sigur rós
sigur rós
sigur rós
sigur rós
sigur rós
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ManBearPig anyone?

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gullible people are turtles

OMG really??
Scottish is pretty nice.

Or French.

terrible cover of a terrible band's terrible song


this one's worse
Cajun squirrel ones are delicious as are builder's breakfast.
only ones i dislike are the chili and chocolate
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Why are there so many bloody Americans who think Ireland is the greatest place in the world? Seriously, it's not. It's a big, cold rock in the middle of a big, cold sea where people used to get bombed and shot on a regular basis. Do yourself a favor by staying at home, not wasting money and not destroying this blinkered view of Ireland you have.

I agree with some of what this man is saying. While there are some very nice castles and touristy things to see just don't come here expecting everyone to be dressed in green/be dancing 'river dance'/have pet leprechauns/other Irish stereotypes etc... also there's alot of dislike for Americans in alot of places.

However with those things in mind you should check out some of the tourist spots, the blarney stone is a bit of a let-down in my opinion though. And bring alot of money - it's a horrendously over-priced country.
The sun always shines on t.v - aha.

Damn it's catchy.
is this really thread-worthy?
Łomża Voivodeship - Kolno - Poland - Roman Catholic - Birth Control - Anal Sex
black, one sugar
untitled # 8 - Sigur ros
The naked gun
use this new found free time to study and do better on your next report card and not be such a disappointment to your parents?
hahaha that's brilliant
zone alarm's pretty good.

kind of annoying at the start though when you have to keep telling it to allow programs and such.
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am i the only one who looked at that and expected to see my reflection?

Happy birthday!

i got you some mayonnaise,



yeah i voted hot.
My explorer is called Dora, for obvious reasons.
Definatly sky plus, its much easier than a dvd recorder. plus you can record two things at once, expensive though.
Definatly Biel.
I have 2 brothers who'll be 2 in a couple of weeks (They're twins)

I loves them
A cheque for €500 to put towards a car (no i'm not a spoilt rich kid) - parents
€50 from my uncle
Heima (Sigur Rós film with the special edition book) - parents
Jimmy Carr dvd - nan
lots and lots of Terry's chocolate orange - nan
furry dice and nodding scooby doo dog for aforementioned car :P - parents
loads of mini aftershaves - nan
2 Lamb of God t-shirts - parents
Guinness world records 2009 - grandad
Rant - Chuck Palahniuk - parents
Frankie Boyle dvd - parents
oooh and a €200 christmas bonus at work

I think i did pretty damn well this year...
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Tattoo parlors get inspections from the health department you ass. The likely hood of him getting hepatitis (learn how to at least use the built in spell checker) is slim to none. Why should he just not do it? Do you have some personal vendetta against tattoos? There just as much expression and art as music man.

*They're (if we're going to be nit-picking every letter of every word we type)

Maybe I should have explained my thoughts in more detail, however, so yes, I am aware of the heath inspections tattoo parlors go through but i'm sure not everyone in the world gets their tattoos from parlors (gang members, prisoners etc.) and it's much cheaper not to. Plus, it's not as if I was serious.

No, i do not have a 'personal vendetta' against tattoos, I reccomended ts not get one because the choices of designs he gave I personally think are pretty lame.
Depends where you get it and whether you want hepititis or not...

But yeah just don't do it.
easter bunny gets drunk at easter. but after a few days i just remembered it ... not that difficult yaknow?
go back to bed for a while
None because im a good son
Stole a few swigs of whiskey and rum when i was around 13, when i thought it was "cool" to drink.
Now i just couldn't give a **** about drinking really, plus i have a friend that looks like he's about 30 so it's all good.
november 14th - fumb-duck