Heading in to the Kilkenny parade and then on to the pub for the day/night/morning, gonna be a nice, long, píss up, happy Paddy's day pit.
Duvel, Chimay Rouge or O'Hara's stout.

Hard to pick just one.
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I've edited the first post if anyone wants to register in the UK, if anyone knows the site for other countries I could do that too.

Here's the link for Ireland:
Or you can pick up a card in the Credit Union etc.

And I agree with Bendybaws, there's no reason at all not to.
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Jónsi - Go

This and only this.
Aston Martin DBS, Caterham R500, personal race track in my garden.

Obviously a whole load of guitars/amps.

After getting my degree I would travel the world.

I'd also pay someone to teach me French.

And this:

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I would learn to flyyyy
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Rage Away

8/10, as long as we're talking the original.

Haven't seen it.

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This the strangest bump I've ever seen.

Still though, now I'm curious.

The Birth and Death of Day - Explosions in the Sky
Can't change it now, learn from this and do the right thing the next time.

Sigur Rós - Takk..
Sigur Rós - ( )
Jónsi and Alex - Riceboy Sleeps
It's usually my fingers for me, as I'm currently confined to acoustic. But my two favourites are:

For Picking.

For strumming chords.
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Took me a while to work out that I'm meant to avoid running into things.

I was aiming for them the first 3 times.

Nice find TS.

21, 564
Happy Birthday sir, we share birthdays!
I got you Prince Charles, as he shares our special day:
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does this ever happen to anybody else? and i dont drink or smoke.

There's your problem.
Logitech Z2300. Brilliant speakers.

Z5500 if you want 5.1.

Hello, I have a question. "Recognise that we are surrounded by substance."

I understand this, but how would one explain this to others? Also, how would you define substance?

Thank you.
When I was buying mine I wanted the white, but it was more expensive, so I went black. I'm not going back anyway, it's very sexy in person.

I should make the note smaller..
Howl - Jónsi and Alex
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How about a processor?

Are you looking to game, video encode? Is it going to be a media PC? All will yield different answers.
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My birthdays tomorrow

Happy Birthday in advance.
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you prick

A little harsh don't you think? You didn't need to BITE my head off.

Geddit? BITE?! Geddit?

Ah screw you, I'm leaving.

Grow Till Tall - Jónsi
Bring it up with an authority figure at school?
May I recommend Linux Mint? It is based on Ubuntu, but is more beginner friendly, and has all the stuff you'll just add to Ubuntu anyway (Flash etc.)
Most certainly yes.

1/1 - Brian Eno

2 rights make 1 wrong - Mogwai
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Alright guys, looks like i need your help again!

My Pc's windows xp is corrupted and refuses to keep a profile saved. And i tried to re-install windows, but my dvd-roms messed up and it wont load it up.

Now i need to know how to re-install windows without buying a new cd/dvd rom.

Would that be what you need?

It's getting a bit dated now, but I do like Symbian. An Android phone will be next for me I think.
14th November.
In Royal Oak, Michigan, a fired United States Postal Service employee goes on a shooting rampage, killing four and wounding five before committing suicide. - 1991

It's also World diabetes day. Woo.

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So Pit monkeys, for all of you that were actually born;

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I try to download Windows Live Messenger, but when I click "run file" it says that C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq Owner\My Documents\Downloads\wlsetup-web is not a valid win32 application. This is an annoying problem as I need Windows Live Messenger quite urgently. How to make it work?

Where are you downloading it from?
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My pc have totally crached,so i reinstalled windows xp.
But i have no sound!!!when i go to the sound button in configuration screen,it says"No audio device found(code 10).
what should i do?
the sound icon isn't in the right corner either.
this are my pc's specs:
Veld Waarde
Besturingssysteem Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
OS Service Pack Service Pack 2
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
Computernaam THUIS-9SCS8YH0X
Naam gebruiker De Computer

CPU Type Intel Pentium 4 530, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)
motherboard Intel Avalon D915GAV (4 PCI, 2 PCI-E x1, 1 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR DIMM,
Chipset Intel Grantsdale-G i915G

please help me becous it's really freakin me out!!
ps: sorry for my english.

Have you installed the audio driver from here?