, it was just his turn to be on the end of the phones.
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Yea, I was in Finland, and I put down my sauna, turned my back for a second, and BAM! Some mofo stole my sauna.

I knew it! This is a serious problem that the Finnish government needs to address!
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Nope. Finnish police =

The only thing they need to stop is sauna thieves >.>
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Growing and possessing certain drugs is illegal, and you know it.
Yet you blatantly defy the law, insisting that you are clearly in the moral right, and blame the policing laws for a mass killing spree?
You are everything that is wrong with a lot of countries around the world.

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And *sigh* again

I'ma report him, if anyone else thinks he's a troll...
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hahahha XD are you sure that isent how your parents are trying to forget about your existince maghty al??

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I've just been burgled.

Well don't call 999!

it's 0800-youareuseless.
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That is great news!

I live in shrewsbury, I know York is in the UK :P how about that?

Too far for either of us.