edit: god damnit ive forgotten how to interwebs.
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how can you be a professional busker?

professional = profession = what you do for a job.

simple. it was my income.
some places need a permit.
I was a "professional busker" for a year. every single weekday, I was in Melbourne, busking.
having some form of amplification helps, as in the city trams and everything easily overpower you. take your time to find what locations work for you, and at what times. don't be afraid to play the 'quiet' areas, as you can still make quite alot of cash.

mix it up. play different styles.

tell the drunks and the homeless to **** off.
if you get told by police to move, move. (in Melbourne the busking scene is actually quite large, so the city council actually employs a few staff whose sole job is to make sure buskers are complying with their permit, such as volumes, or amplification past certain times)

don't set up within audible distance of another musician, and if setting up near a street artist, ask them if they don't mind.

also, get used to finding lots of foreign currency in your guitar case/hat. people are arseholes.

sell CDs. you make a shit load of money. (if you're good that is)

play different songs. the regulars who pass through the area you play every morning at 11am get used to your songs and stop throwing money.

that's my 2 bob.
pfft. im a soldier. I can iron better than most.....
I had a quick look on google, nothing but stew mac.
is the fretboard a different piece of wood? remove the fretboard and replace the truss rod? or can it be accessed from the other end to pull it out?

I don't know. Sorry man.
uh, rewire a resistor on the LED circuit?

means de soldering and re soldering, but that'd work. actual values of the resistor, i don't know as I don't know the values of the circuit.
I have a mexican tele.

it's perfect for me. I haven't had a single problem with it, minus strap falling off once (strap locks now on there).
id like some tips for my recording. I purely recorded it as a way to figure out my new interface/cubase/wavelab.

not too bad for one take per instrument..

just would like advice/tips for the actual recording, not the song.
cheers guys
I use my delay two ways. either as a slapback, or as a slower sort of sound for my solos. listen to joe bonamassa's solos or david gilmour for the sort of sound im talking about
Marshall MG?

nah, seriously though, try different speakers, cabs, pickups, or even look at your playing style, as the way you play can change your sound dramatically
you learn something every day... i didn't even realise there were relays. I just thought they were fairly standard switches.
from my limited knowledge of electrical, (soon to be qualified in auto elec though)

I think it's a bad earth somewhere? Cathbard, we need you!
Basic training for the Royal Australian army.

we were about 3 weeks in. it was about 2030, on a weekend, so for recruit training, we were pretty relaxed. I had some personal questions to ask the duty corporal so I just sorta stepped out into the barracks hallway. I finished asking my questions, and I was told "1, you're not up against the wall, 2, you're not standing at attention, and 3, you have a general weirdness about you"

the rest of my platoon burst out laughing. I copped a bit of flak for it, but I suppose it could of been worse, we could of had to do a ton of re-training...

for those who don't know, the re-training at basic (good old kapooka, bless your soul)
is usually stupid **** around stuff they get you doing in stupid timeframes or you get worse punishments, so like getting into PT gear in 30 seconds flat, and when you don't, then changed into ceremonial dress so they all get creased in 2 minutes 30 seconds. mainly because they aren't allowed to hit recruits any more.....

TL;DR - joined the army, said stupid shit, got laughed at.
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for you maybe....................

well yeah.. im boring.
get a delay, set repeat and time to max, and mix to half.
that's wacky enough.
I disagree with this.
each instrument takes skill on its own, and each has their own patterns they follow. everyone has their own tastes I suppose.
wangcaster anyone?

but seriously I played a BC rich mockingbird special X once, and it was nice...
yeah, if their actions warranted it. in the case of the skater - yeh. id belt her. hard.
im off to the Royal Australian Army in 3 weeks.
im going into RAEME (royal australian mechanical and electric engineers) corp. im entering as a vehicle mechanic, looking forward to it!!
once ive finished basic I gotta get a guitar.
yeh. have.
nothing real exciting, just noises and shit.
although I had a toolbox fly across the room. twice.
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I graduated from high school a couple months ago and was planning on getting a (probably minimum wage) job in order to earn enough money for schooling in the future. I want to pay my own way (by working for a year or two) simply because I don't believe in getting into debt and my mother already has other kids' schooling to pay for.

The problem is, I've applied at over 50 places (not an exaggeration) and even put an ad out on craigslist and haven't gotten a single call back. Nothing. After tens of hours filling out applications and answering the same tedious questions over and over again, I get no response? From anybody? Feels bad man.

So now I have no idea what to do. I can't even think of anymore places to apply. What do, pit?

Inb4 sell meth, prostitution, etc.

good luck.
we came within 5 hours of the bank taking our house because dad couldnt get a job.
he's done management, labour, the whole shit show.
he applied for OVER 800.
im still looking.
join the military.
then the lines could be backwards.
what side is your guitar currently plugged into?
yeah, it may be your inputs outputs are backwards.
I do that suprisingly often.

also, it's a crybaby, they have an on off switch.
mine is a little dogey and sometimes after clicking it the sound doesn't come through and I need to click harder.
you'd have to re-setup the guitar.
also, new lighter strings. id go with 11-54. I play them in standard, and it's no problem at all.
try these few, may not be to everyones tastes though.

maylene and the sons of disaster "Step up (im on it)" is a good track, like george thorogood but heavier.

ZZ top (ok, older, but they just released an album called 'la fatura' and it has some great tracks on it)
the living end
lynryd skynyrd (once again, older, but their latest two albums are pretty awesome (gods and guns) and (last of a dyin' breed), also the track "floyd" features John 5 on guitar)
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no, you just have to ghost the note.

try music stores. wollies, coles, any clothes shops? ect ect.
"the generic band sleeps"?
well you're up shit creek without a paddle.
join the military, if they'll take you. I know our military is strick (australian) os im halfway though enlisting, but i dunno about the us.
good luck.

Flat white and two sugars.
im not very creative.
Ban everyone who registered after 2003!



apart from him, i like him....
heh, cheers.
I don't wanna be banned, even if I don't post too much, I like it here.
it's cool here, and I need cool, cos it's bloody warm here.
it's simple.
we ban the batman.
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Haha awesome, I was 33 ACU Benalla, then Wangaratta, then 38 Shepparton, then I was the 33BN CUO, then 308 Bairnsdale. Moved around a bit

bloody hell you sure did!!
310 dandenong was unorganized. I was a recruit for 2 months instead of 1-2 weeks.
eventually, thats why I left. camps were great though..