can money buy happiness?
when I was being interviewed/performing on radio..
Host: so John, how are you?
Me: Im good, Myself?

why do my legs hurt?
because you're lazy/and stay up too late.

should I get sleep? it's 1 am and ill be awake at 7..
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One time I watched a dog lick his own dick for twenty minutes.

imma gonna sig that..

I don't know why everyone has problems with talking and hairdressers.

I like getting my hair cut, the conversations we have are good!!
because we're a lazy bunch of people.

should I trust this fart?
uh, a pack of ernie balls and $1 change.
EDIT: forgot a question..
should I go to bed?
$10 AUD

will whoomit accept this offer?
superglue over it, make the skin hard.

or pick.
to remove blood from strings: change strings.
danish scrolls are yummy

should whoomit make me a free guitar and send it to me for nothing?
yes you smelly hippy.

should I bone this chick?
do now.
gland im english.

why does job hunting suck?
probably the only marshall I like...

happy NAD!
uh music wise, Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Billy Gibbons..
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This is why I buy strings by the box. There's no point in driving to the store every time a string breaks, especially when it comes at the worst time. Who here has broken a string during a show? It sucks.

yep. broke a string, re strung and broke the backup sting 2 songs later.
played for 3 hours on 5 strings.
either the e or the g.
the G will be tight, and the e will be a little loose, but each one will do it.
I suppose saying my SS amp was like the frontman was bad.
mine is probably 10x better.. for a SS amp, it sounds pretty damn good.
I wasn't saying they're brilliant, but they are gig worthy.. heck, im usinga cheap no name 80w ss at gigs, it's ot a celestion 70 eighty in it, it still sounds decent, but it's no mesa.
as for that internet test, id get 69 lolololol

getting my buskers permit for melbourne on tuesday: what should I do to fill my time in the city?
the frontman amps aren't too bad, ive made them sound good before. just need to know how to EQ.
I see what you did there.

was that intended?
WHat kind of videos? this thread is stupid.
id just like to point out that I know a guy with a a counterfit/copy/ whatever you want to call it, and it still plays and sounds amazing.
still most likely ilegal, but it just proves that you can pay cheap and get decent.
no. unless you mean my balls, then yes, I am.

why is the sun so bright at the moment? it's making it hard to see the laptop screen!
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I had a pimple on my ballsack last week, I don't think I need to explain how bad it hurt...

not even kidding

had one on my shaft. it hurt.

she is hot. yes I should.

should I?
you know that note below everything? yeah. that.

should I bone this chick?
can we get a photo of that tag off to the right?
one that tastes good. it's all subjective, but I like my greasy foods.
mother do you think they'll like this song?
the Joe Bonamassa signature crybaby.
wider sweep, and looks pretty.
Quote by Petey D
I have several favourite lesser known bands.

Street Dogs

Reckless ones

Three Bad Jacks

The reckless ones are great!!
that's my sorta music there, rockabilly/psychobilly/rock/blues all mashed in 1!
pink floyd.
is pink floyd always an option?
uh wasn't he banned? im not too sure.

fish and chips or pizza?
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No, the bots selling bass related gear are all on wedding forums.

so im getting married next week, should I wear this bass?
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talent wise? I like john butler quite a bit.

John butler is pretty good.
ill list some good aussie talent, and genres.

LLoyd Spiegel - acoustic blues
Andrea Marr - blues/soul
Geoff Achison - funk/blues/rock
Dutch Tilders - acoustic blues, passed away not too long ago. RIP..
Cold Chisel - Aussie Rock
INXS - Aussie Rock
The Party boys - Aussie Rock (80's, had John Swan, Kevin Borich, and other big names)
Chain - blues/rock. the band that introduced blues/rock to australia.
White goat - Blues/rock type stuff. good friend of mine.

there is some, check them out, Lloyd, Geoff and Andrea are all friends of mine..
also check out jimi hocking, also a friend, and the current guitarist for the scraming jets.
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truthfully it sounds a little thin in the bottom end (to me anyways) I am putting an evo 2 in it this week, that should fix that problem, otherwise it plays better than almost all my guitars, and it has one of the nicest trems I have ever played. Action is fast and low. It is just a dream to play, and fun to look at as well. my playing does it no justice though.

ah, it's obviously not a guitar for my sort of music (blues/rock ect ect), but yeah, thin in the botom end, I hate. I need that big fat sound.
there is a hair thread?

yeah, im satisfied. got it cut the other day, almost millitary flat top, just a little longer.

here it doesn't look flat on top, but it is pretty flat.
wow. real good job there, looks spot on!
how's it sound?
because it's amazing.. I got a box of it waiting to be eaten..

favourte easy food?
(as in easy to make, easy mac, noodles, ect ect)