Placebo - Every You Every Me
Tubes are tubes, valves are valves. That one is wrong.

Oh and just like Trunk=Boot, also Hood=Bonnet.
Invader Zim was awesome! Anybody remember that show but me?
Teegman are you crazy?! WTF!!! So you're saying that because we have more modern instruments now, we should forget about instruments like piano and acoustic guitar??? That's nuts!!! Can you honestly tell me you don't like any acoustic guitar tracks or piano music. What about Incubus live acoustic versions of Stellar, Drive and Pardon me??? Or Evanescence My Immortal??? Think they could have done that as well if there was no piano??? Grr!!! *head chewage*
I seem to have a different look for different things. Skater/Surfer most of the time, emo when I'm trying to look really nice for my partner (emo clothes are tighter, need I say more..) and wierd kinda art student hippy look sometimes.
In no real order:

A Clockwork Orange,
Donnie Darko,
Edward Scissorhands,
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
Pan's Labyrinth,
Hot Fuzz,
Shaun of the Dead
I'm a vegetarian, but nobody else in my family is and therefore don't understand it. They seem to have all these misconceptions about what I actually eat, and that it's somehow going to make me unhealthy. Well... I'm a gardener, which is obviously a more physically demanding job than most, I'm also a kickboxer, and since I went vegetarian over a year ago it hasn't affected my ability to fight or do my job at all! Why would you sacrifice an animals life to eat when it is unnecessary to do so??
The chillis are awesome! I think the best album they've done is difinitely Californication! It's one of my alltime fav albums by anyone! Although my fav song (Under The Bridge) is on Blood Sugar Sex Magik.