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Interesting... I've downloaded the latest Mint build and I'll see if I can give it a go tomorrow and see what I think.

Do report back with your verdict

Well, I'm officially posting on UG using Linux. I must say, so far it's not a whole lot different than Vista on the appearance aspect. Although, I've still got a lot of exploring to do. Thanks for the help on installing.

Tip: Go to Preferences > Compizconfig Settings Manager > Enable things like desktop cube, wobbly windows and 3D windows. It can look a lot better than Vista, my friend.
It's pretty large. I'm gonna buy an external hard drive eventually just because, so I'll have plenty of space for both partitions. But at the moment, I can't really do anything on my laptop. It just recently blue screened on me because it wasn't shut down properly. Now it won't stop blue screening every time I turn it on and log on. UGH. Thanks Vista! I just got this laptop too. I don't see how I could have gotten any viruses on it. All I did was shut it down and it didn't shut down properly. It asked if I wanted to boot in safe mode and all that, but I just shut it back down. Now it won't stop blue screening on me. THIS SUCKS! I can't wait for Windows 7.

Well get on and install Mint then! You won't have any of those problems

(Sorry for being such a Linux ***, I know a lot of you hate it, but I think it's perfect for my needs.)
So basically Linux Mint is exactly the same as Ubuntu, except it looks better and is already set up? How many gigs do you think I'd need to partition for the Linux distro? I'm mainly going to be using this computer for school, and will be using Windows most of the time. I just wanna have some fun with Linux and use it for entertainment purposes and whatnot.

Pretty much, yes, and because it's so like Ubuntu, there's loads of help available on the net, and most advice used for Ubuntu can be also used for Mint. Well it depends, how large is your HD? If you're just using it to mess around with and will be using windows for your music/other media, then 10 - 15 GB would be fine. You might even find you don't need windows as much as you think once you start using Mint. That's what happened to me, I'm using it as the only OS on my computer.
So, I think I'm gonna install Ubuntu and put it on my laptop as a dual boot. Now... I've never done anything like this before. Is it pretty simple? or is there anything I should know about?

It's very simple. Just put the ubuntu disk in your drive, restart and follow everything it says, it'll allow you to create a partition or a fresh install, choose a partition and use the slider to tell it how much HDD space to allocate to each partition, press next and enter any information it asks for. That's basically it.

EDIT: I'd recommend Linux Mint instead of Ubuntu, it's based on Ubuntu, but has a much nicer look and feel, and comes with all the restricted codecs and browser plug-ins that you'll need pre-installed, this makes it the best distro for beginners in my eyes.
Give me your old one?
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Decode - Paramore

Reason: My girlfriend's sister was in the room with me and wanted to learn it, so I helped her.

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Yep, thats the one.

I searched 'blood thunder comic whale' on Google images and that was the first result, not hard, but if you didn't make this thread I would have never read this comic and been mildly entertained momentarily, so thank you.
Hello gentlemen and lady gentlemen, I was downloading a large (well, large for me and my 10GB download limit) file recently using the Download them all! Firefox download manager, when I had this download paused I accidentally erased the history of the download manager, I still have the .part file in the folder it was being saved to, though. Is there a way I can restore this download so I don't have to start again and have a large chunk of my download limit go to waste?


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Intel Pentium 4 (3 Ghz)

I win

Intel Celeron M 1.5 Ghz.

Suck it

I post in this thread too much..

Linux pride FTW!
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So for a long time now i've had this irritating virus,

Basically, if i go to google, or any such search engine, do a search and then click whichever link i desire, i will be redirected to a completely random site, anything from myspace, to youtube, to porn to weightloss pills etc.

It does this for any browser (Mozilla...IE..)
It has not been fixed by completely re-installing the browser.

I know its a bizarre glitch, but the pit hasn't failed me before!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and when i win the lottery i guarantee you at least £10.67.

Try downloading malwarebytes and doing a scan with it.
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tl;dr: some infantile **** about his friend saying he was stupid for asking the question(well roughly) of whether females have male genitalia

I agree with Modem TS, you are a stupid twat..

This guy must be on his period...
Linux Mint 7 (Gloria).
Hello, Pit.

A quick question, with a back story;

Me and My friend (to protect his/her identity, s/he shall be known as 'Modem') were hanging out in my room a while ago and I said to Modem;
“Have you ever thought that there's actually two varieties of genitalia in the world, two?! I wonder how many, and what type of people have each variety, does anyone have both even?”
Modem thought I was being stupid and replied;
“You're being stupid, Fumb-Duck, how could anyone possibly find out the answer to that question? You're going to fail, FAIL! Besides, genitalia are icky and can bear many diseases such as aids, gonorrhea, syphilis and swine influenza. ”
This hurt me deeply, if I could trust anyone to have complete faith in every endeavor I undertake, it would be Modem. So I began planning for my massive task, I bought a blue Bic crystal medium ball point pen (a picture of this pen can be found at the end of this post), and found some paper that seemed adequate on the floor of my dad's Jeep. I then, after months of meticulous planning, weeks of painful trial and error, I set to work on the streets of my local city. I had written out a quick question with four possible answers (indecently, identical to the poll found at the top of this thread).
I would ask those over the age of seven (I chose this age cut off, knowing that genitalia have not properly formed before this age) to answer this question truthfully, knowing their answers would not be disclosed to any third party. While this provided a good basis to start my research, with a very interesting trend (to keep results from this poll unbiased, I shall not disclose my findings) I could never reach as many people as I intended on the streets of my small city.

That is why I have chosen you, Pit, to continue my research.

The pen

TL;DR for burndttoast: Just answer the poll.
Once every two days usually.

Why do you need to know?
Maybe try it and see?
Because I heard the words 'Dumb Fuck' on the TV as I was joining, so I did some magical word trickery and ended up with Fumb-Duck.
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Also, Linux ftw

I agree.

Installed Mint this morning (switched from Ubuntu), I like it.

I won a bronze and my group won a silver, this is the best day of my life.
Hey guys.
I've been running Ubuntu for a month or so, saving all my files to an external 164GB Hard drive, a couple of days ago my computer froze while playing a video I had stored on it, I simply turned off the computer and rebooted but now I get this error message:

(I'm running on a live CD because I installed a different distro and that went balls up so it's live CD for the time being)

Any thoughts?
This summer was really great. I found myself the perfect girlfriend and actually got out and had fun for the first summer I can remember. One of the definate standouts was just last night, though, when her and I saw Amiina perform in the city I live in.
I'd go with back facing them.

Edit: I'm a male.

I'm sure the results of this will be quite interesting to you, but what exactly made you ask this?
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My present was the best, everrrrr

Nope, your present was teh suckzors.

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Happy Birthday!

I got you:

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i love you

I love me too
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I'm a scorpio too. I guess TS and I should have sex

Me too.

She's cheating on you.
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Lazarus: Form recovery. Saves the text you type in forms and text boxes. For example, if you type a long post on UG and your browser crashes, you can go back to the page, right click the text back, and recover your post. I haven't had to use it yet, but I'm confident it will come in handy some day.

That's a great one, I wish I had that yesterday, Firefox crashed on me just as I finished typing my UG awards nominations .

Thanks for nothing.