first of all, what do you mean your friends will **** you over? second, ask her on a non-threatening "date", which means like a coffee date or something. just be like "hey i was just wondering, you wanna go grab some coffee or something tonight/sometime?" you could even ask her to hang out somewhere else, but make sure youre not pressuring her and that its in a comfortable environment that youre going to (NOT A MOVIE! THAT ALMOST NEVER WORKS) somewhere public and cool. maybe think of somewhere that she likes to go, but be cool about asking her (be smooth and be CONFIDENT). and if she says no then just be like "ok thats cool. well i guess ill see you around." or something like that. to be honest, its most likely gonna be awkward afterwards, but dont let that scare you. there are other fish in the sea my friend. its not the end of your life and dont let it take your pride. just be cool. if she is interested then she will say yes unless she has a legitimate excuse (in which case you may try and reschedule but dont be pushy cause she'll think youre annoying. just make sure she has a legit excuse by using your judgment). just be cool and go for it dude. i swear ive put this advice up too many times haha.
yeah i do muay thai, brazilian jiu-jitsu, and have studied some jeet kune do. all of these are excellent choices. i choose to blend them (even though thats what JKD is) and just use whatever method is best for the situation. muay thai is pretty intense and BJJ is definitely fit for almost any fight you get into cause if the guy is to big for you to handle standing up, just take him to the ground and throw him in a choke or break his arm!
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She has been hurt before (emotionally and physically), so I understand why she's afraid. Her last boyfriend was a ****ing jerk who hit her and ****. How would hurting her be inevitable?

i mean hurting her emotionally. somehow you are going to end up hurting her. even if, lets say, you guys break up. it will still hurt her. obviously im not saying taht you will hurt her physically but emotionally you will eventually. tahts all im saying (and every person in a relationship does im not judging u or singling u out or anything like that)
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Because the world isn't black and white
If she doesn't want to get hurt, it may take time before actually commiting to a relationship

yeah thats true. especially if shes been hurt in a relationship before it will be difficult for her to risk getting hurt again, and some girls just wont risk it at all and would rather play it safe. plus i mean you cant promise her that you wont ever hurt her because no matter what you do, it is an inevitability.
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my gf threatend to break up with me because i gave away all my pot, i had a at least 40 bucks worth of it. and since it was to my friends they were all having a grand time without me. here's where things get complicated, they felt bad for me not smoking with them (*i promised my gf on my relationship that i would never smoke if she wasnt there*) and since my gf is grounded there's no way i could have gotten around the promise. well they MADE me take 2 hits, like put the blunt in my mouth and held my nose, so i was like whatever they made me do it, but i didnt smoke any more for the rest of the night. my gf ask me what happened at the party so i told her, and she said she thinks she's going to break up with me and i havent talked to her since. this is bullcrap what do i do?

dude i dont think that the relationship is really worth it if shes gonna go and threaten to break up with you for a reason like that. cause if she threatens to break up with you for a ridiculous reason now, she'll do it again about something else. and its never good to be wrapped around someones finger like that, always scared that if you mess up again that she'll break up with you.
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not really. just try to get some actual time in with her. like maybe go out to eat or get coffee afterwards.

yeah thats what i would do. that gives u some time to just chill out and talk to her in a fairly relaxed environment. personally i wouldnt go to the movies on a first date but thats just me.
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Ok, so I'm trying to figure out why it is so awkward for me to talk to a hot girl I don't know. It's not the act of talking to her, but it would just feel weird if I went up out of nowhere and said "Hi". I keep thinking the conversation would be really weird and end abruptly. I have no classes with her and I only see her at lunch, and she's with friends so that would be even more awkward. I mean if she came up to me and wanted to talk about the most touchy political or relgious subjects, or even my penis, I wouldn't have a problem. It's just me initiating the conversation. I do know someone who knows her, I could probably ask him to introduce me or something, but then I feel like I'm being a wimp. Does anyone know why I feel like this and could you provide any advice?

to be honest, i would just go up and start a conversation with something simple. observe her for a bit (not in a creepy way) and compliment her on something simple (dont go up and be like "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL" cause it doesnt really work ive tried it before haha). well, actually before i go on, do u ever see her outside of school?
OOOOO DISS!!! haha jk slann101. im more like you actually i look more for a good relationship rather than sex (mainly cause im abstinent until marriage)
no dude (slann101) dont feel like that. if she does shut u down, try not to make a big deal out of it. be totally cool and nice about it. just remember that there are plenty of other girls out there, believe me. think of it like this: the worst that could happen is she says no, you know that shes not interested, and life moves on. there will plenty of other opportunities to get other girls. at the very least you will never regret not having asked her (because its a common regret to have not asked someone and wonder what could have been). plus, a lot of times a girl will say yes but guys decide not to ask because theyre too scared. girls wait for a guy who has the balls to actually ask them. so yeah a bunch of random advice but i hope it helps.
dude first, i dont know if he'd hunt u down. if hes the jealous type its a possibility but i highly doubt youre gonna get ur butt kicked. i can almost guarantee it.

second, if the conversation goes well, ask for her number before she starts to walk away, but be chill about it and dont seem like ur desperate (be nice and cool, and if she turns u down, dont freak out. be nice about like 'o thats cool thats cool i dont wanna be like too straightforward. well see u around.') but yeah be cool and ask in the way that i told u before and that should work but it doesnt work like that for everyone so dont kill me if it doesnt work haha. good luck bro youll do fine.
well rhyan ill be honest it does seem like she digs you a bit if shes saying that stuff. and if shes been on and off with this guy then it could mean that she still digs him or she still kinda likes him but is maybe looking for someone else and he is just kind of filling in so that she is with someone instead of being alone. and have u told her that u kinda have feelings for her?

oh yeah and wiht your friend it depends on how he is as a person. i think youd know if u could tell him or when and how to tell him. if u get with her he will find out somehow. i think he might appreciate u telling him how u feel rather then having him find out that u guys r goin out if u guys ever get to that point.
urik, it could be that she may feel uncomfortable just meeting a guy by herself, or it could be that she wants her friend to meet u. there are like 100 things that she could be feelin so i couldnt really tell u anything else for sure sorry dude
ok... that conversation between u and female A is kinda wishful thinking. the idea is good, asking her what time it is, but dont ask her to be friends cause thats kinda creepish, or at least she'll think so. get into a conversation with her about anything ( it should be something taht she is or would be interested in, just observe her for a little bit while talking to her and compliment her on something). then when the conversation has gone somewhere, when u or she is about to leave, just be like 'hey, i know we just met and i hope im not being too straightforward, but maybe we should hang out sometime and continue this conversation.' then maybe try and get her number or myspace or facebook or somehting like that.

for ur other question, again dont ask to be friends, but just be nice to her and keep talking to her. i guarantee her bf knows about u, but i dont think hed come and beat you down thats pretty immature for someone to do. just use ur judgement on that one.
dude thats a really crappy situation. did she have a boyfriend before she asked u to prom or did she just get one?

well actually, i think the best thing to do is forget about that whole thing because im pretty sure that it would always be a bad deal if shes your best friends sister. think of the consequences if you guys did stuff and he found out or if you guys broke up i think it would cause a lot of problems between u and ur buddy.
well... hmm... i know that i get nervous and stuff too, or at least i used to when i was single. i know its so effin cliche to say but half of it is having confidence. but other than that, just try to be cool about it. like i would probably be like 'hey i was just thinking... you and i have been in class and have never really gotten to hang out or anything, ya know? so if youre not busy sometime, do you wanna go to starbucks or something?' you know, something like that thats real cool and not too intimidating or awkward. and getting over the extreme nervousness is best achieved by just getting it into your head that youre awesome and she will want to go with you. dont be cocky or stuck-up, but dont feel intimidated, cause girls are like animals (they can sense fear). above all just be friendly and cool, DONT BE A CREEPER! thats kind of a lot but yeah i hope that helps some.

P.S. dont be all bummed out or awkward to her if she doesnt say yes or if it doesnt go well. just be cool about it. she could be diggin someone else or be goin through some stuff or somehting like that. be nice to her afterward still, cause u never know if things will change, cause tahts what happened to me (just dont overdo the niceness)
have u tried talkin to urself and goin through the motions before u go and ask her out? like practicing what ur goin to say? (btw Preid's avatar is grey fox or the ninja from Metal Gear Solid)
well are you the kind of nervous that you crap yourself or make yourself look stupid every time youre around a girl or is it just slight uncomfortableness?