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That's actually pretty damn cool.

I thought so.
basically, the cadets is like scouts, but on steroids.
we did 2.4k runs in 11:30 minutes, so we were fairly fit. the camps were awesome, and we'd go camping where scouts were, and scare the shit out of them for fun.
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I was an Army Cadet in Victoria for over 7 years.....friggin loved it to bits

no shit!
310 ACU (Dandenong) reppin!
ive done cub scouts, and scouts here in aus.
ot my gold cord (highest achievement that a scout can get)
then I left scouts because we moved, and our local group sucked, so I joined the army cadets.
that shit was awesome.
can gig with any guitar..
2/3 of my gigging guitars are cheap pieces of shit.
ones action cant be set up, so its perfect for slide.
as in those metal or plastic corners screwed in by 3 screws?
they're just there to stop knocks and bumps to the corners.
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Really man?

yeah really.
it sounded really weak when I played it.
you're better off with a peavy vyper or a roland cube.
and if you're going fender, don't get the frontman. fender are known for their tube warms, not their sterile solid state. that being said, they aren't the WORST tone, but it's not a fender amp id be buying, it's cheapish, hence why alot of schools buy them.
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Yup. shits tough sometimes. Busking is my "part time" job. I make enough at my normal job for rent and insurance, so busking feeds me. I usually play in a duo or group, but alone is better for actual profit.

Whenever I see buskers though, I give them cash if they actually entertain me, or are clearly homeless/squatters/whatever, trying to make a legit buck or two. Ill buy them coffee a lot as well

Same. im friends with most of Melbournes good buskers, and ill throw them a few coins here and there, and same for the homeless, but the homeless have a better chance of a cup of coffee or water from me.
busking alone is where it's at, better profit, and you learn alot more about your skillset.
probably gonna be exactly the same, but I probably won't see it, ill probably be off serving in the army.
after reading the OP, and not much else of the thread - the prism is complete rubbish, I worked in a store, and we got them in. hated them.
funny enough, my main source of income at the moment is busking.
I don't care if people throw small amounts of coin, it all adds up.
what I really dont like is when people stand there for a song or two, really get into the music, and then walk off without throwing ANYTHING. that's what pisses me off, I mean, im out there trying to make a living, and then I get that crap, day in day out.
though today I made like $25 off another busker leaving the country, it was all in 5c, 10c and 20c pieces (AUD) and also, the weather dictates what you're going to get. I have to travel by train 1 hour to get into melbourne to busk, and then on days like today (windy and gray) you won't make anything. on a good day, ill make anywhere from $70-$120, but today, I made $30. ive had worse days though.
I like flat white, 2 sugars.
the brits ARE weird.
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The level of Overdrive varies greatly depending on which recording you listen to. I agree this is a little more than the recording I based it off of, but not a lot.

too true, but it's all up to the player anyway.
I just think it should be a sliht crunch.
also, it's not a decent sound recording anyway, so the actual overdrive may not be as strong as shown in the clip..
an hour per standard drink.
a beer = about 1.3 standard drinks.

that's pretty much all I got out of my Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate.
this whole thread is ******ed.

OP should do a little research on google.
yes it is. it's a forum, and forums are part of social networking.
it's just a show off trick. I do it live.
the only muso who did it permamently that I could think of is Jeff Healey, but he was blind, and that's how he taught himself.
your playing and singing isn't bad, but I think the guitar should of been a little cleaner. but that's just me anyway.
sounds like the springs in the back need to be tightened.
This thread should be Stickied

on topic, yeah, it's actually healthy.
I honestly don't know.
but im in the process of enlisting in the Royal Australian Army, so it would be my job.
so just give me a years pay each year.
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I've got a date with Miss Palmer and her 5 students.


uh, ill just list a few (some modern some old, you might come across a couple you haven't heard)
seasick steve
T-bone Walker
Big Joe Williams
blind boy fuller
sonny terry
Brownie Mcghee
Joe Bonamassa (my idol, has alot of Dark blues)
Big bill broonzy
Memphis slim
Jimmy Yancey
Mark selby (another modern one, but a great muso, and he followed me on twitter the other day )
ZZ top - listen to the live album fandango, then Tres Hombres
Ash grunwald - aussie bloke, Massive massive sound, and awesome. finally met him the other night!
John Mayall.

there is a decent list, hope it helps!
last night I dreamt that Charlie Sheen was trying to have sex with me and he had a mangina.
weird as ****.
what is it about fat bass players??
only one for mine.
edge of rural/civilization, sounds right.

A small yet bustling rural town in which inbreeding is common.
"Check out that guy and his wife, they're clearly from pakenham"
Joe Bonamassa - The whale that swallowed Jonah
Gary Moore - Walking by myself
Styx - Renegade
Dave Matthews band - Stay or Leave
Keb' Mo' - Standin' at the station
Lynryd Skynyrd - Honey hole
Stevie ray Vaughan - Shake for me [Live]
The Jeff Healey Band - i'm tore down
INXS - Need you tonight
The angels - am I ever gonna see your face again
Rory Gallagher - As the crow flies [Live]
George Thorogood - Mama talk to your daughter
Toby Keith - Red solo cup
Styx - Boat on the river
ZZ Top - I gotsta get paid
Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker
Buddy guy - hoochie coochie man with junior wells
The stray cats - too hip gotta go
Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
Rory Gallagher - Continental Op
The Tractors - Linda Lou
Pink Floyd - Shine on you crazy Diamond (parts 1-5)
Big and Rich - Real world
Ac/Dc - Thunderstruck
Cream - White room
Led Zeppelin - D'Yer Maker
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
Golden Earring - Radar Love
Big and Rich - Six foot town
The rolling stones - Paint it black

there's enough from me anyway.
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x2. Sounds like the tube went bad and blew the fuse.

^that pretty much sums it up

on topic - wut.
that's stupid.
yes it is sexist.
will I do anything about it?

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What you need is a Marshall MG.

im not a "fan"

yeah, don't get a terror, 15w tube or so for small gigs JUST cuts it.
look at the VOX AC30, no clue on prices as im australian and prices are ******ed.
could try a nice fender, the blues junior is only a 15w but for me it seemed louder than the terror.. that was the perks of working in a music store, trying everything out..
if you can get one in your price range (once again, no clue on prices) look for a fender deluxe III or a fender Bassman.

trololol not really.
Wish you were poop
dirty poop
Poop alive
more poop comin'
hillbilly poop
the Poop arena

totally relevant.
first band would of been one of the many melbourne based blues bands, don't remember who though.
first actual big band I saw was AC/DC.
you have two options.
plug your butt with a large buttplug, or go to the chemist and buy some laxatives and flush it all out.
boat on the river - Styx (dad wants that at his funeral, great song)
Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
I was only 19 - redgum
any of those whould be good.

EDIT: ain't no grave - Johnny cash
JJ Abrams.. I might just have to watch it now..
he directed Mission impossible 3, and mission impossible: ghost protocol..
so SW7 may actually be decent.