about 2:30AM then up at 7:15AM.
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Crappy pickups usually do the job

this, or some decent humbuckers can, if you use a reasonable amount of gain.

but the shit ones, man.
I got a guitar with em, and I can't distort too much, or feeback everywhere.
I don't like rush, I find them quite boring.
I also find Yes boring, and alot of other bands.

go ahead flame.
ive been in sigs, and well, I don't really care if im in them or not.
ugh im no help here, though I doubt it was styx.
mission impossible: Ghost protocol - the magnetic gloves, as long as they actually worked haha!
look to the left, what colour is the closest object? look to your right, what object?

EG: to my left - white desk fan
to the right - computer mouse
band name = white mouse.
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Nothing can save you. The English weather is terrible and a reason for me not to live there.

this. our weather is amazing.
england is gray and wet.
why am I going to buskin the city today?
sandi thom - she's gone into blues, not pop, and I love the stuff she is doing.
nickelback aint too bad to be honest, just over hyped.
AC/DC get alot of hate, but they were the band that got me into music.

why is this beer shit and warm?
Quote by blake1221
Every performance.

I put my heart and soul into that shit.

so much this.

other than that, god I dont even remember.
if you watch Tropic Thunder backwards it's about some soldiers escaping a heroin lab, shooting their way out and becoming movie stars.
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Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders.

Hold no opinion on the general populace; they're just people.

They get a bad rap here for alcoholism/drugs etc. But usually it's one small trouble group being representative of an entire community. Pretty unfair.

yeep. this entirely.
I know a few great aboriginals, then I also know of some real bad ones.
get that busking every day.
aww, sorry to hear mate...
RIP to the little fella!
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Couldn't they add something like a whammy bar to make it easier?

get a chromatic harp then :P

see that button on the side? it drops the notes a semitone, so you can get a whammy type sound out of it
used to be triangles. now I just don't cut them.
not joining the army.
I want to, but all that is stopping me is my band. I just couldn't leave the guys!
I busk. what bugs me is people who enjoy the music, stand around for a bit, and DON'T give any money at all.
google is your friend. that being said, I play harmonica, learnt what Iknow from a book, and picked stuff up by ear. the hardest part is learning to bend.
I like to buy CDs so I can read the cover booklet.
I think the PULSE DVD has a whole lot of headstock cam from David Gilmour.
First Song:- Step up (im on it) - Maylene and the sons of disaster OR Kick my ass - big & rich
Closet weapon in hand:- Axe, and knives.
Reason for leaving household:- to stock up on food/ supplies and weapons. id have to go to aussie disposals for some shit, then head into the bush.
Reason for helping above UG member:- Chatterbox273 - probably a nice guy, but talks (based off username) way too much. id leave him.
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Bad Monkey in fron of the amp, and an EQ in the loop.

See if you can get a Tonerider Chorus.

I second this.
I got given one, and it's a great solid pedal!
Quote by Roc8995

Well, technically it could be done, but only in the same way that you could change a cat into a hamburger. It's an unpleasant process, and nobody is happy with the result.

Im sigging this, cos it's so damn true!
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You might be a pit monkey if you know what the prestige is or if you knew Fassa.

yep me.

you might be a pit monkey if you remember the night of the pear.
Your result for The Would You Have Been a Nazi Test ...

Achtung! You are 54% brainwashworthy, 55% antitolerant, and 71% blindly patriotic
You probably you lack the charisma and intelligence to be Hitler himself, but then again, who knows? You've got a few of the necessary traits, at least. You are crazy, nationalistic, and more proud of your background than you should be.

Right now I am breathing a big sigh of relief that you don't live in Germany in the 1930's, although I guess things couldn't have gone any worse than they did, even with your help. Maybe all this energy that you feel right now could be directed to an end less evil? Are you a Police Officer? Not in my town, I hope.

Sadly, you exceeded expectations on all 3 indicators.

How I got this, I don't know. I answered everything truthfully.
If I need a cuddle and something like this was local and they were decent looking, yeah, id do it.
I do need to get on again though.
that the bird is the word?


why am I sleepy?

why does it hurt when I pee?