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EDIT: this moves way too fast
To SteveHouse; We're going to let things settle for a while and see if her mother changes her mind, unlikely though because she's partly using this as an excuse to spite her for something else that happened between them. And when that doesn't work we're going to think of something, can't see what it'll be though, we live 40 minutes away so sneaking to each others house is out of the question.

Thanks for the hug though

EDIT: I lost my ipod yesterday aswell. FML
Sigh, I've never been to the hugging thread, but I need it now and it's closed. Maybe here will work.
I've been going out with a girl for a short time, but in that time we have become very close and she is by far the best girlfriend I've ever had, we just seem to get each other (I could bore you for hours with this stuff..)
But yesterday her mother put a stop to her seeing me (for a very stupid reason) and I can't stand how I feel. I feel terrible, affection thread. Even browsing the pit doesn't cheer me up (and that's saying something). Just as my life seems to get good for the first time something like this happens, as it always does. Think of me as a whiny 17 year old all you like but I wanted to tell someone, and the pit's all I can bear to talk to.

So do I get a hug or something?
1. Google
2. You Tube
3. Ebay
4. My Space / other social networking sites
5. Wikipedia
6. Porn
7. 4chan

/answer similar to every other answer
Happy birthday,

I have gotten you Dappy from popular annoying London based Hip-Hop ensemble N-Dubz.

Reminds me of this site, Overheard in Dublin.

Not sure if alot of the Irish humour will translate but what the hell?
( ) - Sigur Rós
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So your no longer "PoorStavi" then?

Waking up in hospital with clonidine poisoning and penis trauma

There goes any potential erection I was going to have in the next week.

Untitled 3 - Sigur Rós

Every time I listen to it, it makes me think of everything that is good in life. It makes me shiver all over, to me, it's the most perfect piece of music ever.

As corny as that sounds, it's true.
Untitled 1 - Sigur Rós
Untitled 3 - Sigur Rós
Hoppípolla - Sigur Rós
Untitled 1 (live) - Sigur Rós
Von - Sigur Rós

I have an obsession
147,895 People

Oh yeah

Fesitival - Sigur Rós
A picture of a violin that came with the phone. I like it though.
You start preparing for a job interview an hour and a half before it?

Meh, good luck.
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That doesn't turn me or anyone else on.

It turns me on.

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I you.

Prime Minister of Ukraine anyone?

Holy crap
Hi I'm fumb-duck and I'd like to get E-married.

Any takers?
I've always pondered the answer to a similar question,

Is a gay man attracted to himself?
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haha still in school what a douche

Such a productive first post.

I'm proud of this pit.
See ya, have fun.

anyone else wanna play?

I can't photoshop
seems that way

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Fixed I wasn't sure how that one would fly

I might have been wrong, but hey, bans aren't fun


^ might get teh banzorz for that

EDIT: to the guy above the guy above me
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All I know is the music's pissing me off.

The music is beautiful.

You can turn it off with adblock if you have Firefox, though.
My first was a thread about which pedals to use with my MG.