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**** you man.

I can't really think of anything that shouldn't be food anymore. I've watched enough travel channel in my day to realize that you can probably make anything delicious.
I'm from maryland. This makes me sad .
Woke up yesterday and decided to drop some acid with a couple friends. This was the first time I've done acid and gotten drunk at the same time and it turns out to be a very crazy combo. Very fun until near the end of the trip where I just wanted to go to sleep (because of the alcohol/passing out) but couldn't because of the acid.

Very fun all together. Not going to take it again unless I have something cool to do though. Just sitting around inside a house was a little...idk, I'd rather be at a concert or something though.
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When I don't feel like working out I watch bodybuilding motivation videos on youtube...though if someone were to walk in on you watching a video of a shirtless 250 pound man working out that would be kind of strange .

For everything else I've kind of just taught myself to suck it up and do it. It's all about discipline man.
I don't have a problem with them. I plan on rushing this coming fall semester.

I will admit that frats do tend to have a very 'bro' attitude...but then again I like getting drunk a ****ing bitches?

To each his own I suppose.
When I was in the army I had to pull 24 hour CQ shifts.

There's really nothing you can do but man up and drink a bunch of red bull.

I guess in your case I would just play video games/watch tv/etc...
Not always. So no.
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I've tried a few times, failed, and haven't been caught. Does this make me a fugitive?

No, just a failure.
Incredibly awkward wording OP.

But no, girl needs to gtfo after.
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im 12 and what is this?

real hungover and lol'd really hard.

**** you 4chan.
I am so hungover. **** all of you.
Not if you want to get laid.
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i already told u! my alarm goes off at that time, and its a phone so i call my friends..

wtf u guys are wierd

Just to be clear, you do not have any purpose of waking them up other than to wake them up?
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If that doesn't work, smoke pot

I don't know about you but I can't socialize when I'm high. I go comatose .
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and I hate hippies. scum of the earth!

I love you .
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it has nothing to do with anything, just that hard work does not mean life is a walk in the park.

I really have no idea what we're arguing about at this point.

But I agree with that statement.

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I've noticed, everyone who complains about people who are lazy and enjoying themselves tends to have your argument, it's an argument from bitterness. ' I have to waste my life being miserable in a job, so should everyone else!!!11 '. This same argument is repeated for anything bad that people have had to put up with, people who support capital punishment in schools usually say 'i had to put up with it, didn't do me any harm, you should too' etc.

I really don't feel like supporting someone who does nothing? If you have a shitload of money and do nothing then more power to you.
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This. I am obese.

Only reason I had breakfast then was because I had to be up at that time .
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Maybe they are protecting us, like how we protect endangered speci.....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I lol'd.
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apparently you've never worked 80 hours a week to pay for a shitty room in the middle of a ghetto. it was super comfortable waking up at 3 am to walk two miles to a bus stop to work a 16 hour day for jack shit. and I had to get food stamps.

the hardest workers get the worst pay and have the most stressful lives. unless you are in some fantasy world where uneducated employees aren't exploited, then never mind.

No but I was in the army and did spend a year in Iraq.

Which is why I'm working hard, going to college, so I NEVER have to work that hard for as little as I got ever. ****ing. again.

edit: and what does that have to do with being lazy.

being lazy =/= a shitty apartment in the ghetto. Being lazy == homeless in the ghetto.
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are you trying to suggest something, sir?

Yes, that being lazy is counter productive to living comfortably.
Used to have them every day.

Now just lunch and dinner.
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I voted no, and I've lived on my own for quite some time.

Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski. Condolences. The bums lost.
I love drinking.

Then again I'm a college student. I would not want to live life sober. It's really just not as fun. No getting around it.
I used to when I was in the army.

Not anymore though. God I'm getting flashbacks just thinking about it.

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Just so I'm 100% sure about this:

You have your alarm set at 5 AM, and call your "friends" to wake them up at the same time that you have to for no reason whatsoever? And you're NOT a dick?

Thats not how the world works, kid.

And this. Jesus Christ this.

I would stop being your friend immediately. I mean that too. You're a huge dick.
Went to party last night blacked out and woke up in my own bed.

Almost got dui?
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This is the entire thing..

We shouldn't HAVE to pay bills and rent, and as for food, we should have some kind of fair trade system, or something, hell if i know.

Point being, i just wanna live. A life in which you work to live another day only to work some more? That aint no life, bro. It's merely existing

Well the thing is you don't get something for nothing. You just don't. If you want something you have to work for it (unless you have a trust fund of course) with the point being that if you make enough money you CAN do whatever the **** you want.

I know I sure as shit don't want to support someone just because they want to hang out, jerk off, and do nothing all day. It's a cold reality but its a reality none the less.

And civilized countries already are lazy in comparison to 3rd world countries. There they work literally to live.

Edit: ITT everyone who voted no has never lived on their own.

Also, I'm being lazy right now. I left my phone at my friends house but am entirely too hungover to go get it. Really counter productive to my interests.
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I'm an individual. I'm not obligated to sustain civilization anymore than civilization is gonna go out of its way to save me. Besides, they'll do alright without me.

You won't do so well without them. Hope your individualism can pay bills, put food on the table, and pay rent.
Hell yeah santa was the shit.

Then I found he wasn't real and have trust issues because of it.
Moral, no? But survival of the fittest. Though in today's world I really can't see a 1st world country expanding it's boarders over just need resources.
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if it weighs less than 1 lb., it is not a tool but instead some facsimile made for people who ARE tools.

i eat my steak and potatoes with a sledgehammer and panel saw.

Same thing goes for food. A steak weighing less than 1 lb. is an appetizer to my REAL steak...which I have for every meal.

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I'm sure that guy doesn't represent the entire gay community in the military.

Yeah, I know but the fact is it's still a very uncomfortable situation to be in. I really don't know how I stand on the issue still. I believe gays should be able to serve it's just that I really don't want the guy next to me talking about how he got dicked down last night...

Like I said, its a really strange situation to be in especially with the mentality that combat arms units have (pussy, cars, guns)

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Well the fact that they can openly serve is all fine and dandy but I know for a fact that if someone goes around talking about how much dick they suck, etc., they will be shunned and ostracized for the most part.

Happened to a dude in our platoon. This guy was a weirdo though so idk. He offered me money to put our beds together.

It just made for a very, very unpleasant situation. He eventually got kicked out for some other shit but if you are a very flamboyant homo it's just a recipe for disaster in a combat arms unit.

It's really just a very strange situation to be in.
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Since I'm 25 and girls aren't as attracted to silly things like guitar players at my age, probably not, but hey you can still dream!

yeah dude girls stopped giving a shit about being able to play guitar when I was like 16.

Now you have to actually be a rock star for it to matter.
Little Wing by Jimi.

It's been my showcase song for as long as I can looks difficult to play so people are usually like 'zomg!'.
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Gator don't play no shit!

I laughed