Why? I'm fairly intrigued with it, and the shop is 100% it's the biggest instrument retailer in my country
and the body itself is thinner
Hey guys, well I was in a music shop the on the 23rd and I spotted what looked like an Ibanez RG350dx(white), I used to own one so I went to check out the price, but then realized it wasn't a RG350DX, from afar it looks just like it. The differences are the paint on the body is a matt type anti-gloss. The neck is thinner and there is a team J-craft logo on the back of the headstock, but it isn't a prestige. The label(put on by the shop) said it's a RG450DX, but it's quite different. Might anyone know what model of Ibanez it actually is thanks! Sorry didn't think to take pics
My one female friend's ex was drunk at a club one night and called her a little *****, then I said hey don't talk about her that way, (it's not like she cheated on him or something) then he asked who the **** are you (Earlier she said that he said he was going to beat up her next boyfriend thus) I said I was her boyfriend then he grabbed me by my shirt, I was just ready to punch him a new nostril when his friends started pulling him away and mine screaming "Pussys!" ...couldn't find him later
Yea, I you can pull-off using just your fingers. How long have you been playing? ...Thought I wasn't going to tell you how, didn't you?? haha, sorry I'm tired, anyway, like the upward flick you do when you tap do the same, but downwards with the finger you're pulling off from. Just be sure not to bend the string!!
Okay, well I've decided on my first build... finally. I decided on a Ibanez Fireman shape (Big Paul Gilbert fan!), But I want to throw on a 24.75 scale 24 fret neck. Does Anyone have a schematic for it perhaps? been searching my ass off!!! thanks guys!
Well this is the most abstract thing I've ever written, I usually keep a notepad with me and this is some of my thoughts on the same subject thrown together, with little editing Anyway let me know what you think, be harsh if applicable. Thanks!

Frightened glances lead the line
the old, the soon to be forgotten, those out of time
Brightened eyes soon turn dark
the young, those awaiting to leave their mark

This cancer spreads, far and wide
killing innocence ahead of time
kids on the streets, without a guide

Look at what we made
it's beautiful as you said it would be
but, it's only beautiful to you and me

it's glorious like mid-summer murder
well it might leave a lasting wound
but hey, who cares if it's for the greater good?

That's what you said
Tell me that it's what you said

"I never meant for this"
-"But, it's what you wanted"
"No, this... this isn't"
-"But dad... I did it for you"

You can try you're hardest to live up to your mold
the one you're put into to grow into when you are old
you'll still always fall short, you were meant to fall short

Now we all try to recall the missing frame
where you were told it's not a game
but it's rarely there to be found
and the vacancy will leave us forever bound
Okay, well I've decided to learn to play drums, I've learned some stuff at my friend and ex, so I can read the scores. Anyway was wondering if the Guitar Hero drums have the right scores on 'em. I would buy an actual set but I have to wait a few months until I move out of my mom's house and I don't want to irritate my new neighbors by learning from scratch at my new place. Will the Guitar Hero drums improve my skills? I'm guessing yes, but how much? Is it worth it?
Thanks Pit
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Who has prom in october?

I'm in South Africa, it's almost summer now
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You've got purple and you haven't gone for the obvious choice of pimp suit? Dayuuum.

Seriously my first choice!!! But I don't have enough money
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What colour is your skin?

Caucasian... Bit o' tan
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I can't help you with colours, I can help you with colors though.

Good day sir, I hail from South Africa and we use proper English here.
Damn, I wanted a more British sounding comment. Anyway that's the queens English, that's how we spell here
Okay, I feel pretty stupid posting this, anyway. I'm going to prom in a week and I don't have a shirt-tie combination yet. My girlfriends dress' colour is something like this:

I've got a black suit, any ideas for shirt- tie comb?
Quote by Karel Juwet

Everyone tries to lay the pieces
from the white-jacketed scientists
to rough-handed labourers.

I love these lines!!

But I think
Every kid has put his hands on us
and cried frustratedly.
I think you should add a line here..
Even god asked his son to solve the riddle
but no living soul has seen the picture yet.
...And here, for rhythm, ya know?

anyway I like this piece, I wrote something similar a while back but used clay as the metaphor and molding instead of turning. A job!!

Change of Pace
This is where I casually burn all of my mistakes
Bless my integrity as it quietly re-awakes
Take me for what I am I'll take you, this is true
Save me from what I was, with my life I'll save you too

I'm falling again
rewrite all you know
rewrite your diagnosis of me

I'm sinking deeper
we've had some time to grow
we've had some time to fall in love

You know this isn't as scary as you want it to seem
But I wouldn't ever blame you if you just want to scream
If we're careful we can make it without a crack of the floor
If I'm careful you won't turn back to the door

This is where we carelessly throw the past away
Regain our unity, forget about the fray
captivate me with your subtle grin, my head spins
vindicate me, let's chalk this down as a win

Our hearts are racing
we're doing it right this time
we're doing everything it takes

Our feet grow lighter
Bodies touch in the glimmer of light
Bodies touch in an endless flight

The track in PC generated... My recording quality REALLY SUCKS, some crit on the comp would be cool! thanks.
Change of Pace
Okay well first off there are two ways to improv, one way is soloing over the track: that's where the scale you're using changes over each chord change of the rhythm. The other way is soloing through the track where you only use the scale of the key signature. The latter obviously sounding more bland, not wrong, 'cause all the chords are in the same key, but it's a good place to start. You'll have trouble finding 'slow progressions' in jazz, the slow progressions in jazz are mostly 2 chords per bar throughout the song with a 1 chord per bar every now and then.
Anyway yea, you can start out by soloing through. I personally went straight for the soloing over, just embedded the shapes of the scales I needed(took the correct dorian mode of every chord, chose the shapes so that they're close to each other) in my mind and worked my ass off!
Anyway good luck
Okay, here's the skinny: I'm looking for a new Multi-effects processor and I've narrowed it down to these 3: Line 6 POD X3 Live, Boss GT 10 and Zoom G9.2tt.
At the beginning I was set on the Zoom because of the tubes(and the fact that I had a Zoom when I started out and I remember it was really cool) but I have a G2 and this thing just keeps on giving trouble... Maybe just a one-time mistake? Anyway in my quest to find the best one suited for me, I visited all kinds of forums.. read reviews ect. And I'm going to test all three next week.
Now, the question I'd like to ask you guys, how good is the USB recording quality of these? This is something I can't test in shop and the internet just keeps on contradicting itself.
Would be great help. Thanks Guys
Ahh, that's good, I felt like a douche when I wrote my comments. Anyway, first, I think you should get the basics down. But try writing something with a progressive story.
Okay, well I'd like to give you some constructive criticism.. but it's going to be hard not to sound harsh with this one.. it's pretty crappy.

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Hi all,

Enchants of an Angel 'Enchants' is a verb.. try something like enchantments

[Verse 1]
Stop playing games with me;
I can still die for you. I like the first two lines
Help me; I am still enslaved,
It’s Like digging my own grave.

[Verse 2]
Shouldn’t be doing this,
But I have a heart that beats.
What have you done,
should have shot me with a gun. This is just a bad forced rhyme

Get out of my head,
still I can hear…
What all you said. Bad grammar

Enslaved in love I was More bad grammar, c'mon man, unless you sound like yoda this will never work
you were my angel
now a BITCH is all you are
I was blind in your love.

[Verse 3]
U stole someone else’s love,
won’t be able to love again.
Heart weeps tears of blood,
for mistakes I have done. don't 'do' mistakes, you make them

Get out of my head,
still I can hear…
What all you said.

There are many, many more mistakes.. sorry to say, but, this is really bad... Go read some books, poems and songs. Try to get a feel for it.. Right now you're a bad lyricist.
I was in the same situation, wrote something, posted it, got an array of negative crit from the other UGers. But it helped.. So please don't hold it against me, rather do some research, write something amazing and prove me wrong.
Rise Against
It took me a while to get it right, but after this tip I got it. Take something you do a lot every day. Like looking at the time, now every time you look at your watch in real life ask yourself "is this a dream?" it will happen in your dreams as well and then you have your lucid dream. Happy sleepings
These are pretty trippy lyrics... what style is the instruments? But, I liked it. I just think it could use an extra verse for an outro, just dosn't seem done to me. but it's good work!
It came to me in a dream
told me to go back to everything
I always thought I knew
now it turns out that was true

I climbed a mountain in this dream
the sun was setting in the east
contradicting everything
this world was different, it would seem

High on top, I saw a silhouette
a man screaming out a name
begging him to stop
while this name brought only shame

the sun was lighting up the ocean
in the depth beyond my feet
the moon was glistening purple
against the labyrinth of trees
on the horizon where they meet
the clearest message made me weep
it made me see the only way
it showed me the light of day
I like it very much, only part I didn't really was the interlude. the contrast between forgetting the past and remembering what was said is making me feel uneasy.. don't know how else to put it. Maybe just like 'But I'll always remember what you asked me long ago'. I'm no master writer so don't take the line to heart. maybe just something to point out it's the one thing to remember. Anyway, I think down to the river would be better, as far as I know Appalachia is a mining area in the Appalachian Mountains, unless I'm mistakin, it doesn't really keep to the mood. oh, last thing. The last two lines are also bothering me, why the change from black to white? I understand the idea of afterlife being filled with light, but, the rest of the lyrics suggest an amazing love and I can't really see the 'dark' in that. all in all good stuff, keep up the writing!!
Just on the read I don't like it very much. But I believe it could be pulled off nicely with two vocalists. One harmonic and one more fast rough-ish. anyway. Rate some of my other stuff? c4c of course! 6/10 for lyrics
It's pretty awesome, I think if sung in the right way you can still work the line with 'bullshit' in well. 8/10
It's By Luis Bonfa. It's pretty urgent as I need it for a jazz audition at the university. Anyone got links to an Mp3? or maybe made a backtrack that you can post? Thanks, would be great help
Listen to me, come up close
it's going down now
something I can't diagnose
the sweat's dripping from my brow
light it up and let it burn
don't take the drag now
delight's something that you've got to earn
let's turn it all around

falling off the deep end, it's hard to play this role
pieces seem to shatter as they hit the ground
living in a dream, it's easy to lose your soul
feeling ecstasy is something so profound

Do you feel like you fail everything,
everything you've ever tried?
then you're like me
I'm sorry I let you down
let's turn this all around
close your eyes...
I'm making it better now

I feel like it's been burning
the silver off my tongue
it's starting to feel discerning
I can't talk like I used to
like my final song has been sung

Is this hope just a figment of my imagination?

falling off the deep end, it's hard to play this role
pieces seem to shatter as they hit the ground
living in a dream, it's easy to lose your soul
feeling ecstasy is something so profound
nobody's gonna tab it for you, we're all gonna group together and cut your hands and ears off... you don't deserve them!
well good day then
BMI is really really useless. I used to be fat and was just in the average sector so I thought it wasn't so bad (until I lost the weight and checked out old pics and measurements) , now I lost weight and gained a good amount of muscle muscle.. Wondered why I was so light.. turns out my bone density is shit.
So F+ck BMI ...I'm rambling haha

5'11 143 lbs
nah, I personally don't really mind any beliefs... most christians do though.. stupid assholes won't even hear what I believe in they just say: "you're going to hell" and a dude told me that my blasphemous will lead to my murder.... strange
This could be one of the most genius tactics to get your songs heard, not saying that it is, but, if it is: then you sir, are a god.

Anyway your song isn't bad at all *rips audio from youtube* ...thanks =D
Mine's actually a show in a movie. Strange wilderness in strange wilderness.. ****ing hilarious!!
If any one of the two I'd kill myself
Calafornication... Hands down
Yes, I know... the vuvuzelas are the worst ...I have to live with it every day of my life!!
Yea, after I do all the begging for the cash I'll be able to go test it before I buy it.
Well I like it, cause I can turn it off... Do you guys know how much it sucks to actually live in South Africa? sometimes I'm awake in bed at like 3am and I hear people blowing on those ****ing vuvuzelas.
A while back I was looking for a new Axe and I wanted 24 frets then I saw the tempest custom on the schecter site, and the white version's picture had 24 frets.. but the description was 22 and the black version's picture had 22. Then I e-mailed the Schecter supplier in SA but he never replied so I bought me an ESP LTD EC401. Does anyone know if a tempest Custom 24 fret exists?