I tried a couple of sets a while back. brighter sound, and they seemed to last longer.
yeah, a shitty MS paint diagram will do.
if you can draw up a diagram of your current wiring, I may be able to help.
pure blonde is good. but I pretty much only buy Carlton dry if im buying from a bottle-o
plenty of time.
I was onstage, playing gigs and such just after a year.
wrong. VB is the nectar of bogans....

****, ill drink just about any beer though.
red to where white i now, and it looks like there is a yellow line for the switch?

but is a fairly big tangle in there.
A - can you draw up a diagram in paint or something?
B - can you read diagrams?
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^ yeah, they're all pretty money friendly.

most aussie beers are.
from that photo it looks like hot(?) (red)
is going straight to earth.
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If that tele is Lake Placid Blue, you have impeccable taste.

mm it is.

and boy it is sexy.

A sort of recent one of me.
here's something I was told when learning automotive elec - Don't trust colours. the colours may be the same, but may not be the same thing.
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'vs' threads are bad, and you should feel bad.

There are more than 2 types of guitar in the world, and one of them may suit you far better than a strat of LP.

this. but if it HAS to be out of those too, they're completely different beasts.

So go for a les paul, with coil spit pickups.
Carlton Draught
Victoria bitter
Carlton dry (my drink of preference)
XXXX gold
Melbourne bitter.

Or any aussie beer for that matter
having the contour there or not isn't an issue in my opinion. I don't get sore or anything.
potoato - spuds.
at the moment, no.
in the past? yes.

I was doing my basic training for the Australian Army. I kept a diary each day I was there, more as a stress relief thin than anything else.
shouldn't have to sand he back of the pots, providing you know how to solder. practice first, it really isn't too hard. Diagrams are relatively east to follow too.

buy decent parts, or it will come back to bite you in the arse..
Both are different things as stated already. I have a steinberg ci 2+.

top bit of kit really, does everything I need it to.
depending on the band itself.
could be half a dozen, could be 60.
it's all personal preference. I use EBs, as I find they sound the best and last longer for me.

i've tried tons, and always come back to EBs
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army definition of a civilian: don't yell at these if it isn't an emergency. if it is an emergency, look after the dopey cunts

As a soldier, I can tell you that is pretty close to the truth, apart from the general "look how slow civies are at everything"
positive view.
probably because I am a soldier......
even at 50 bucks - if it's crap, turn it into a clock for like 10 extra bucks.
i have no idea what that is in AUD, but im using an AKG P220 mic for vocals, and I have a Steinberg CI2+ recording interface. good bang for the buck.
sounds like Am, G and F to me.
horizontal oral
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ass contractions
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I have a mustang
awesome amp for what it is.
Seymour Duncan Pearly gates.
try to raise it it a bit, check the angle between your hand and wrist.
guitar position. if you're standing, raise the guitar.
if sitting, do the same sort of thing, rotate the neck up a bit further.
im going to suggest a dint in a fret somewhere.
think about all the hot chicks you're gonna get.

but seriously, just try to learn something a little above your skill level, and once you master that, try again. reaching for higher goals did the trick for me. probably that little bit of competitiveness in me
how does your squier play? do you like it?

because really, we can't help. this is all your decision here..
ive heard the joe bonamassa crybaby has a wider sweep, but I haven't heard it in person.
when making this, if components don't fit, remember to force them in
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That's the Tele-colour.

A Lake Placid Blue Strat or Tele is on the top of my GAS-list currently. Played an awesome MIM Standard Tele in LPB in a shop a few years ago. Will never forgive myself for not buying that guitar.

yeah. mine is a mex, beautiful guitar.
only difference between USA and mex is a Mexican is built in Mexico by mexicans, and a USA is built in the united states by mexicans.