i sent this message to till

"i sent a few messages to Kaydi and then left a comment on her profile saying that i sent a message then she responded and said she never got any messages from me"
alright it happened again details will follow
when it happens again i will
thanks for the replies all of those are pretty good
Quote by Till From Kenig
But I've recieved your message

You wrote that you can't send a message in a message 0_0

ok you did get it. well it sometimes works. but i can send messages it says i did just the people who i send messages to sometimes don't get the message almost like someone is intercepting them. it was off and on for a while but tuesday may 26th i sent messages to my brother and my friends and none of them said they got the messages. and i dont know why
i sent out messages to my friends and my brother all of whom i know would reply and they didn't get the messages. i called my brother and told him that i sent him a message and he said he didn't get the message. why is this happening
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