a little yeah.
im not drunk any more, and the anal afte rthe roofies was good.

should I have toast?
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Yea I can understand the inclusion, I just hate them

That's weird, I've probably walked passed you numerous times

Yea, it does get hella busy, it's such a dodgy place. There's a really nice restaurant there though.

I play blues, acoustic guitar, micro spider, harmonica, mic, and im awesome.
say Hi if you see me!
banned because this isnt the ban thread.

no it wont.

why am I drunk?
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The RMIT building are a stain on the city. The rest I agree with. Though St Kilda beach is shithouse.

to be honest, I don't mind the RMIT buildings.

I busk near them at melb central most afternoons..

I pointed RMIT out, because they are ugly, but unique, and the beach out cos stkilda does get pretty busy.

wait, is she giving or receiving?
melboune australia. some cool shit there..

flinders street station

federation square

the Shrine of remembrance

St Kilda Beach

and many more, including: lunar park, the espy, the palais theatre, the capitol theatre, the RMIT buildings, town hall, the state library, and many many more.
I believe coreysmonster has done quite a bit.
woke up, went to centrelink, went shopping, bought jeans, went home, had lunch, played guitar, fapped, played guitar, dinner, played guitar, watched TV, now sitting here on UG.
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like this if you were born in the wrong generation!

I wish UG had a like post button...
lay off the weed OP..
OP: don't throw a guitar around. you're fucking stupid.
your waiter.

who was phone?
the whole time.
would I?
im not afraid of dying,
im not afraid of spiders or heights anymore..

im not afraid of failure, but im afraid of not trying hard enough..

it's cliche, but so very true.
peter green
keb mo

I also agree. reminded me of shine on you crazy diamond.
do you drink energy drinks?
didn't ask a question, but that gave me a boner.

you have turned this thread gay(er)

stop it please?
or or butt rape me.
no, his father was a tree.
the tim the toolman upgrades would do it.

I lay my $5000 dollar guitar on top of my amp once, thought it would be safe while I played a $50 junker.

amp vibrations made nice guitar fall. cant see the damage from the front, only from the back. broke through the poly finish to the wood, and chipped some of said wood. I nearly cried.
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Got drunk with some friends and decided it would be a good idea to play beer can baseball with a Takamine acoustic. Second swing, lost my grip and it went through the living room window. Went outside to pick it up off the front lawn and I stumbled off the porch and cut my arm on a piece of glass. Had my drunk friends stitch me up (still have the scar due to poor stitches). Aside from some scratches to the finish and two broken strings, the guitar was fine. We found a cardboard tube and continued with the beer can baseball.

that made me laugh.

me. you.
that's about it.

should I go to bed?
you're both the same kind of person.
you're both sick ****s.

am I right?
Brothers and sisters, we are here for one reason and one reason alone! to share our love for music! I present to you, country music WITHOUT prejudice!!!

yeah. im a bluesman, but im getting into country thanks to these guys.
I really like that 'rocky' sound they have...

some more links - fake ID - Drinkin' 'Bout you - Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy - Soul Shaker

anyone else like these guys?
I got it too. but you know what? my dick still functions, so I don't care.

Lynyrd Skynyrd..
listening to their latest album.
because you touch yourself at night!
do you go to gym?
hook a battery up to an inverter, then plug amp into said inverter.
problem solved. it's how they run all the electronics in busses/ campervans ect ect
anything by david gilmour.
get a copy of the DVD of david gilmour live at the royal albert hall...
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Why are you a beta mothaf*ck?

cos im ****ing awesome.
why am I listening to big & rich so much? all your fault Jay...
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nope. I have talked in my sleep though.

tuna or salmon?
why is ometh ****ed in the head?
cos he can.
what are you listening to?
uh, apples.

what is your favourite food related sexual position?
heres mine... blues/rock/rockabilly/psychobilly mixture..
not sure if it's been mentioned, but one for "social"

send free texts/pics/calls to people with the same app, don't even need a wifi connection.
uh, full on costumes unless they are a bunch of bikers in leather jackets, ect ect. I mean, dress well to suit the music and your band mates, but the costumes bug me..

also, playing behind the head and back is something that annoys some people, but I do it.
one of my cases does the same thing. I haven't bothered to fix it, it's not that annoying for me.
I know a few people just like this.
don't like any of them :/