Well I'm not too picky on that stuff. Thin fingerboard (maple if possible), floating trem, no preference on body wood type.

I know my price range isn't very good for all these specs, but anything that comes close is what I'm looking into. I play melodic death metal so anything that has killer highs but can also deal with lower tunings and such.

EDIT: again, I don't know exactly which specs I'm looking for, which is why I'm asking you guys to give me some ideas so I can kind of narrow it down.
That schecter looks nice.

My preferences: 24 frets, neck thru(if possible), active pick ups.
Ok so my birthday is within the next week and I am looking into getting a 7 string. My budget is around $550. Suggestions? Or if you know a good 6 string for metal, those suggestions would be appreciated too. Thanks
Tell me what you guys think! its in my profile. I'm working on my improv skills, so any criticism is appreciated!
Fleet foxes 2008 album? I think it was '08...
We must build a spacestation and rocket people there?
Really? Creation and Evolution are just two ways of interpreting the SAME evidence. A creationist has just as much faith in there being a creator as an evolutionist has in his belief of the origin of life. Neither have been proven.
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Evolution, why? because its a FACT!!!

and this from an ex-creationist.

Evolution requires faith, as does creationism. Both start with an assumption which cannot be proven. So evolution is not a universal fact.
The Funeral by Band of Horses!
The singer for Fleet Foxes. Don't know his name. If you haven't listened to them, do so.
Christians celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas, as well as everyday really. But these days its pretty much just a commercial holiday fueled by greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. For some people heh.
Some Americans are fat, this is true. Congratulations on your observation.
Power metal is the "nerdiest" music. Because its very fantasy based... for example: and the dragon lurks in the niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiigght!! not iron maiden
Ok I just bought a Spider 4 75w for $300 and I must say the distortion does sound nice for a solid state and I can actually get clean sounds out of my les paul with it. You should check it out. Don't give up on line 6 just because people on here say it sucks.
Imma Tell by Tech N9ne
I applaud your effort good sir. But the pear shall be left in bondage. Nobody can free it.
Oh how I wish the zombie apocalypse would happen. I could hold up in the mall nearby and get eaten... WOOT!
Poor a hot green tea mixture down your nose.
Wait and Bleed by Slipknot is amazing in every way... I dont care if Slipknot are "teh ballz"
eruption... duurrrr.

Children of Bodom's song In Your Face has a short-ish solo.
The end riff of Eyeless by Slipknot is awesome... and there are some awesome riffs in Misery's Crown by Dark Tranquility... though I am now turning this into my favorite riffs...
What... kind of a.... world... do we live in? I am ashamed to be alive in all honesty.
Dooooo eeeeeeet. If you know that the only reason its so cheap is because of the paint job (pj ololol) I would go for it.
about 90% of people where I live wear them... I wear normal/SLIM jeans...
I'm wondering what some GOOD drop B riffs are... something slowish and crushing... I'd say im an intermediate player... Some examples of where Im at and what I can play are Everytime I die - Children of Bodom, Are You Dead Yet? - Children of Bodom, and the crazy train solo, lol.
Man... when heading to ultimate-guitar... I typed ""

anyways... I've never heard any australian metal, any reccomendations??
I think he should make clear if he is or isnt a chritian/religious... he says he is... but he just reversed the abortion policy... so I doubt he is...
If we look back 20 years from now... I don't think we'll think he did such a terrible job...
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Well I wasnt going to lie and then crush his hopes.

He needs practice, is that better?

Yes, lol. Anyway... get creative... lol.
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We dont ****ing care.

Go away.

You are not cool...
I too enjoy Angela Gossow's vocals. Also Corey Taylor of Slipknot.
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i cant wait to see the gibson fanboys say LoL fENdeR sucks LOL, and vice versa

I'm not a fan of Fender or Gibson. ESP!

Worst playing guitar i've ever played was a Shane... forgot what the model was... its completely unheard of.
Cry Of the Blackbirds by Amon Amarth is one of the more epic times in my life.
Name it Winfield Scott... or Reg, Reginald Fairfield!
Eddie Izzard... I think thats his name...
I won't be here... I'll be at a lock-in...