DeafRockeras far as scales go, for any style, major and minor. everything else is based around em, and once you know em, makes learning songs a lot easier.
i don't know know what your currency converts to in AUD, but ive heard good things about
maybe worth a shot.
honestly, don't need to pay for lessons, either in person or online. There are plenty of free resources, suited to actually teach a beginner to play. Youtube and UG are probably my faves out of it all. but yeh. the internet is huge and it's not just for porn. so use it. anything that a instructor could possibly teach you, can be found for free online.
congrats mate. I got married at a registry, so it was quick.

as far as advice, well, im not one to get nervous, but while reading my vows, my voice was cracking, and while trying to put the ring on my wifes finger, my hands were shaking like Michael J Fox during an earthquake.

enjoy it. try not to stress to much and over think. just let everything flow naturally and it will all come smoothly.

my wedding was rather humorous. i like to think im funny, and I suppose it helps me stay calm.

my vows had jokes, i was pulling faces in about 90% of the photos, when the celebrant said to take a seat to our families I went from standing up the front and sat down in the front row of my own wedding. it worked out well, as that's just the sort of person I am.

enjoy it mate. I don't plan on getting married a second time.
anyone noticed how the only people who say 'murica is great is 'muricans???

over in australia we have fucktards protesting against trump. almost like they dont grasp the concept that he is the american president, and not the australian prime minister.
atleast it went south before you got engaged/married.

chill out, drink some whiskey, play some blues, have some meaningless 1 night stands, and you'll get yourself back on the straight and narrow.

also, get a dog. dogs are cool.
not too many regulars on here now from when I was really active..

so ill punch any of em that wanna punch me. lets bring it noobs.
Any updates on this issue?
hopefully this pic helps (and uploads correctly..) also, insulate those bare wires. if they touch other components.

mmm. pretty sexy looking beast. yet to get me a V.
actually quite like that finish.

Happy NGD brother.
second guitar tuned to Eb.
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I'm on my last week of work before spending 6 months+ cocking about in America then Australia. That's how I feel about it.

After 9 years of the 9-5 life I can't do it. It's soul sapping.

drop us a line if you're in Townsville. I gotsa music room and everything....
as for me, being army, I have no choice but to practically live my job. they want me at work at 4 am? im there.
missed living near the beach. just moved up to Queensland Australia - Townsville. this is out local beach, the 'popular one' the strand. some isolated ones out of town if you wanna look for em....

for me, probably because im bogan, country rock.
also, blues rock and classic rock. upbeat stuff.
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Fender Mustang is pretty cheap and should do tostart

Brilliant amp these. I got one for home practice, and ill tell you what, it well and truly surpassed all my expectations. It does not sound sterile at all, actually sounds warm, and you can make them sound great.
Quote by N1ghtmar3C1n3ma
Where abouts in the USA are you? We will be able to help you find appropriate used gear then, because in all honesty, getting a guitar and amp new for $200 is going to get you a total piece of shit of either a guitar or amp.

All those amps in those starter packs will sound absolutely terrible, and the quality of the guitars isn't much better, and for a beginner, this is going to demotivate you and make you not want to practice and play and more than likely give up altogether.
However used we can find stuff that will be a lot more reasonable.

Some kind of cheap used modelling amp like a Vypyr or a Valvetronix would be great, they go for cheap now because they are old and newer models are out, not because they are bad.

For example, my Vypyr was £70 from a local Cash Converters (UK Pawn Shop chain) and sounds amazing for a modeling amp, I also used to own a Valvetronix and that was pretty good also, arguably better for the cleaner stuff, but the Vypyr wins on heavy music. I also picked up a higher end Squier Stratocaster from the 90's that is a damn sight better than any Squier from a starter pack for £30.

So for £100 total I got a perfectly reasonable beginner rig, with 2 pieces of gear that will last years and is still worth keeping as you get better (my Squier has been modded to hell, it's a beast now) and the Vypyr is still going strong, I see no real need to upgrade until I start taking recording seriously and start an actual band up.

Basically with $200 used you could find a Vypyr and a semi decent guitar that will sound, feel and play much better than any of that cheap shit in those starter packs.

this. you'll get a pile of shite if you go new. go second hand where you can.
Quote by FeShreddale

Ah yes, the scale. I've been told many times to practice the scale. Is it that important to memorize the scales? What's the point of the scales and is it just one scale? Is it C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C? Won't it help to just look at the tabs for those songs and practice? I've tried Wake Me Up When Septemer Ends from Green Day and the greatest problem for me was switching to another riff. They either don't flow properly, or my hands hurt from being stretched too much.

Yes. that is a Cmaj scale you just listed. practice it in other keys, along with the minor scale and pentatonic. there are lots of different scales out there. having a foundation knowledge of these helps. practicing them can also help with stretching the hands. I find that yes, they are THAT important. learning them fluently will improve your playing, as you will start to pre-empt what comes next, and where to place your fingers in order to set up the next "riff" or pattern.
don't stop reading tabs, but don't just stick to them either. look at music theory and work on that. it's more important understanding music theory early on in your playing than it is trying to nail a song via tab.
Practice makes perfect.

When I was beginning to learn to play (constantly learning, it will never stop), I sat there, for half an hour each day (on top of my couple of hours minimum playing) just playing the major and minor scale in various keys. once I could do that flawlessly, I moved onto the pentatonic/blues scale. once you know your scales, it makes reading tab much easier as you actually understand what finger to use, and what forms the solos. start with the basics. don't worry about a 7 string, but look, a new amp may just encourage you to play more. Learn your open chords (E, A, D, C, G, Am, Em, Dm, ect) before you move onto say, barre chords. timing is important when playing too. get a metronome and practice with it.

as was previously said, those harder songs will come after bulk practice. don't worry about them just yet.
can buy the preamps ect off ebay. not hard to install either.
more mayhem - Imelda may
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It's most likely just some dirt or dust in the pickup selector switch - spray some contact cleaner in there and wiggle it back and forth for a few seconds and that should probably dislodge anything that's affecting the contacts inside the switch.

That's what I was gunna say!

Likely to be the switch OP.
half the pricks at work. just general dumb shit.

these guys make em from old skateboards.
well. this is mine.
2014 standard Mex. only thing ive done is put a white pearloid Pickguard on it.
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Is that supposed to be Wish You Were Here?

nailed it....
more abseiling. hate heights, but something about jumping off cliffs/ climbing them is awesome. done it twice now (both through work), and loved it. the views are amazing.
sounds great! love bad company.
i have grounded to the claw... i had a multimeter but some arse stole it. ill grab a test light outta my toolbox on mon. i have a cap on each pot. i might just buy a harness off guitar fetish or something..
cant get a pic at the moment. i hae a 500k for vol,and i have a cap on both tones.

the hum goes away when yes, i touch aka earth. same as when its not on 10. if i turn down, it goes away.
I finally got around to building a partscaster after the parts had been sitting around for a while. I followed a diagram from fender itself (3 p/up, 1 vol, 2 tone 5 way switch)
my problem is not in my soldering itself, as I am a vehicle mechanic, and can solder.

however, when the vol knob is in between 0 and 10, I have a real bad hum. at 0 and 10, it's minimal, such as a normal single coil hum. I was wondering if any of you have had a similar fault? cap on tone know to wrong lug or something? I don't know.

cheers guys!
good luck trying to get a job in one month. originally from melb. my family still lives down that way.

stay at a backpackers.
but yeh, my old man has been out of work for about 5 of the last 7 years, if not longer. and he HAS qualifications. even if he uses a CV that doesn't list them he cant even get a job.

good luck anyway.
busk to earn money. howver, you will need a permit from the Melbourne council. costs $20AUD. can make some good money busking.
as a kid, ages.

recently, a fortnight. due to work.
That indeed is a cable.
OP, You are a potato
World famous? AC/DC. Joe Bonamassa.

Plenty of Old australian music acts too, Russell Morris, Brian Cadd, Diesel ect...

lotsa Small bands too.
What is a middle easterners favourite TV show?

None. They have a Taliban
not gonna lie, the fender mustang (bought one for practice amp); is a solid workhorse. sounds 1000000000.765 times better than what I expected.
heights. don't even know why, yet I want to skydive :/