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i came

Anyway... I SERIOUSLY want some big black glasses.

Like my watermarked friend here.

I thought he put a leather strap on a fly
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I did it!

JacobTheMe, you are now officially awesome.

And I'm not just saying that to get sigged.

Good on you, fella!
I don't think this one is hilarious... just absolutely epic. Sorry if it's old or anything.
The World's Fastest Indian
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Awesome dude!

And nah, we recorded last week, for about 4 days (so yep, plenty more videos to come ), and 'You Need Love + 'Long Way Down' are a couple of tracks from the EP.

We plan on getting the CDs ordered on Saturday, and that'll be the same time we send it off for iTunes etc, so it'll probably be ready for release within a week or two! We're gonna sell the CD for about a fiver (not bad for 35 minutes of awesomeness!) and cheaper online.

But yeah, that 3rd video has some funny moments, I didn't even realize until someone pointed it out that some chavs point and yell at us at one point. xD

Ha, that was me dude! EJD = EJRocky. Retarded name, I know

Tell me when they're being sold, eh? When they are, a nice crisp fiver will be on its way to you. A tenner if I can get it signed...
Eew, tans...

Milky white please

So, you're recording... tell me when it's done, eh? I buy, any price, you guys are awesome
Alfa Romeo MiTo

It's just so awesome... it's a smaller, production version of the 8C sports car, which was, sadly, limited to 500 or thereabouts. But this isn't!

I love Alfas sooooo much
I would come... seriously I would... but I've got a guitar build, and my PS2 steering wheel's gone bust (I'm a sim racer)... so... yeah... I pretty much can't afford to

Unless you need a roadie or something...?

EJDEDIT: And, by the way, you're up a subscriber on YouToob
Smells Like Teen Spirit. Not the riff, but the actual solo.

It sounds great, and I worked it out all my myself. With no music theory.

I am proud to this day
Hubert and Willard.

You could train them to do your bidding...

"Hubert! Willard! Come! Fly, my pretties! Fly! That's the last time she will be cheating on me! Mwahahhaahahahahahahhaaaa!"
Gran Turismo 4...

...why the hell do road cars come with sports tyres fitted?! It says, when you've purchased a new car "feel free to purchase road tyres to feel the car in its factory spec"

Surely it should come with f*cking road tyres, and you have to UPGRADE to sports?!
I am.

I just can't stand gore... zombies, yeah, okay, they look cool when they explode and are torn apart.

But real humans... no...

I mean, yes, it's CGI and actors, but still
Line and Six...
"Don't worry, Mr. Johnson, I'll have Mrs. Johnson back by ten"
Anything Final Destination

I can't even watch the trailer... it's just so horrible. It makes me feel sick and just horrible inside.

I don't even want to talk about it here anymore
Dammit, I came in here expecting a budget CoreysMonster version of "I kissed a girl and I liked it"

Lee Mack > Lee Evans.
EJD uses shut the f*ck up, and don't clutter up the thread with arguments, or it'll get closed.

EJD does not care how bloody effective it is.

Either Uno or New Born

Or the initial piano part of In Your World...
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You wouldn't think so. The guy on the left, maybe, but the sweet little boy on the very right? Broke my heart it did :'(

Personally, I never really watched CBBC... but, yeah, I get what you mean.
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Ok, does anybody remember that programme on CBBC called Kerching? Well, I found out Omar from Kerching's email address and got about 5 of us into our conversation, which resulted in him telling us to "eat shit and die" and "fuck off you likkle pricks". Not very nice for a child star.

With my last girlfriend, I made an INCREDIBLY humiliating statement. She went "aaw" after it, but looking back, it was so stupid.

"Darling... I love you so much... I am a body, you are a neck, and MSN is the neckplate that holds us together so that we may make sweet, sweet music"


Well, you asked

Just stay on the comp all day. My time is limited otherwise...

Come on, a whole day full of faps, porn, and brilliant intahwebz memery... who could pass it up?

I have no life
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I haven't really stopped listening to bands because of UG.

And whoever said that we should make music elitism an offense, I think you should hush-up. People have every right in the world to say what they feel about certain bands, just as long that it doesnt go too far. And I would probably get sick of hearing everybody having to "respect others musical tastes". And I love hearing the uneducated opinions of ignorants/trolls

Elitism is a bad thing. How can you possibly say it's good?

Basically, if you're an elitist, then you're saying you're better than everyone else because you like *band*. You discriminate those who don't like that band and think you're a better person than them. And that's just flat out wrong.

And it's not just in music... it's in cars, video games, even musical instruments themselves. Anything you can think of.

And when exactly did I say that no-one should be allowed to have an opposing opinion? I didn't say that. If someone came along, going "I love *band*" and then someone else came along and said "mehh... they're not my kind of thing, really. I much prefer *another band*", then that would be fine.

What I hate is bashing, flaming, and abuse based on music. I wish I could explain it better, but it's got to stop.
^ Win on a stick
Totally epic... some bits had me on the floor

Please, Matt... never again

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It already is, unfortunately. I've been warned many a time for abusing Avenged Sevenfold fans.

You're one of them. The elitist cowards I'm talking about. And "unfortunately"?


I had lost my virginity before I ever started masturbating.

That is, if course, an ELEPHANTASY.

...I'll leave now
You guys think I should make a new thread about making elitism, etc. an offense, like I said in #24? It would get more attention than in here... and, if enough people say aye, then I'd take it to a mod and it would possibly be considered.

And The Pit shall be better for all
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High five EJD