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PS: your carpet looks like a bowl of rice :p does.

This is on my list of things to check out..when I can find one.
No. That's natural. It was double tracked, and one track was the harmony line. It is actually two guitars.
I'd have to agree with the Blues Jr...but then again, I'm biased. Seeing as to how I own one..but the other guitarist in my band has a Crate Palomino V16, and it's great, too.
30 watts tube should be plenty for most're looking at high wattage SS amps..and one of them is particularly crappy.
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Use the edit button, dude..

And on topic, I think the Digitech Hardwire TL-2 would work nicely.
Be prepared for a flood of people screaming "NEW AMP!!!" at you.
But I'd have to agree..
I think he meant have you tried any pedals through your bandit..
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Wow, I'd hate to think what they'd charge if it really was a difficult guitar like my Epi Dot, which has no access to the inside except the F holes.

Local shop screwed mine up (Ibanez AS73) Input jack fell in.. and when I got it out, one wire ripped away from the jack. I send it to the shop, it's out for two weeks. I get it back, plug in..and no sound.

It is the most annoying situation ever.
Used Mesa Mark IV?
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Dude...any Marshall under $1500 is crap. Let me leave it at that. The 1959RR is a variant of the MG, therefore is sucks because it's just an MG with Randy Rhodes' name on it.

Too bad the 1959RR is 4,000 new..
Does this look like an MG?
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the HSS strat?
How does that perform?

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^ wrong its FULL budget.............

I knew that was going to happen..
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They have done, which is just incredibly ironic since it shows you haven't read the stickies.

I don't have a stand by switch, therefore I didn't care, so I didn't remember.
I have read the stickies, thank you.
A few of them I have I read multiple times.
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I knew it was a Diezel when I saw the second pic by the way.

Same here.
Then I got angry.
Then depressed.
Somebody should make a sticky about this.
This seems to be a pretty common problem with them. People here are always talking about it..
Or does it just seem like that?
The American government likes its money..
It doesn't know how to use it correctly, though..

On topic..
Yeah, defiantly check out some cheaper (in the UK) amps, better amp for a lower price.
It's a win-win!
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I don;t use that head, but i ahve amarshall 100dfx, and I find these settings wrok werll on it, so maybe they would be worht a try for you? Anyway:

Bass 4-5

Mids 4-5

Treble 7.5

Gain about 5, or better yet 10 on the clean channel for some more natural overdrive,

No compression. perhaps a compression or Eq pedal might hjelp you with your probelm as well. Hoe that was of some help.

Was that a joke?
Isn't the free shipping over 99 dollars thing to Canada too..??
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an alnico blue is only 15 watts, so you would need a 4x12 with alnico blues to be usable with a 50 watt JCM800. A 100 watt would be too powerful for that.

Your best bet is Greenbacks or Blackbacks if you can find them used.

I don't think that is how speakers work. It isn't the total rating, it is the rating of the lowest speaker, isn't it?
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ceriatone, metropolous, etc.

marshall will never release an "affordable" all tube head. also, with the above clone suggestions, you can get a much higher quality amp for less money.

Every word of it.
It's really fun to play with..!
I really didn't have a chance to do much else with it; but Whammy pedal+chorus+Ebow..
Its cool.
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Yes, do this.

Also, is it me or today was "Boss Metal Zone and Line 6 Spider III's day"

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Make sure you've got all of the pedals plugged in the correct way. I've done that before and I felt like a total dumbass.

Rebels have seven tubes!?
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not this time....he has no budget


*Huge ass list of amps*

+some more i cant remember......
and put them on a cab with Celestion V30's

Buy them all and put them on a cab with Celestion V30's.
I dunno..
Maybe when I saw Blue Oyster Cult..
Extra Terrestrial Intelligence had an awesome tone.
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don't you have that backwards, mr 666? the BD doesn't have the "more drive" channel, i don't think. and the drive channel it does have might be reined back a little too...

But doesn't that "more drive" channel suck?
I'd say Vypyr if it has to be a modeler.
Unless you don't like them.
It is all personal preference.
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No. Mesa = American voiced (except for the Stiletto, which is based on a Marshall). Marshall = British voiced.

Mesa are best for very clean cleans and uber high gain. Marshalls are best for everything in between.

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I didn't understand this.

Because it was a cluster****.
I agree with you completely on the Blues Junior.
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And this is my 10,100'th post.

If you don't post some GAS, it doesn't matter

Just because I was clueless/insecure about my gear knowledge for ehh..a year and three months is no reason to be flaunting..

Anyway, GAS..
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