Allans mark everything up. Expensive crap. Cheaper to buy the same stuff from the US and ship it. Literally.

A mate of mine just got an 8 string built by some Sydney luthier, I'll get the name off him when he comes online.
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halve '59 and halve jb wouldn't sound good.

Well everyone was trying to decipher what your question was. My statement was my take on your question, and it appears I might have hit the nail on the head.

And how would you know if it wouldn't sound good? Have you tried it?
Or half JB half '59 in a single humbucking pickup? Question is pretty vague.
That is an amazing inlay design. Your work is quite inspiring.
Quartersawn is more stable, but rock maples are pretty stable as is, plus you might lose some of the figuring if it was quartersawn.
Well you need to dig through them. There's a pile of it there, all priced really closely so you just pick the ones you want then run.

They're approx 2m long x 7cm wide x 3cm thick

I thought it was a steal. I'll take some pictures tomorrow in the sunlight, assuming there's no dust storm like there was this morning..
Hey guys, just found a new lumber source for you all, in NSW anyway.

Anagote Timbers up in Marrickville. Just scored myself some Birdseye which was being sold for $23 a blank.
I'd say it was a matter of reflashing the firmware, but I'm not too sure how you would do it. If you could somehow connect it to a PC (I assume it has USB support?) and acquire a copy of the firmware I could help you from there.

Otherwise I wouldn't have a clue.
Amazing craftmanship. Also quite an interesting guitar shape, I like it.

Keep it going and I'm sure your business will take off one day if your quality is always this good.
Scarf joint the headstock? Best make you neck 3 piece as well, with the middle piece flipped.
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The instructions with my graphtech nut said not to use superglue, but to use wood glue. Me, thinking I new best, used superglue. When I came to take the nut out, I destroyed the whole shelf as the nut was bonded way to much. You dont want to irreversably bond the two surfaces, you simply want to keep the nut there.

Now, I learnt from this, and I have used standard wood glue with three of my guitars when installing the nut and I've had no problems. Apply glue liberally to surfaces and clamp in place tight. If glue oozes out of the joint, then good. Wipe away excess ooze and leave for 48 hours. Restring and problem solved.

This is what I was referring to when I mentioned wood glue over superglue.

Listen to Albino Rhino though, I'm sure he knows a lot more about this than I do. I'll just stick to my way
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You aren't supposed to use wood glue, because the nut is plastic.

I use superglue.

Don't listen to this. If you use superglue you wont ever get the nut off again without completely destroying, that is assuming it doesn't pull finish or wood up with it already.

Stick to the woodglue, and apply pressure for a while, make sure it's completely set before restringing.
You could try wooden knobs, and inlay the top with MOP or something.
I hope you're going to use more clamps than that when gluing your fretboard.
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What's the difference between a Two way switch to a three way switch? I think I need a two way switch.

It's how many functions the switch has. Like a simple on/off or coil split/not split is just a two way as there are only two ways the switch can go. Same thing for a 3 way except obviously there's a third option.
This is going to be awesome. Looks really good so far, I hope to reach this sort of level in building one day.

Back to practicing =)
There's quite a procedure to changing from the tremolo bridge to a fixed one. There's a tutorial around somewhere.

I personally don't think it would enhance the sustain because of the glue you would have to use.
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The body is already stripped. I wanted to do a sunburst finish but those 6 empty holes aren't going to look pretty.. even if they're filled.

Try the toothpick trick.
Inquiring for info and you get the company owner post in your thread. Now that's convenience you couldn't pay for!
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if you dont want to break it, i would think that a carefull hand amd a syringe full of glue should do the trick (and clamps ect)

you aint got nothing to lose if you allready got insurance and got a new guitar...

If you choose to do it this way you still need to pull the split wider to inject the titebond. By breaking it off and gluing it you can ensure a good layer (lost for words at the moment). This could also help your glue avoid the truss route.

I guess if you were good with a syringe. I just know that I'd accidentally squeeze too hard or something and pump the truss rod with it.
All the above.

And just for reference. I've used a hipshot on an 8 string guitar and it was an amazing bridge. If the 6 is as good quality then you will be happy with it.
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Well it's not much of beaut right now.

That's like calling someone with their head cut off beautiful.

Meh, depends on the body.

As for the neck problem, I've only fixed one neck similar to this and that had already been broken completely off (not through the fretboard surprisingly..)

To me, it would make more sense to break it before gluing.
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It has not gone into the fretboard, its just the neck thats been cut.

Well if that's the case, finish the break and get all the pieces and titebond that mother back together. Be sure to clamp it down really good. Leave it for 24 hours then sand it smooth, repaint etc.
You tell us, you have the pickup sitting there, wire it in and try it. If you don't like it, it takes like 30 seconds to put the other pickup back in.
I haven't done that myself, but I don't see why widening the holes wont work. It may just not be as accurate is redrilling with a press, but as you said you don't have access to one.

Face it, if you widen them and it doesn't work you can always refill it =)
Logitech make some cheap sets. Have a look, and they sound pretty good too.
Can't go wrong with a set of Sperzels for tuners. The nut will help a fair bit. Refinishing is a real personal job as everyone has different tastes.
You would have to remove the frets then put the inlays in so you can sand the inlays flush with the radius of the fretboard. After that you have to put some frets back into it. I wouldn't do it as your first project but it's your call.

Alternatively I've seen those stick on inlays that appear to be effective, I've never used them though.
Of course you need to drill extra holes, it's not going to hold itself on there.
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I personally hate fretwork, it's the worst part of neck making. Other than that, neck making is really easy. The easiest is probably a neck through.

With no/little neck angle with recessed TOM. Doesn't get much easier.
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What's coil split do, I forgot.

Splits the humbucker so that only one side is active and acts as a single coil pickup.
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it sucks aye.

im comin off a 4 day weekend too XD

Well I just had a week off. Had 2 days off because I was crook, then I had to attend a funeral in Gundagai. Long weekend kicked in after that. Damn I'm going to have a tonne of work to catch up on...
What is the grain like, if it has a nice grain to it don't cover it in white unless you really want to. My 2 cents.
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6:39am? on a sunday? why on earth are you awake?

This. Unless the response starts with:

"I just got in from a big night on the town. I don't even know how I got here.."
Yeah something like that I think, our timezone is +10 of the GMT.
You just use screws to attach the pickguard to the body.
Upgrading the tuners, nut and possibly the bridge will make the tuning much more stable. GFS pickups are great quality for price and couldn't hurt.
Well it's technically morning, 12:27AM.. >_>

I really should get to bed soon...