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how can i sing without straining my voice, it always seems really tight and tense and when i try to reach a note (not even a particularly high one) my vocal chords feel like they are ripping! no matter what i sing, after about 10 minutes my voice is completely gone, so am i doing something wrong?

-drink water
-use that diaphragm
Nostradamus/ Future of Mankind for Judas Priest - Nostrdamus.
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A lot of people have unique falsettos, like some people have really raspy falsetto, and some people have like almost siren-like falsettos. Some people just have really weak falsetto and it sounds like they're just barely breaking into it. If you listen to someone with a voice like that, and then listen to mine, you'd feel like you were completely immersed into it, because it's full.

So, to actually answer your question... I have no idea. :x

ive never heard this said but actually its so true.

like Axl Rose has a very raspy falsetto but ppl like King Diamond have very full ones. mines ALMOST siren like. im pretty damn good with a falsetto.
i think it'd be good to memorise the notes but first you gotta get the strings right...

the highest string is the thinnest or high e.

the strings go

e (6)
B (5)
G (4)
D (3)
A (2)
E (1)

so im guessing you know E, A, and e? i wouldnt stress over learning every single note, but it'd be good to get a basic idea if where the notes are.

id focus more on learning scales and chords since theyre more useful in songwriting.
ok i asked a question very similar to this a while back and didnt really get much help so ill try once more but this time try to describe it a little better...

i wanna be able to sing/scream like a standard heavy metal singer. so does anyone know the technique behind singing like ppl like Sebastian bach or Bruce Dickinson?

ive heard ppl describe it as a "whisper with balls and a little extra grit" but i dont know how to add "grit" without useing a black metal screaming technique so if anyone could explain to me how to do so i'd be very appreciative.
so basically i need to know how to turn a whisper into the heavy metal voice.

or if someone knows an alternate way to sing like that i'd like to know.
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ok now these arent gonna be any norwegian black metal bands or anything. but i got to thinking about how much Judas Priest influenced Thrash Metal and i remembered that vid of james useing the helium balloon to make fun of Rob Halford so i decided to start this poll...

so here are some bands and i tryed to pick the bands heaviest song (though im not an expert on all these bands...mostly just JP)

so the songs are:

Judas Priest - Painkiller

MetallicA - Battery

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden - The Trooper

Skid Row - Slave To The Grind
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Judas Priest and King Diamond.
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Just because it's not metal or rock doesn't mean it's not music. You are highly ignorant for thinking so. Also, describe to me "real" music vs. "fake" music.

BTW, I'm not defending the Jonas Brothers here or anything, but then again I can't say they're bad because I haven't listened to any of their music.

while i dont entirely agree with what the person you quoted said he has some points.

ive actually heard some of the jobros (entirely by accident mind you...) and i happen to know that their music does none of the actual legwork and they only make it through extreme amounts of publicity and looks. as well as a few other factors like the sympathy they leech from little girls over that pussy's diabetes.

you dont hear Mick Mars complaining to all HIS fans about his rare arthritis (which i might add is mare more painful than diabetes...)
wow that ashely person in the second post is ****ing stupid.

im sure many of you would back me up in saying that MANY bands sound just as good live as they do on their albums.

i saw Disturbed live a few months back and they sounded BETTER live!

anyways i think they deserved this award. the guy a few posts up would have voted tokio hotel but as much as i hate them, at least they won their success withy just their music where-as the jobros did it with abusive amounts of publicity through disney...
Scott Weiland (sort of)

closest of anyone i know...
pfft stupid rappers... go kick their asses!

if you can play eruption clean i'd go for it.
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I just noticed that when I start singing I kind of struggle with the notes, so when I try to hit some high notes my voice sounds like it shakes, but after practicing for about 45mins, I stop, then come back, and I can hit the notes I want and not struggle.

Is that normal?

yes, those 45 minutes are called warming up...
your singing can also be improved by not eating anything acidic or salty before hand including things like soda, alchohol, and fruit. this temporarily damages the throat and if you sing consistantly after eating these things you can cause permenant throat damage
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I was just wondering, everytime i sing with my band my voice sounds really shakey like I can;t keep it steady. Can someone tell me how to prevent this?

a possible contributor to this would be your pushing too hard either for harshness or volume. stability can be greatly increased by tightening the diaphragm but it also helps to practice singing at the harshness or volume your trying to reach.

or it could be something else completely in which case im afraid i cant help you much...
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Very famous.

ok i hadnt really heard of em til my friend showed me some of their music.
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Not happy with your big ass spikes, coffin case, and "the works"?

i admit it was a stupid thread, i was home sick n bored out of my freakin mind...

but im not a mainstream tool. sure some of my favorite bands are as mainstream as Judas Priest or King Diamond but i listen to alot of lesser known bands too like Turisas or Bathory which arent THAT unknown but still not mainstream. also idk how famous Five Finger Death Punch is but i hav some of their stuff...
no heres the thing.

i have the exact same speakers but the program i used to use had a volume cap set much higher than most programs.
could it be my sound card?
so right now i buy all my metal merch at, anyone know any other good sites like that one?

also does anyone know a good place to get generic metal stuff like leather jackets?
so i used to use Creative Media Player to play music which was ****ING LOUD! like so loud my entire house shook at 32% volume.

i couldnt transfer it to my new pc so now im stuck with iTunes and WinAmp which are good programs but not very loud.

so does anyone know a program that plays music off your computer that are especially loud?
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I need help me and my friend are wanting to start a SOAD type band just for fun. I need help getting tht Serj Tankian opera type voice. I'm in my schools normal and "varsity" choirs and our teacher shows us how to sing classical stuff but how can i better employ tht into my normal singing?

im no expert but for the kind of 'opera' voice as you describe it but still staying lower try to use the mid-back part of your throat. thats what i do when i try to copy his voice. of course he doesnt always do that, just in the mid-low range parts of his singing.

now i need someone to help ME.

im trying to make a good Axl Rose voice but im not completely sure how his voice works (i.e. what parts of his throat he uses, etc)

i can KIND OF do his lower voice like in Knockin on Heavens Door but i need alot of help on his higher voice. so if someone could explain the mechanix of his singing voice for me or any other tips i'd be much obliged...

and nothing like "be an asshole" or "eat cubed ham". ive alredy got plenty of those thank you.
to my surprise i didnt find a thread on this alredy so i made one. if theres one i didnt catch let me know n ill close this.

so anyways post your top 5 or otherwise favorite guitar solos...

mine would have to be:

1. Judas Priest - Ram It Down
2. Yngwie Malmsteen - Riseing Force
3. Slayer - Angel of Death
4. Judas Priest - Nostradamus
5. Judas Priest - Metal Meltdown
in no particular order...

King Diamond - Abigail
Ensiferum - Swords Chant
Judas Priest - Painkiller
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
Dimmu Borgir - The Sacrilegious scorn

EDIT: also
Van Halen - Hot For Teacher
eddie van halen is probably the most influential guitarist in my range of music.
otherwise theres ppl like hendrix and townshend
i can go MUCH higher than axl rose can.

for example i was thinking of posting a King Diamond "Abigail" vocal cover. i can hit every note in that song without sounding squeakish.
alredy am^
lolz thanks.
i was gonna try to get a pretty good axl impression going and so i was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make his voice.

i need tips for the higher... squeakish... voice more than anything.
idk, try torrents.
i downloaded some wintersun when i was trying to find all the good folk metal bands and i agree^

wintersun isnt very folk-ish and arent as good as bands like Ensiferum or Turisas
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Just import an AVI clip into LS maker, and left/right click where the ends of the blade go.

It's a Romeo and Juliet project isn't it? I had to do that, and my group also did lightsabers.

holy **** it IS the romeo and juliet project!

we gotta do the scene where tybalt kills mercutio.
so for an english project i have to do a fight scene in a movie n we were gonna do a lightsaber thing. (no were not SW nerds...)

ANYWAYS... i downloaded ls maker and can make pictures but i was wondering if someone could tell me how to make a movie with it or if theres a better program for that.

and no stop motion tips PLZ!
i can sing and scream and growl.
50cent isnt music... nor is any of that other rap bull****...

try Battle song by Ensiferum, EPIC bass n drumms.

or The Serpentine Offering by Dimmu Borgir

last one i know is Kill The King by Megadeth, sounds kickass with good sub:
i meanlike, on a megadeth album everything sounds clear. its fast but the notes stand out.

it could just be that i had bad sound files but all my sodom sounded like it was recorded on horrible rcording equip and all the notes seemed to bled into each other.

i dont care what kind of music you play it should be recorded well otherwise the listener doesnt get the entire song. even if the music is supposed to be sleazy, trashy, primitive, or whatever it still needs to sound CLEAR. (its a totally dif situation tho if someones mind cant process really fast music which i why alot of ppl think metal is BS. its not that prob with me)
yeh, i use it to "pilot" bands if you will. then if i like them i buy their albums.

i dont use it all the time.
i never really cared for sodom, i thout alot of their albums sounded unproffesional.

but alot of ppl who like them like other bands i do like such as Kreator and Dark Angel. any other bands i can think of right now are too mainstream... im sure youve got plenty of Anthrax and TestAmenT. which IMO are 2 of thrashes very best bands.