shihad - the general electric
get out millencolin live 8 adventures

they have a skating segment in it with the song buzzer but its an extended version. best song ive heard on a 'skate' vid
david gilmour uses it watch him
u mean whammy pedal? or just with tremelo bar

if so ratm - killing in the name uses it and alot of his other solos

pink floyd - marooned great solo
aggressive punk ild say strung out mate. not really popy tho
i was in cash converters today and they had zenon les pauls. they looked solid and were about 260$ aus. they any good, might just get one to muck around with
Quote by idahoimmortal
no, you get much better bass. don't play it all on the E string. play it right. it sounds so much more powerful.

yer i agree, but he said he cant do it no where near the right tempo. playing it on the e might help with speed
play it all on the E string sounds pratically the same and is heaps easier mate