what do you use as a recording program?
I covered "You Were The kIng But NOw you're unconscious by atreyu. first one up : for more covers
agreed with madcarp. Exact same chords
i woul just give you the links to my channel, but i have some ****ty old ones, so ill just post some

Deliver Us From Evil -Bullet for my valentine

A Light In A Darkened World - Killswitch Engage

I Almost Told You That I Loved You -papa roach

Alive N Out of COntrol - Papa ROach


Plz rate 5 stars, cause theres someone thats been rating one star, so its in 3s or 4s
lol corrupt didnt know you had ug acc
I already saw all of them
Trivium, down from the sky
i updated my tab(not ptb) but it denied nearly 5 times
Can you even contribute interviews?
trivium hard ass
i have twice
i would really like to get at leats an accept or decline, i dont care but its nerve racking
but its waiting... for 3 months
i need an answer
lol... no... its on tuning the guitar
I posted a freakin lesson since december and it still wont deny nor accept....
there is "The rules" in this forum and you can get banned
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Did you post it in the UG contribution forum first?

you don't exactly have to post first
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The email was meant to be telling you that your warning expired

mmm well my email said: "congragulations! you are now out of the warning blah blah blah"

it happened to me
just activate your account again

possibly you got banned
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see if you can update firefox

you can do that or try downloading a different kind of internet browser.
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Pit posts don't count. Nor do those in the Newbie forum.

Well Just Counted..... 55
well if the page contained more than one pic or had words and links, it won't work. You have to only have the picture with a blank, white background
Well in my profile it says i have 48 forum posts. So when I go to the link it says 1-30 out of 128.

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why would you relate the 2? other than the american fad of metalcore (oxymoron). hardcore's not metal.

well i had no more options to write down
the pit is readful! :O
you can search from keywords and type in words for things thats your interseted in
if not jpg then size it down in Macromedia Fireworks, Paint etc.
banned because there are also drummers and you didnt mention it
baned because why are you on ultimate guitar if you playing drums
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banned for being late

banned for pointing that out
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Scratching my nuts...seriously.

mm well that's nice