Type in to Google 'why are (race of people e.g. Irish)' and watch the suggestions thingy.

Many lulz to be had...

Nice and tidy.
Black one with 'Jack Jones' written on it

I got it for Christmas and it's comfortable.
Oh wow, 5 is amazing.

I like 4 aswell.

Mailbox Arson - Alexisonfire

Epiphany - Staind
yeah, saw you a few times
A friend recommended the site for tabs, then one day I clicked on one of the threads on the main page, such a life-changing day.
INTJ, like alot of people on here...

such an easy choice.
Ultimate Guitar
and I don't know a fifth so (popular pron site) not sure on the rules about naming them
jmq55y3e2 (Matthew)

umm that went pretty well

Cherry Waves - Deftones

Teardrop - Massive Attack
Drinking Nescafé original at this very moment. Black, one sugar
I used to buy it every month for a good 2 years but I sort of stopped at the beginning of this year, I felt it focused on the electric too much, I'd love to see a bit more acoustic in there. Also wasn't too keen when bands such as MCR and whatnot started getting more coverage, I'd like to see some more less known bands. I found the novice section very helpful though when I was staring out.

And as others have said it's great to see someone such as yourself on here speaking directly to your main buying market

BTW if you ever feel like doing a Sigur Rós feature, perhaps something on Jonsi's cello bowed guitar technique, you may just win me back
I have Windows 95 for dummies from a long time ago. I have Music theory for dummies, which is actually pretty decent and in the near future I shall be picking up a copy of their chemistry one. All in all they're quite good, in my opinion, for complete beginners though.

Mogwai - two rights make one wrong
Pretty much all of the songs most people learn on guitar

Stairway, Sweet Child o' Mine, no RATM, no AC/DC, no Iron Maiden, no zepplin, no hendrix
as others have said:

'Hey there Delilah'


Just - Radiohead
Doesn't use full stops.

ever looked at a relative and thought 'damn, she/he's hot' before realizing what you've just thought about?
Only has two of the 5 letters in 'woodo' for his avatar
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Has an avatar I don't understand
Used a reason previously given.

EDIT: crap, that was to Venice,
can't think of one for you.
Gobbledigook - Sigur Rós

such an upbeat song
Happy Birthday

For you:

A delicious sammich