Lil Kiwi. Get fucked.
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This is tight come play in richmond

I'd actually love to...right now it's just me, and I'm moving to Ft Collins, CO in a few months. But I might be down in Richmond if SWAMP Fest is happening again this year.

Plan right now is to get in the scene in CO, maybe join/start another band, then convince friends to play my shit if they like it.
Wasn't going to post a whole thread for it It's crazy how much these forums have died. Was 2010 that long ago? Wake me up.

Anyways, this is some shoegaze of mine some of you should hopefully enjoy, noise-drowned vocals and some 90s emo and black metal influences sprinkled in here and there. 

FFO: Swirlies, My Bloody Valentine, Have a Nice Life, Alex G, Kairon; IRSE!
Hey all! Have some pretty fun stuff recorded recently here. Shoegaze project of mine with really noise drowned vocals and some 90s emo and black metal influences. Hope you can enjoy!

FFO: Have a Nice Life, My Bloody Valentine, Swirlies, Kairon; IRSE!
Sup y'all. Decade on UG is mindblowing to me, tbh...but here we are.

Have some shoegaze here for you - noise drowned vocals, largely wall of noise but with some poppier elements. FFO: My Bloody Valentine, Alex G, Have A Nice Life, Swirlies

This is really all you need

Not my band
Seriously one of the best bands out right now, and suuuuch a fun live show. Hilarious guys.
You did a good job conveying that. Also

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I've been setting up readings (hopefully with some UG folks soon too ) here in VA

I actually just moved to Burke, is VA an artsy former-UG poets hubbub, or...?
Looking at the other comments and I might be alone in thinking the last part fit perfectly. I liked the driving bit too, it kind of pushed a fog over me and made me think of how the car might seem to drift, but the last section was my favorite.

"he was either running or still"

In particular.

The rest all had that sense of dizzy temptation, and the last section brought the fear to the front. Not paranoia. He comes for everyone, after all.

But hey, maybe I'm full of crap and misinterpreted
It feels like all the people I used to read and who I've continued to read without acknowledging over the years have really struggled with feeling apathetic. Maybe I'm reading into things too much. But it seems this is a good place to spew when you feel like you ought to be feeling something.

Maybe I'm projecting
This hurts. Idk if I can say anything else that would be of value, since that was probably your intention
I liked a lot of this, but something stopped me from loving it. Ended on a weak note. The first stanza was just so good.

Maybe it's that the line breaks felt forced?
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Dead as heck eh
Just throwing it up to see if any opinions or constructive criticism sticks. For music but probably works just fine regardless/as a poem, idk, the music is disjointed weird shit, hope some of you enjoy it

dragged the teeth of her comb along my back
leaving pink lines like dae-su notches
all fifteen
all twenty three
she said,
"what's under your nails?"
"dirt, maybe ink"
rolled over and said "try to get some sleep"

all of my dreams are ghosts
stretching at seams under ivory overcoats
and she could've been alive
but it happens to me
all the time

i wish my blood wouldn't clot
wish it'd spray like 80s action movies
gather in tenenbaum puddles
leaving porcelain tattoos

i never meant for it
never meant a single hurt
Heyo. New-ish band called Watterson, got a fair amount of songs finished and ought to have an EP out in September or so. Influences are all over the place. It's some sort of shoegazey bedroom pop. Dig it.
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Nice. How was it?

Someone punched the ground over and over during our last song, that was cool
Meanwhile, one month ago...

Desperately needing guitar learning methods - please help

Why the hell would any self respecting musician want anything to do with "your vision"
One of the shows we played The Saddest Landscape crashed their van or something and we played with all locals but it was easily the best show I've ever played
The lyrics aren't all that great, but they're not bad either. Haven't listened yet.

The ones in Wildchild's sig are L O L
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Hey guys, looking for some stuff that is relatively new, I'm a bit out of the loop because I've looking through old stuff. Bands with one or two albums that's been released in the last year or so preferable just to guarantee I haven't heard them. Don't care about where they're from or how popular they are. Looking for hardcore, powerviolence and screamo, no tough guy/NYHC but entombedcore accepted.

Hardcore I like: Code Orange Kids, Full of Hell, Punch, Dangers, Snakeface, Jungle Fever, YAITW etc
Screamo I like: Beau Navire, Raein, Ampere, Pg.99, Capacities, Funeral Diner etc
Powerviolence I like: Rape Revenge, Cave State, AxRxM, Charles Bronson, Spazz, Extortion


Full albums for the powerviolence bands, harder to find for the screamo ones.


it still isn't hardcore

this forum sucks now
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Because if you think $30 is a lot of cash, then you are pathetic and need to be shot. Also if you are that desperate for cash stop smoking pot as you have better things to spend money on. On top of that if you think your miserable little existence justifies you to be a total c*nt nugget and shi!t on peoples doors, you can go jump off a bridge or something because no one will miss you, you will stop being a burden on your failure of a mother, and your death will be another great win for Darwin and humanity.

Or do we need to put you in a diaper so the next time you have to crap you can do it in your own pants?

Oh and before you decide to say 'you mad bro?' I just get a kick out of stupid people and telling them they are worthless.

telling someone to kill themselves isn't hardcore at all. you aren't cool. shut up.

Just snort coke and speed like a big boy already
what the actual fuck
Remember four years ago then the hxc forum was TRULY active.

eh I don't miss it that much
Don't listen to the haters that was terrific
bruised bitemarks
skin peeling
stars and ceiling fans that swirl above me
not all alone
just lonely
lost hours
weeks and months away
follow the footsteps to the traintracks
you were lying prone like a burnt out cigarette
but to feel your heat irradiate
pull my hair out in clumps
and just crumble away

our world was cloaked in blue
like a photograph
or a memory
aphotic reimagining
this hurts pretty bad. Really easy to feel the flow and the way the words turn each other over into the next sentence. "sip each milky ghost down," yes. Portrays wistfulness in a really lovely way. Some really lovely word choice throughout. lovely
This didn't format exactly the way I wanted it to and that's at least mildly annoying because it means you don't get the whole story
i am dead skin
return to the sun when i d r y
cold husk warm husk empty husk
empty mind e m p t y

dried gray blank gray blank sheet
cat scratch white sheet black ink
ink trailing canvas
canvas trailing pen
bury it
painted eyes that follow me
colored in
but never quite saturated

i swallowed once, you winced.
i pried apart your ribs.
you were scratching at my fingertips, pawing at my wrists.

dead mind empty mind empty wants
red thoughts blank thoughts
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I don't think anyone with a proper taste in music cares about the opinion of a person whose name is a mixture of Synyster Gates and M. Shadows, thank you very much. Now you can crawl back into your cave and listen to your mainstream "influential" crap.

This comes up every time Andrew tries to make a point lol
Just released our first material. We're just kids crying into microphones and pretending to play guitar but people seem to dig it.

You're better at guitar than me
I really don't see Calculator as post hardcore at all though I did enjoy their new album