X-127 makes so much sense. I remember dreadnought..

UG was loose as fuck back then. seems kinda dead nowadays. are we past the age of online forums? nothing forum wise online seems to be big any more.
being from auscuckistan,

just Wallet, phone and keys. multiple guitar picks find their way to my pockets all the time though.
I currently only record acoustic and vocals

don't worry about trying to get everything 100% perfect. the small minuscule 'errors' are what makes music sound natural. for vocals, use a pop filter and a mic baffle if you can. my music room at home is tiled floor and a large glass window, so some soft furnishings (couch, rug) make a difference too. last time I recorded, I set up 2 large cardboard boxes behind my recording area and hung a blanket off them, as I currently am renting and cant affix acoustic treatment panels to my walls. the blanket worked and stopped the recording losing too much due to the room acoustics.

rehearse everything heaps before even thinking about recording. this will help with taking the least amount of takes possible.
I also write down the song format and how many bars - IE 24 bar solo in between verse 2/3 or whatever, so that when recording parts I can free that area up to let the harmonica/guitar shine.
nice score man!! my holy grail of amps is the mesa boogie 5:50 express +.
expensive, but fully capable of covering every tone ill ever need out of an amp...
yeh mate, looks normal to me,
i worked in a music store here in australia for a while - boss was buying cheap guitars from supplier at around 100 bucks a guitar, and selling them to 300-400 bucks. wasn't just our store too, all stores around were the same.
this came up looking pretty nice!  
looks great! looks like it will weigh a metric fucktonne though
Quote by nico_9550
a Fender or G&L Telecaster


get a tele with humbuckers.
well im a mechanic. so mine would have to be finishing that fucker of a job that ive been swearing at for the last however long.
not THAT far down the road... for FNQ anyway....
not a fan of metal..

but, the quality of the record sounded pretty good. why the minute of noise at the end? forgot to cut it out?

where abouts in "outback" Australia? im currently townsville QLD...
i was almost expecting a didgeridoo or a jaw harp in there though...
i've only ever won 1 comp. and that was for some chocolate...
yeh T00Deep pretty much nailed it. should be a simple fix, but yes, repair ASAP mate
Quote by T00DEEPBLUE
+1 this would indeed work.

Alternatively you can use blue Loctite on the threads; it's designed to solve this exact sort of problem. It's strong enough to stop fasteners from loosening on their own, but it isn't so strong that the fastener can still be willingly undone without much trouble.

blue? fuck that. go straight to red.

serious though, blue (242) is all you need. and it's not exactly cheap for loctite so maybe go to a local workshop and see if they'll loctite it.

or, a nyloc nut. has a plastic ring in it that when installed, cuts a thread into the plastic, and compresses it to create a change in the thread, effectively locking it in place. a one use item though, so would need to be replaced, but real cheap as well at you local hardware store. just make sure to get one that matches the thread.

EDIT: IMPORTANT - if you use loctite, only a single drop is needed. use too much, and you might struggle to ever get it undone ever again
source - im a mechanic and have done it. not fun.


this is actually one of team army's cars. ford LTD. team army is more of a promo thing. the apprentice mechanics (not me, I didn't bother with team army), and a couple of qualified guys build em and take em to all the auto events.
mountain range, on a property with a flat spot large enough for my workshop and mancave.
fuck a close relative of theirs.
get used to people not clapping. they're on the way to work and don't care for your shitty music.
find the spots that work for you. some parts of the city might make other buskers heaps of coin, but may not make you anything. location location location.
never start busking with an empty hat/guitar case. put a few coins in. people don't want to be the first generally.
be original. it's how you gain attention. playing to 40 covers is good and all, but unless you're different, who gives a flying fuck?
get used to receiving foreign currency. people are assholes.
if another busker sets up within audible distance of you (say, unplugged or running a small amp), tell em to fuck off. it's rude and you both won't earn any money
some places require permits. get them, they're either cheap or free.
sell CDs for a cheapish price (cover costs). if you're good, you'll sell shit tins of em.
if the city you're playing in employs busking 'Police' (Melbourne Australia does) - they're wankers. will tell you to turn down even if you're quiet, check your permit, if they suspect you've been in the one spot they'll move you on ect. if they tell you to turn down, do so. then as they leave, turn up again.
engage with the crowd walking past. the more people you get to stop, the better

and finally, don't give up.
i have a mate I made friends with while I was busking. he solely earns his income busking. he has toured the world busking, played at F1 grand prix events, recently opened for UB40 at several venues across the country.
it is possible to make a solid income.

I was a busker for a year. every weekday, rain wind or shine, id catch a train 1.5hours each way to the city to play to a crowd who didn't give a a shit. made some good money some days, other days I didn't know if I'd get the coin to get the train fare home.

most of all though, enjoy it. you don't want it to suck the fun out of playing music for you.
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like you work on tanks and APCs and shit?

sometimes. Depends on what unit you're at. mostly just trucks and that sort of shit.
and the bushmaster. that thing is awesome.

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I'm a medic. I've fixed enough of you fucking up at fixing things. Keeps safe, friend!

australian army - most of us aren't that silly.
so who in here is a mechanic?

Im Diesel mechanic for the Army. good job. get to play with fun shit.
second hand mesa boogie 5:25 Express?

I recon it'd just about do everything you want it to.
Quote by juanbustos556
So i just learned all these scales
But how I use them?
Do i play the notes within the scale and add a few bends and what not. But stay with the notes of scale?
How can i use them to my advantage
Thank you

that's almost it.
over time you will find certain patterns or licks that you like in the scale that you will like.

bend notes, hammer on/pull off, clide up to then or down from then, vibrato ect. don't be afraid to use notes that aren't in the scale as passing notes either.

as far as songs/ chords go, same thing. generally, the chords come from the scale of the key that the song is in.
go to a live jam and jump up on stage with some experienced musicians. you'll soon figure it out. it worked for me anyway.

2012 Mex Standard.
all ive done to it is pickguard and knobs. such a great sounding guitar
posted mine in here before, but doing so again because tele's are sexy.


Fuckin noob. bring it
DeafRockeras far as scales go, for any style, major and minor. everything else is based around em, and once you know em, makes learning songs a lot easier.
i don't know know what your currency converts to in AUD, but ive heard good things about
maybe worth a shot.
honestly, don't need to pay for lessons, either in person or online. There are plenty of free resources, suited to actually teach a beginner to play. Youtube and UG are probably my faves out of it all. but yeh. the internet is huge and it's not just for porn. so use it. anything that a instructor could possibly teach you, can be found for free online.
congrats mate. I got married at a registry, so it was quick.

as far as advice, well, im not one to get nervous, but while reading my vows, my voice was cracking, and while trying to put the ring on my wifes finger, my hands were shaking like Michael J Fox during an earthquake.

enjoy it. try not to stress to much and over think. just let everything flow naturally and it will all come smoothly.

my wedding was rather humorous. i like to think im funny, and I suppose it helps me stay calm.

my vows had jokes, i was pulling faces in about 90% of the photos, when the celebrant said to take a seat to our families I went from standing up the front and sat down in the front row of my own wedding. it worked out well, as that's just the sort of person I am.

enjoy it mate. I don't plan on getting married a second time.
anyone noticed how the only people who say 'murica is great is 'muricans???

over in australia we have fucktards protesting against trump. almost like they dont grasp the concept that he is the american president, and not the australian prime minister.
atleast it went south before you got engaged/married.

chill out, drink some whiskey, play some blues, have some meaningless 1 night stands, and you'll get yourself back on the straight and narrow.

also, get a dog. dogs are cool.
not too many regulars on here now from when I was really active..

so ill punch any of em that wanna punch me. lets bring it noobs.
Any updates on this issue?
hopefully this pic helps (and uploads correctly..) also, insulate those bare wires. if they touch other components.

mmm. pretty sexy looking beast. yet to get me a V.
actually quite like that finish.

Happy NGD brother.
second guitar tuned to Eb.
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I'm on my last week of work before spending 6 months+ cocking about in America then Australia. That's how I feel about it.

After 9 years of the 9-5 life I can't do it. It's soul sapping.

drop us a line if you're in Townsville. I gotsa music room and everything....
as for me, being army, I have no choice but to practically live my job. they want me at work at 4 am? im there.