Rainmeter. Get on it.
I guess Clarks Desert Boots wouldn't be your flavour?

Goby - Kaki King
Al Harrinton's listed as out for two weeks which is still before the start of the season. Keep him?

rate me:

Just so you know, lebron and kobe were both unintentional... No one bid against me when I was raising the price.
There's a new room name? gah! I never post in the forums anymore, how am i to know this?

BTW: Axe, where'd you go? Room 31 has 16 right now.
oh wow... I feel stupid now lol, the name was wrong... thanks richard
do u have the delay settings by any chance? or does anyone?
I don't have much to write since i have absolutely no idea, I'll just get straight to the point.

How? HOW? HOW!?, no seriously how do i play the intro to this song I'd hazard to guess that i need a kill switch or delay pedal. if anyone has the tabs or can talk me through it id really appreciate it thanks
likes to kill the whales burn down trees and wage war for the sake of it.
I feel really bad for asking you guys, but i'm hopeless at transcribing.
So does anyone have Ballad for Dead Friends by Dashboard Prophets on either GP or PT or have the time to tab it out? theres a tab file in the archive but i cant figure out the correct rhythm.

greatly appreciated if someone could help out
thanks in advanced
with a blood angel pool. like a snow angel but in blood.

but seriously, old age and in my sleep sounds nice
Hard Rock Cafe Tee's are the only way to go mate. that way ur a surething, no fakes would wear them.
The trooper, it isnt very hard, just start at a lower tempo and build up. within 2-3 days u'll be up and running of course im not talking about the solo though
i can see the strat holding up for longer, but i can assure u quality wise that the LP, although not too different, is a better make. if ur beginning, and are sure ur serious about this, i'd say get another, better quality guitar because for some, the first guitar can be a great factor in how much one is inspired to play it. sadly this is often the case

hopefull taht made sense sorry.

in summary: get the strat, u have much more options for sound with it or get a higher end beginners guitar if u one who often is discouraged from playing low end pieces of wood.

you can always go for other brands, NEVER buy a guitar, just because of the label that comes along with it. look into copies and such, u might save alot of money and have a guitar of similar quality.

have it against a taut rubber band and creat a massive rube goldberg chain leading up to the launch
kokomo - beach boys
don't ask me why... and thanks for getting it back in my

First 150 ftw
New Jersey


Pennsylvania? only cause i'm an Eagles fan! ****ing cardinals...
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Don't forget American Pie.
Also she was in a certain(pr0n type vid)

that wasn't her thankfully.
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Source? Link? Information of any sort that could help me in my quest?

sorry mate

Boredom over the holidays + Nostalgia = Buffy + How I Met Your Mother
= Willow + Lily
= Alyson Hannigan (34)

I dun care what yous think :P
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I realized a week ago that what I've been doing with my new Washburn guitar that I got a month ago was just playing around but not practicing... sort of.
I was playing simplified versions of Sunshine of you Love, White Room, Purple Haze, Iron Man, Ain't Talkin Bout Love, and so on.
I can play Seven Nation Army very well (which is nothing to you veterans out there) and figured out how to play the bass part in the beginning of the riff with just palmmuting harder.
I enjoy Sunshine of Your Love, and I think I'm okay with it.
Still a novice though, a real newb, when I noticed that I tried the usual chord progressions and noticed I can't switched between C, G, and F at all.
I can do C to G7, but can't come back.

The real problem: can't press the G string at all, even reaching it is difficult.
I can do it, but it's painful and I have to concentrait to not let it buzz.
I had a deja vu at that moment three years ago in science class where we measured our hand-span, and my hand was smaller than most of the girls'.
I have small hands, that's the truth.

I guess I should practice, what do you guys think?

i have small hands too mate, but practice and in time you'll be able to do anything anyone can do. Eric Johnson (who is also my idol) doesnt have that biggest hands but what he does with the guitar is amazing. look him up if u already haven't
$15 AUD for Ernie Balls, but im experiementing still

btw does anyone any good brands that sell wound G strings?( noob question )
i'm capped right now, but look up derek trucks - desdemona solo
this reminds of matrix, and i have to admit this thought has crossed my mind. but it was nothing more than a thought whilst my brain was idle
I'm listening now, will get back to you

EDIT: good song, good lyrics, didn't connect, sorry
Quote by FelixJZ Crazy ****.

Theres my life in a nutshell. I'm in highschool and not allowed to go sleepovers. I know they're doing it for my well-being, but jesus I wish they'd let me have some fun.

there there brother, i know what you're going through
Australia is Awf-some!! but really now... Can I please come into the pit and not see a thread about Australia every week? get over yourselves please. BTW: I'm an Aussie
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I'm pretty sure I'm ignorant on this subject, but from what I see, Chinese families tend to push themselves way too much. It seems so unappealing to me.

Now can someone who knows more about east asian culture correct me.

First hand experience right here mate, on being the victim of being born into my family... but seriously even though i get so much **** for having to do well in academics and things i wouldn't go as far as killing others or anything of that sort, and i have had a violent past.. i just remind myself time after time that in a few years i'll be out of this hole that is my home.
HIMYM is great! Slap Bet anyone?
EDIT: ffs i cant get the images to load...
I wouldn't change mine.
but Barney_Stinson! would be a cool name imo
i buy cds but then i just rip them onto my comp anyway. and they just collect dust...
Great... haha
I'm probably going to just stick around here then
I wish i'd brought something to do...

EDIT: great now it raining... hot humid rain..
I've been on holidays here for 3-4 days now, and i'm getting pretty bored, is there anything to do here guys? if anyone has BEEN here can u tell me somewhere to go or do? sorry if im coming off as a git but im super tired from the heat...

much appreciated.

EDIT: any good bands around here?
More Importantly, What subs did you do? or what will you do if you're not year 12.
Im doing, Eng, Methods, Spec., Physics, Accounting, Bio 3/4 next year for yr 11
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Look at the very bottom of your music library

... my library was empty, it was the first thing i tried to add
Eric Johnson Fo Sho
It's your choice to shorten your life span...
1 cup of cereal, 1 egg (raw), 500ml of milk, strawberries, 1 banana. Blend. Do it