Well the other end of the bare wire doesn't actually go inside the pickup like the black and white ones, it is soldered to some foil on the base of the pickup. It gets grouped together into the main wire like the black and white ones though.

Does that change anything?
Thanks, it's a passive set - SJ5-3s 'Quarter pound' or something and they're advertised as 'true single coils'...hmm. So just solder it to ground and see what happens?
I have just bought a set of Seymour Duncan, Jazz Bass pickups to replace my current set.

I went to install them thinking I could just see where the old wires went replacing black for black and white for white etc like the wiring diamgram that was included tells me to. However, I have noticed these pickups split into 3 rather than just 2 wires. A black one, a white one and an unshielded one. The wiring diagram included doesn't actually show this wire at all or offer any information on it.

I'm not at all experienced in this sort of thing so I just wondered if anybody could tell me what this wire is and if I should be connecting it to something?

We're literally just starting up, I got talking to some guys before Christmas and the current line up is - guitar, bass, drums and saxophone. Ideally we'd like another horn player and a singer. It's a long shot on here because nearly everybody's a guitarist or bassist but it might be worth a try.

As the title suggests we're located in Loughborough, at the University no less. It's meant to be fun, all members input and ideas are welcomed. If anyone is interested please let me know!
Sounds like your intonation is out. This can be sorted quite easily.

Firstly, tune your guitar as normal.

Next, using a guitar tuner, play 12 fret on the low E string. The note should register as a perfect octave. However, it is likely to register as sharp going by the description of your problem. This means the distance between your nut and your bridge saddles is slightly too short. So all you have to do it make it longer. Using a screw driver turn the screw at the bottom of your bridge for the corresponding string. The bridge saddle should moveback a little and you will need to tune the string back to the correct pitch.

Play 12th fret again and see if it now a perfect octave. It's trial and error getting it to this stage but it's fairly quick to do.

Repeat this procress on the other 5 strings and it should sort your problem.

On the other hand you may just have a heavy touch, but I'd say it's worth checking the intonation anyway.
The 22, 24 or whatever the number is, is simply the number of fret wires on the fret board. So a 24 fretted guitar will have 2 extra frets making the fretboard a tiny bit longer.

The 'jumbo' part is simply the shape of the fret wire. You can get all kinds of fret wire of different widths and heights to suit your playing. Jumbo frets are on a lot of guitars designed for complex or fast playing because it makes for a more 'effortless' feel. It is not the same as a scalloped fret board unless your fret wires are enormous. With jumbo frets your fingers can still make contact with the fretboard even if your string doesn't. With a scalloped fretboard your fingers never make contact allowing for massive bends but requiring an extremely light touch to not accidentally bend notes.
I have the same problem with people not selling jeans in my size. I find ebay can be pretty handy. You can select the waist, leg and colour on there and they have a fair amount of longer leg lengths.
Oh man, it is a bit big. I really should have previewed that first. Sorry buddy.

Well with the Ibanez I figured I can just block the bridge for tuning. I guess it's more the sound of a strat I'd like to have as well.

As for the bass pickups, they'd be about half the price of the Strat which kind of sways me towards them a bit.

I think I need to go have another play on the strat before I make this decision.
I've been to the shop in Liverpool and it was realy good value. Especially the deals they had on small items like plectrums.

However, my friend ordered an amp from there once. Albiet a couple of years ago now. But the 3-5day deliver took nearly 6 weeks.
That time of year is coming again and I feel like treating myself. However I'm unsure of what to get. I'm between getting a new guitar or new pickups for my bass.

Currently I have a left handed Ibanez with a floating bridge which, of course, causes problems if you want to change tunings. Also, I quite like the idea of getting a different 'style' guitar like a strat. Or something with single coils at least. I was quite liking the Fender Mexican Strats.

I also have a pretty low end bass. I like how it looks and plays but the sound is lacking which I think is largely down to the cheap stock pickups so I'd quite like to replace those as well.

I haven't got loads to spend and I'm quite limited guitar wise because I'm left handed. All in all it's simply...

Fender Strat or some good bass pickups?
Once you're familiar with them they're fine.

The main advantage is the unmatched tuning stability no matter how much you bend strings or abuse the whammy bar. However, there are disadvantages too.

If you like to change tunings frequently I would strongly recommend a second guitar or blocking the floating action of the bridge. Balancing the bridge after a tuning change or a string guage change is very time consuming. Blocking the bridge will also eliminate the problems you can get with unison bends and - more noticably - double stopped bends. On a floyd rose they tend to go slightly out of tune because of trem lag. Also If you breakage. If a string all the others need to be retuned.

But the amount of time saved tuning your guitar outweighs the amount of time you spend tuning the guitar initially by far. Personally I'm a big fan of floyd roses.
play guitar?
You'll also be able to sequence instrument tracks on a computer too. So if you wanted synth tracks of drums without having to record an actual drum kit it'd be no problem.
I don't know if the micro BR can be used with recording software. The sound will get recorded straight onto the micro BR and not the computer but you can export files to a PC. However, I don't know enough about computer recording to say wether you'd have the same control this way as if it were recorded straight onto a sequencing programme.

You should be able to do the majority of the editing on the micro BR itself. With in-built effects and guitar sounds. If you're recording your amp sound with a mic then as Reeen said, you'll need to buy the appropriate XLR to jack input as the micro BR doesn't have the XLR input usually used with mics.

You're kind of mixing 2 ways of recording.

If I were you I'd either buy a higher end multitrack recorder or go for the computer editing option.

The computer option gives you greater control over your recording but the software can be quite expensive. The multitrack option still gives you as much control as your likely to want and I find it still maintains a lot of the musicianship.
Highly recommend getting one. Theyre great fun.
Pinched harmonics are created by catching a small section of your thumb on the string as you pick. They're quite hard to explain, I would have thhe thought the videos - despite being confusing - would be your best option.

Tapped hardmonics are a little easier to explain since you can already do natural harmonics. So, on an open string you can create natural harmonics at frets 3 4 5 7 12 etc...with tapped harmonics you are already fretting a note. So for this example lets say you have fretted 3rd fret on a string. The position of the natural harmonics will have also moved up with it. So the natural harmonics will now occur at frets 6 7 8 10 15 yeah? However you fretting hand is already occupied so you just give a short sharp tap at these positions with your picking hand. Rember to release the tap immediately or else it will just sound like a regular tapped note. It can be done on open strings too I should add.

Semi harmonics I believe are...just pinched harmonics which didn't quite come out 'right'. Somewhere between a regular note and a harmonic.

Artificial harmonics are a kind of a mix of everything.
If you look at this photo what you're seeing is the index finger resting on the string at the point of the harmonic and the thumb - you can use a pick - is picking the note. So It's a little like a regular harmonic but all on one hand. However you can still use your fretting hand to fret notes which would move the harmonic positions with it.
This stuff is pretty intricate. Obviously a lot of work has gone into these songs which definately shows. It's like textbook songwriting on the most part. Tracks 1 and 3's intros sound very similar to me, they both start with very similar notes. That's my only 'complaint'.

The recorded quality is great, everything is clear and clean. Good job on that.

I'm not sure what to say on the most part..mainly because this is not a genre of music a personally enjoy listening too. All the same though, it's all very well done. You guys obviosuly know what you're doing.

Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and thanks for your comments!

Quote by t3l3caster
I've already tried hendrixing it with my dad's yamaha pacifica, its not too easy to play upside down and i kept changing the pickup switch and volume and tone knobs.

Whitemanwalking i see what you mean, but that time spent working could be time spent playing guitar... but yeah very valid point.

I guess that is one of my aims, to be able to choose from a greater range of guitars, but also to benefit from being able to just go to one of my friend's houses who has guitars and have a go on theirs, also I guess its testing myself, seeing if I can, if you understand?

Yeah totallly, I can understand that. I'm not saying you shouldn't try it by any means. Just giving a point of argument. Let me know how it works out!
I got told that too - about learning right handed - but with that theory I thought 'why don't all right handed players play left handed?'. I can see the advantages but with the amount of hours and effort you're going to be putting in you could earn enough money to buy your dream guitar :P

So what is it you want? you want to be able to buy new guitars more easily?
It's a lot of work just to get a better instrument. I'm left handed myself and I think there are enough options for left handed players to cover most needs. Most guitar companies will create a left handed version of a model on request - admittedly at a higher price though. Plus left handed players look cooler onstage mirroring the right handed players!

...oh, and it goes against everything in your sig'.
We've just starting out and we've doing some home recording on a little 8 track. Currently we only have one fully completed recording. There should be more appearing pretty soon. We've got about 6 WIPs at the moment.

We're looking for a singer so if anyone from Gloucestershire area happens to read this and is interest don't hesitate to message me. For now we've just got our rhythm guitarist filling in so you can get a rough idea...

Any thoughts, comments and critiques are welcome.
The shoes I don't like, if it wasn't titled I wouldn't think it was deliberately linked to EVH. Doesn't look quite right.
The current Guiness World Record is well under 150m. So I don't think the half a mile thing is that plausable.
Big fan of all the rhythms in the tapping parts, and the low end muted tapping when it begins to sound quite vocal, is there a phaser on there?
Don't touch the truss rod. That's for adjusting bowed necks. The bridge saddle ( that white line) can be filed down to lower the action. File the bottom of it down though, not the top.
I don't see why not as long as you clearly credit the band who did it originally.
Reminds me of some of the Alice in Chains stuff.
Have a look into scales to begin with, I'm sure there are probably some articles on here. There's some simple theory behind chord progressions.

I haven't read through properly so it might be tripe, apologies if it is.

listen to any pop punk bands and there stuff will be riddled with common chord progressions and 3 chord tricks which are easy to jam over.
No problemO. Glad to have helped
Try a different set of chords surely?
Check out RAN guitars. I think the prices have gone up a bit over the last few years but at one point you could get a guitar quote of about £900/$1400.
I think it's good to be aware of the downside but necessarily to dwell on it. I always take into account what would happen if the sh1t were to hit the fan just so im prepared really.

I notice you're also from London so I'm sure you'll appreciate that being cynical is quite a British thing, no? Like taking the piss out of friends is quite often a sort of 'sign of affection'.
I'd be a bit apprehensive. "I set and glued the neck properly" but look at the mess he made! $150 is dirt cheap though, if it's geniunely playable get it. Is there any way you can try before you buy?
I just had a listen and its a weird one. for a start the guitar isn't quite in standard tuning, I think the guitar is tuned 1/4 step down. I'll tab out what I think is played. Might not be 100% but I feel it's fairly accurate.
Quote by sTarbuck
Popular Music at Edinburgh Napier University.

I mean, the problem I have is all mental tbh! I feel like, if I don't pick as hard as I can, I'm doing it wrong because of what they said. Although I think I may be overgeneralising their words somewhat.

I tend to pick more softly if I'm nervous. Maybe so no one can hear me or something. If ive ever had to be recorded or I've had to do something live my picking goes really flimsy to the point where sometimes I miss entire notes...whoops!

I think I'm going to agree with what everyone else is now saying though. That, its probably nothing to do with attack but to do with technique, accuracy and intricacy etc.
I wouldn't worry, if you pick too hard then you limit your expression somewhat. Not being able to emphasise parts because you're anable to pick any harder would be a bit rubbish.

Some styles of music sound better picked more agressively others don't. What was this audition for?
If it's not on here it's unlikely to be anywhere. Most the tabs on other sites are ripped off of here. All I can suggest is to try working it out?