How many games?
Flush it bit by bit down the toilet.

I've had this problem many times and that seems to work for me.

Best youtube thread ever
14, 933

Gotta try again.

Damn you TS, I thought I was over this addiction.
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Lady GaGa? Pshh, more like Lady GagGag!

Funeral for a Friend
Black Sabbath

Children of Bodom
Killswitch Engage
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can we see a pic?

I know most of you guys don't approve of THAT site, but these make me laugh:

Taken from the OTHER thread.

With obligatory peek at what's playing on winamp

Also, I have more songs than that BTW, just not on this computer..
I have a hot neighbor but I wouldn't ask her out because i'm too much of a pussy/ugly fucker.
*cough* bump *cough*
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O rly?

Oh great, I love random 'Facts' that have absolutely nothing to back them up...
Firefox, I like all the add-ons. Even if they do slow it down some what.
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there's already a thread about this


This news deserves two threads, don't you agree?
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say it, pit


Definitely agree with TS about the Seoige sisters, well actually, just Síle (the right one).

Oh, and:

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Can we be friends? I love your username.

Why yes, yes we can.

Welcome back!

You don't know me but can we be fwends too?
New tuners. I love my explorer more than anything, but I have to re-tune after every song I play.
I set up a macro too, 60 votes and counting from me. 97428 votes so far.

Great idea TS.

Juneau - Funeral for a friend

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Bandwidth killer.

If you know who this is, you get a cookie.

Jethrow Tull?
happy birthday I got you the 3rd result for the word 'weird' on Google image search.

( ) - Sigur Rós
Sacrament - Lamb Of God
Absolution - Muse
Takk... - Sigur Rós
Hours - Funeral for a Friend
Live - City and Colour

all you need for the time being
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Speaking from an Irish perspective, you should really go and see Galway and Cork cities. They're definitely the most fun, a lot of shopping places, plus great nightlife. And if you travel along the West coast you'll see a lot of beautiful scenery, lots of hills and cliffs into the Atlantic. But if you drive along the East you'll see the more mountainous regions, if that's your thing.

Dublin's good too, but Cork and Galway are definitely the places to go for just having a laugh.


Listen to him, the west's where it's at for scenery and the like.
''matthew 970 up, 348 down love it hate it

a sexy guy that liked the women and has a nice tooth brush
i love you matthew you so hot, i love your toothbrush ''

Couldn't agree more.

Elevator Beat - Nansy Wilson
Three names that I've always thought were really sexy:

Amy, Sarah and Chloe