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That's a very accurate photo

You could be, just get out out and talk to more people. Ladies in particular, you'll learn more about socializing from them.

While that is true, im also a lazy person.
ill give it a listen later and see if I can figure any of it out - it's a good song.

if I don't reply here again, it's cos
A - I forgot
or more likely
B - I couldn't figure much out and gave up

that is my current cut. basically a millitary flattop, but a little longer on top.
the mist was good
the prestiege
iron man
ect ect
b+ for me.

I wish I was alpha.
side cutters, pliers with cutters..

but in answer to your question, just make a loop with a string, and wrap the end through it several times.
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Delay pedal. I'm all about the echo. Can't live without it. It's not crazy, but some subtle delay can go a long way.

Chorus is pretty useful too for clean stuff.

this, and an overdrive.
gives a different sound.

(shameless self video, but that's not our outube channel. that was taken by a punter. im frontman)
I fingered prince once.

so he doves cry...
very occasionally it takes a while, almost like the page loading will time out, but then it comes up.

only rarely.
if I know women, probably in the bathroom doing her makeup - I don't know women

should I go poop?
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You can't bootleg a bootlegger, because the bootlegger will bootleg your product and sue you for bootlegging.

yo dawg.

this is win. I really really really don't like apple.
set fat kids on fire.

will you do this?
well I for one are learning to fly.

is the lunatic in the grass?
are we home? home again?
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How are you posting the pics?

I made one but don't know how to put it on here.

EDIT:Can someone else post this?

just right click the image, click copy image location, and put it in image tags.
here, this is yours:

I know, not funny...

are we just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl?
why not?
unless it's a 7 string bass, then no. basses are bad.

should I spend my whole day tomorrow atop a local hill with binoculars and camouflage watching people?
what is the time?
ohhh hard choice.
if the strings you're using arent broke, go for beer.

whoops. ninja'd.

melbourne australia is better.
come visit me?

have you ever held a little adorable baby sheep?
you say guitars start at $2000.

not true, cheap ones start around $150-$200. I should know, I worked in a store.
still, that's a pretty awesome deal mate!

our prices do suck.
Gretsch's that sell for $500 in the US are like $1149 here.
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I'm Horsedick.MPEG it's no contest that I'm pretty cool

I dunno, you seem to have a chronic problem with masturbation.

^you're back!!
time for the butthurt.

OP sounds like an ex friend of mine. an arrogant dick who thought he was the best, then wanted to fight me and lost.

OP, you're a dick, and obviously lying about half the things on your so called 'cool' list.
looks nice, I want clipzors!!
I love rockabilly!! Finally, someone else who appreciates this awesome music!
I thought this thread would be about gay transformers.
I was wrong, for the better.

that was awesome, that UP one was cool!
well im a musician. girls love that.
im cool.
tape, safety pins (if it's a mylon strap that is), zipties, staples, anything like that just to hold it.
the only big names ive seen are AC/DC and Joe Bonamassa..
I also saw the australian band Blackfeather last night, but they're all old men and it doesn't really count.

I want to see:
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
David Gilmour
The Stray Cats
Reverend Horton heat
Big and Rich
Matt Damon.

Hugh Hefner.
id go for the S3.
I prefer 6 saddles for the intonation factor. you still get plenty of 'twang', as it's a tele, that's what they do.
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stop smoking so much dope

lay off the drugs man..
well, for your budget then, try jet city, have a look at them. most of them come in under your budget..

for all those Americans here, yes, the Australian price on things suck. a blues junior is a $800-$900 amp.
well you're in melbourne, and I know what our prices are like..
if it's a big gig, you would be mic'd, and if it's smaller, 15w tube will do.
look at the blues junior (fender), but if you're able to get a second hand one, look at a fender deluxe 3, otherwise they retail just out of your price range.