My boyfriend's birthday is coming up in February, and he's been wanting a new guitar ever since his broke last year. I don't play guitar, but I know that he really likes Fender and wants a guitar that will plug in to an amp. He pretty much plays his own music for fun, but also likes to play some alt/indie stuff too. I'd like to not spend more than $300 since I'm a broke college kid, so could any of you recommend a decent guitar that fits that price range? Thanks!!
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What do you guys think of this one?
I like it, but I don't.

okay i've been wondering for a looong time how to get the moon and ground together in a picture without it looking terrible. did you just use editing software or something?
for windows use windows moviemaker...
if you have a mac try imovie?

uhh acid pro is great, but i don't think ya want to spend the money
i looked at the thread and thought "hey! this is polish or something!!!" and got really excited...
then i noticed ts just sucks at spelling :/
my thumb does that all the time.
you might be double jointed
my teacher typed "tits" on a test once....
So my group's doing a project on radio/television announcers and we need to get a video clip from youtube...but the block system won't let us through. i've tried a ton of proxies and none of them work.

know of any new ones?
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I know its an AFI song

i love you for actually knowing that
so in my town we have an old goldmine that, every october, gets turned into a "haunted mine." people come volunteer to act as "scharacters" and dress up like dead miners with liquid latex and a bunch of stage makeup and go into the mine to hide and jump out at people who come tour the mine.
it's was loads of fun and i was just wondering if anybody else here has ever worked at a haunted house/cornmaze/trail of any sorts.

share your stories/experiences and whatnot!
i work at nascar speedpark (a go-cart place) in the arcade section.
basically i give little kids their "prizes" and fix games :/

jk it was actually keylime pie yogurt
i'm in broadcasting and making a silent film with WMM right now!

anyways, put the song(or audio) in on the part of the timeline that says 'audio' (it should be the third row from the top)
then make a title thats all black (or whatever color you want) that lasts 10 seconds or so
and then make make the actually title and put it after the 10second clip
it really isn't an incredible movie.
it's alright, and if your interested in movies that mess with your head slightly i would still recomend it.

but it is VERY long and the plot isn't incredibly well done

(in the movie...i havn't read the book)
we should just start a "The ONLY Chavs Thread" already.

i'll trade you one promethazine for a klonopin...

anyways i take excedrin, some other over the counted pain medicine, promethazine and some anit-depressant for my headaches and alubuteral for my asthma.
i'm definitely in!

me and some people are carving pumpkins tomorrow
fake (the second essay looks like the editing was done on ms paint)

but god those were hilarious!
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They can mess with peoples' sigs?

i'm pretty scared
my favorites pussydick
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Oh, I've got an appointment scheduled on Sunday.
Good luck!

Oh? And here I am downing bottles of Tylenol! lol, maybe I'll get some of that by this weekend.

it's not too hard to find illegally, but if you don't want to do that you have to get a doctor to prescribe it
i went to asheville over the weekend and took a few pictures.
so far theres no editing or anything

i've had that same problem for a year and visited multiple doctors who couldn't figure it out.
so i'm going to a neurologist on monday.

but anyways, what my doctors perscribed me was promethazine...and i can't even feel a thing
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Serious subject here, but whenever I see the shoelaces part, I laugh.

"Why'd they take my shoelaces? Just to be assholes."
"Wear those shoes properly NOW, bitch!"

well their probably used to people hating their life there, so if they take the shoelaces the kids can't hang themselves...

just a theory
and i never said grammar was my forte
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I F***ING HATE '08ers.


your an 07er so your not much better
whats the red x.....

i'm dyin here
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I put an E at the 'N of MCAIN?!??!?? mY GRAmER KNOWLG3EGE IS G0N3


Seriously, you're an idiot.

it's McCain dumbass

and thats spelling not grammer...
i actually just took the OLSAT (basically like an IQ test) and i got in the 99th percentile of all the people in the state
although it IS north carolina :/
it's not as bad as chugging extra spicy v8 juice :/

i threw up in my friends garage
i wear them to get rid of my headaches and for reading

gucci they are
i see.

i'm under new member, so once they update the list i'll be under submitted?
almost nobody knows of cursive or the fratellis
and basically all good 90's punk bands :/

nc only recognizes poor metal bands and shitty alt bands.
and lil wayne
i wore my pj's to school.
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I've gotta call BS.

In most states you can't start taking AP classes until your junior year.

To have a 4.7 you would need all straight 100's your freshman and sophmore years. This will only earn you a theoretical 4.5

This year you'd need to be in ALL AP classes (Impossible, just like trying to take all honors also. Many mandatory classes are regulars) this year and make straight 100's also.

Get a GPA calculator.

not true.
i have a 4.5 something rather and i get bunches of b's.
you just have to take all honors classes (gives 1 quality point each) and some AP classes (2 quality points each) and get A's in all your electives/non-honors or AP classes.

basically at our school a 5.0 is the highest you can get

EDIT: i'm also a junior, play guitar and flute, swim, and have 1/2 a social life
okay, so for the challenges who has to participate?

just the submitted or everyone (submitted, nonsubmitted, new members)?

and whats the difference between submitted and nonsubmitted?
to lglagro:
the way i started one of my good relationships was similar to yours.
i'd notice this guy looking at me, and i was looking at him i guess...but one day i just went up to him and started talking to him. and we didn't have any similar aquaintances.
just try to be her friend and talk to her, and if you still like her, ask her out
quick question.

so i find that things are wayy more beautiful at night than they are during the day (especially with the moon) but i can never take an even decent picture at night. they all look amateur and can only capture one certain thing.
first off, how can you get a clear city skyline?
and how can you get the moon both by itself and with other things like houses and trees?
haha i like the cellophane and fruit loops idea