Myfirstpubes always makes me laugh
Yay, I get to do this for the first time in my life....



Edit: God, that felt good.
Actually, yes, I think they do.
About 50% of the movie Vanilla Sky.

Honestly, I've watched so many times but, each time I do, I see something else that's been hidden.
Heima - Sigur Rós
Killedelphia - Lamb of god
P.U.L.S.E. - Pink Floyd
Walk with me in hell - Lamb of God


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You're welcome.

No one in ug.
Denmark street?
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Yep, we'll put in an interview request next album. Howzat? Could even throw in a boxout on how to use a bow on your electric...

You, sir, have gained yourself a reader.

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So, hold on, are you all saying we should (possibly) do a piece on Sigur Ros?

We could try and do something on the next album, but I have been warned they are quite hard work in interviews. Did you ever see this?

What are you guys getting us into?!

So is that a 'Yes, We'll defiantly do a piece on Sigur Rós, perhaps even a whole issue dedicated to this, the most beautiful band in existence'?

Even if you don't want to work with them, a feature on using a cello bow as Jonsi does would be great.
Various fragrances
Metallica: Live in San Diego DVD
Mouse mat
Bluetooth Dongle
2 USB keys
Card reader
Pictures of my brothers
Odor eaters powder
Lots more crap underneath.

This thread needs pictures:

Yay, a birthday thread, my favorite. A.K.A. 'Post a random pic thread'

Happy Birthday, TS, I got you:

David Aames' mask from the movie Vanilla Sky.
I have a two litre bottle of water beside me at the computer and I fill that up and finish it everyday, sometimes twice. Tastes good.
Opening Credits: Ceramic - 36 Crazyfists

Waking Up: As Dust Dances 2/15ths - Biffy Clyro

First Day At School: Now You've Got Something To Die For

Falling In Love: Elephant - Damien Rice

Fight Song: Nobody Home - Pink Floyd

Breaking Up: Tears Don't Fall - Bullet For My Valentine

Prom: Crawl Through Knives - In Flames

Life's OK: The Road - Tenacious D

Mental Breakdown: Run - Snow Patrol

Driving: End Of Days - Bullet For My valentine

Flashback: Gong - Sigur Rós

Getting Back Together: Rainy Day Parade - Staind

Birth of Child: The Art Of American Football - Funeral For A Friend

Wedding: Rickets - Deftones

Final Battle: Lithium - Nirvana

Death Scene: Toxic Garbage Island - Gojira

Funeral Song: Our Infinate Struggle - In Flames

End Credits: No Command - Children Of Bodom (stones cover)
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I don't really like being the first to click on a Pit link.

It's legit
How would we know?

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Can you cook?

I'm sure that more than answers your question. Is it a date?

EDIT: I'm not sure if hitting on imdeth falls under 'spam' so to contribute, I voted 3.
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I'd buy friends, happiness and love

I'll be your friend, happiness bringer and lover
Do what I do anyway, lurk on here.

Who comes to UG for their last moments?

Actually I would too
Happy Birthday!

Obligatory E-gift:

Defiantly Survivor by the same author is one to check out, by far the best book I've ever read.
Black coffee is the absolute best tasting drink out there, man up.
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Lol wut nut?

It was a result on Google images for 'Jimmy'
14th November:

Holidays and observances

* Roman festivals – Equorum Probatio (The official cavalry parade of the equites)
* India – Birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru: Children's Day
* National Day of Burma/Myanmar
* United States – National Children's Book Week begins
* Colombia – "Day of the Colombian Woman"
* Christian feast days
o St. Josaphat Kuncevyc on the General Roman Calendar as in 1954
o Barlaam of Kiev
o Serapion of Algiers
o Saint Philip, celebrated in Eastern Orthodox Church
* World Diabetes Day
Happy Birthday, I got you this:

Wow, It's great to see you actually took notice of what we said.

I may have to buy a copy of the magazine to see the improvements and perhaps become a regular reader again.

Also, to repeat what I asked in the last thread, PLEASE do a piece on Sigur Rós. I would love you forever.
RG: people like you annoy me when all you can add to a thread is to tell someone where to go.

Not sure from personal experience TS but these guys *remembered not allowed to post other forums* a forum I saw tends to go for the hd3470
Seems like too much effort
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What he said, might want to take it to the GG&A part of the forum though, for more detailed answers.
Don't think so, I listen to metal and wear band t-shirts. My favorite band by far, however, is Sigur Rós and I also listen to a bit of classical most days, more so than metal now. So no, I don't think so. Mainly because most of the metal stereotypes I have come across are not very varied in their music tastes and are generally annoying when it comes to accepting others musical tastes. I'm not like that, I'm a pretty nice guy

Metamorphosis 1-5 - Phillip Glass.
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20 shares of GM


Nicely done, sir.

Also TS, buy a really cool pen.
If a watch counts then yes, but I don't wear it because it looks good.

I, however, voted 'no'

Was emailing them to see if they found my lost Ipod