not after one song.. after a small handful, yeah, you can dislike it.
why does it hurt when I pee?

(lets see who gets the refrence)
yeah, a VU meter or something would be cool...
brass, and darker dirty colours. use small cogs as knobs, leather strap.. in this case, google is your friend.
uh, see, I could say beiber, or one of them, but im going to say the beatles.
not because I don't like them, I actually love them, but it would be interesting to se how music turned out without them..
does that make sense?
Quote by ilikepirates
(I didn't mean for them to go so big )

the pics or the male pit monkey's genitals?
amp wise, I don't really have anything to offer. my bass player uses a behringer amp, and it's ok..

the guitarist/guitarists. it doesn't matter if there is more than one, jut 3x the power that they use.
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you. yes you. we need your pics.
that hair.
steel for me, I do solo gigs, and yeah, love my two steelstrings.

rosewood or maple fretboards?
the 'rule' I had been told was that if unmiced, the bass amp needed to be have 3x the watts of the guitar amp, so if the guitarist was 100w, then 300w for the bass.
this is of course, just a general rule of thumb, but you will need a fair few watts.
smoking is bad. not good for you.
same as drinking, but I do drink..

who was phone?
is she hot? I need pics.

will you provide?
because all the good ones have been used.

rub my nipples for me?
holy shit...
you're going straight to hell.
ill see you there. I got a table reserved for 1.

2009 I think, so I woulda been 16.

2010, I was 17

early 2011 - i was 18

new years eve 2011/2012

a few months ago, im 19

and last one, the other week.

why do I have a boner after reading ometh's posts?
I don't have a clue.
why did gravity have to disagree with me while I was on a skateboard carrying a heavy backpack and guitar? im sore all over..

nope, too lazy to find it.

will you take me off to neverland?
that wasn't a question nigs.

why am I listening to country music so much?
stay gold...

read the book, watched the movie. was good.
TL;DR.. I didn't watch.

cos you know, you can transfer power through wifi.. if you could, I would never need to charge my phone.
Standard, Eb, Open D, and Open G.
I use the open tunings for slide.
hookers are legal here if you go to a legit business, so ill take hookers.

energy drinks or coffee?
nah. I like rum, but I like whiskey more.

beer nuts or sea salted chips (crisps)?
whiskey all the way!!

beer or beer?
your mother.

how do you like your scotch?
woah. that's some freaky bad shit.
my year 9 math teacher was the worst. we just called her fat over and over, and she left. we were bad kids.
out year 10 math teacher was a pedo. the girls in the class got him sacked.
like a few nights here and there when I cant sleep.

should I go punch my cat for no reason at all?
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Yeah, I bet he's got his exact time of birth on his ID

EDIT: Lol I'm not even 21 and I've been buying beer legally for 2 years.

18 years old to buy booze here in aus.

I recon you should be able to buy it OP.
soul shaker - Big and Rich.

I know, country rock, but im really diggin it at the moment.
stop whining and man the **** up.
my school was 3km away, then qork was 4km away, then home again was another 3km.
if I didn't ride, I walked.
10km walk aint even bad.
stop whining and ride ya bike. 2 should only take you a couple of minutes anyway.
fart from the nose.
why are you so ****ed up?
our young generation are cunts. I want to hurt alot of them
will you answer this question with something disgusting?

that really is sad :/
there's gonna be a ww3? eh. if australia gets called in I will have probably enlisted by then and on my way to becoming a commando, and if im a commando, SASR.