If you are handy with a solder iron any of the three
button Peavey switches can be converted, the pin lay out for your amp is as follows:
Pin 1. Bypass/Clean LED on footswitch
Pin 2. Reverb Led
Pin 3. Ultra/Crunch LED on footswitch
Pin 4. Ground/Common
Pin 5. Clean/Bypass
Pin 6. Reverb
Pin 7. Ultra/Crunch
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And to add Mesa's never do it for me in person especially for the price...

They sound great on Mesa recorded albums but just not my cup of tea in a real life scenario.

I felt that way untill I demoed the Mark V, the price is a bit steep, but considering how versatile it is and the amps detail I think its worth the sticker price. Also in America the used market on the DC series, F series, Nomads, and older Marks, all run around or under 1000 dollars, and all in thier own respect are awesome amps. I am really GAS'n for that Nomad I did a review on, it was much easier to dial in than the Mark V and almost as versatile, it didn't sound as detailed and was looser feeling, but its only 750 dollars, and would rip my Triple X a new one as far as midrange detail is concered. TS for you a Mark IV, Mark V, Mark IIC+, and posible a Mark III are the amps you need to look into.
Orignials where made of swamp ash, alder and yellow pine, the main reason they used yellow pine is becuase of it abundace and price, they only used it for a few years. Swamp ash is the most disereable tone from a vintage Tele, although I prefer Alder, swamp ash would be the "classic" tone choice. IMO
90+USD to change preamps tubes I always wanted to try out some Cavin stuff but it never been popular in my area. I must admit that looks to be an epic preamp, HNAD
+1 Van, although it could be a fluke thing, sometimes fuses blow with no apparent reason. I would replace the fuse, if it blows again you know for sure somthing is wrong.
^One heck of a deal, enjoy the new amp!!
It was V3 that went bad right? If so it doesn't really mater which 12ax7 you use, that tube really has little effect on the tone, V1 and V2 change you tone the most, use a what ever you have available, JJ 12AX7s are pretty decent tubes, but in V3 any tube you use will have very little effect on your tone, so its not that impotant which brand goes in that position.
900's were never my thing, but I heard some live that really sounded good, hope you like it.
^ You always jump at the chance to post some CL finds don't you. I don't live in OH, I would only drive there if a Mark V was $775, not a Nomad, or a Recto, both are always available in the used Springfield MO Market, which is only 30 min away at 80 MPH. Rectos arre not my thing at all,
^A Nomad right?, or a Mark V, I would drive to OH to get a Mark V for $775. Thats seems to be pretty close to the going rate for the Nomads, the 55 combo I tested was $750, I have seen them on ebay as low as 600, but the used amp market is pretty tough right now, good values are getting tougher to find. Still for 775 it's an awesome amp, seems like most "budget" three channels have a flaw in on of the channels, but I could not find anything I could not work around in this Mesa, they are for sure a hidden gem in the amp world.
^I really thought my Triple X > Nomad, but now for me I think the Nomad is the beter amp, and it would suit me better, I love high gain tones, but with the music I play the Nomad's versatilty and epic mid gain tones are really are up my ally. Don't get me wrong the Nomad has plenty of gain, but the lowend is more loose than I would prefer, athough as I stated before, I might be able to help it some, but most likly its going to be looser sounding high gain amp no matter what, which isn't really a bad thing, it just not what I prefer. Similar situation with the TX, it can do a good metal tone on both channels, but it strugles with mid/low-gained tones, it also lacks the midrange detail of the Nomad, and no matter what, my settings always sounds like a Triple X, which again is not a bad thing, its just not what I going for. The Mark V on the other hand, is the best of both, and if I had no budget restrictions would be the amp I would get.
Quote by thrasher.
The gas I have for a Mark V right now is through the roof.

Nice reviews btw, I've played the Nomad myself and was not a fan.

I thought the Nomad had a lot in common with the Mark V. Low-end was not as tight but the overall voicing was similar, the lower gain tones on the Nomad were some of the best I have heard from Mesa.
^Hope you enjoy it, they are great little amps.
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IMO, the Mark V sounded a hell of a lot better than the Mark IV. The cleans were much improved and R2 sounded amazing.

That was my thinking, but I have not sit down with the Mark IV, so have little room to compare, but thought the cleans and Channel two where really good.
^ I had played a Nomad 100 about 2 years ago, and I remembered that I liked it, but I could not remember all the in and outs, they are stealler little amps, IMO much better than the rectos.
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Very nice reviews.

So would you say all the channels are usable on the Mark V? I know channel 2 on the Mark IV was just absolute utter crap.

Yeah man channel two was great, It not as brutal as channel 3, but why would anyone want two brutal channels, thats what I hate about the Triple X. Honestly thats not what this amp is about, for low-high gain I thought channel two kicked ass. I didn't have a ton of time to mess with it but in ten minutes I found low, mid and high gain tone that all sounded killer. It may not have enough sateration for all but I thought it had plenty of gain.
^The Nomad was great, it was much simplier to EQ than the Mark, the tones I was looking for where reall easy to find, were as the Mark, I was searching with some whacky EQ to make it work. For the money the Nomads are awesome and are killer deals, if I could tighten up the low-end it would be the amp for me, I really liked it.
Well I got to try out a couple mesa amps, as well as some others while my wife was shopping. First the Nomad 55; I had already tried the 100 watt version a while back, and just could not resist giving this used 55 watt combo a go. Channel one is clean, typical mesa here, pushed or clean it sounded great, responded very well to pick dynamics as well as guitar volume and tone knobs. Overall nice channel, should suit anyone, as long as they are not expecting a Fender. Channel two is very articulate and can get some great low gain-mid gain tones, I found many tones on the channel that just rocked, any thing from slight breakup to 80's hair metal is all in this channel. What impressed me the most about this channel is it's dynamics with a Mid gain tone, the amp really responded like I was pushing the power tubes, pick light with the volume rolled to half and the amp was pretty clean, dig in and it gets super gritty, turn the volume up and dig in it sings for days. Very nice channel. Channel Three overlaps channel two, and takes it to the next level, I really only messed with getting a high gain tone since really channel two filled the bill nicely for mid gain, but did get some really nice mid gain tones out this channel, but I focused on getting a real heavy tone. Switching the voicing to modern and turning the gain up to about 6-7 I found a good metal tone, the eq really responded well and would allow a lot of tone shaping. The midrange detail was great, reminded me a lot of a Mark IV in that, but with the bottom end of a recto. That’s really what turned me off from this amp; it was awesome until I messed with the high gain tones. Now giving the amp the benefit of the doubt it was an open back combo and I only spent 30 minutes with it without really cranking it, with a nice closed cab it might tighten up a bit as well as turning up the power amp. Overall I really did like the amp, honestly equally as well as my Triple X, I like the low-end voicing better on the TX, but the versatility and mid gained tones butt rape the TX, really made the TX look like a one trick pony, even though it's far from it.

The Mark V was awesome I was very intimidated with all the switches and knobs, and really never even got to the rear panel, other than to mess with reverb and channel switching. Channel one typical Mesa, but really improved gritty tone, had all the qualities of the Nomad, it just seemed do it a little better. Channel two was classic Mesa lots of grit, and plenty of saturation and versatility, most people would love an amp with just this channel, I cannot compare to a Mark I or II because I have never demoed them, but I thought the channel sounded great and work well for any style other than some metal heads, but I though it had plenty of gain with the right settings even on this channel. Channel three I really only focused on a high gain tone, the amp really sounded great, it took me 15 minutes of tweaking to get a tone that was in the ball park, but after turning the treble all the way down and shaping the bass and mid voice I really liked the results, I ending up turning the treble up to about 1.5 with the mids at 5 and the bass at 7 and thought it sounded killer, lots of detail, Mesa roar, with tight low-end. Really odd EQ setting but it works. I wish I could have spent more time with it but in 45 min, I was happy with the tones I got out of it, there are many more settings that would probably work, but time was not on my side. I never had messed with any other Marks, only heard them in demos and in live setting, it was nice to get my hand on one and mess with it, personally loved it. I really would like to try a Mark IV since most people are saying V<IV, regardless I thought it was a great amp and I would love to have one.
For 400 dollar I would buy it, if you didn't like try to sell it for around 500-600 (depending on condition), really you have nothing to lose at that price.
I start on the 12th, it will most likley be spring before the new building is done. The new store will be much larger and nicer, the old store was awesome but was they really had grown out of it, the new one will be twice the Square footage with a second level for lessens and whatnot. 311 if your ever close to springfield we right on the interstate between springfield and Rolla you can come check it out.

BTW I don't even know how to ping
Moisture is harder on paper speakers then it is anything.
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I know, I was only making fun.

The pictures made me kinda gasp, tbh. A huge shame.

Two of the acoustic guitars they lost were MO dogwood Martin HD-28's which where numbers 3&4 of 15, or something like that, luckily Martin heard of the news and made two new ones with the same #'s and shipped them out to them.
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Dude, maybe you can help them with their website too. When I go to the Amplifier section, no matter what I click on (Marshall, Peavey, Used, whatever) it takes me to the same page of about 9 used mostly subpar amps.

Did the owner loose most of his inventory too? I would think they could at least talk about what Marshall amps they've carried, or will carry, and their relationship with Marshall, blah ba blah... an example

They only list used gear on their website, and thats the 9 subpar amps you see they usually have a pretty good selection of gear at all times, and they don't really do internet sales so that might be part of the problem. Many of their dealer agreements do not allow them to post prices on the internet, but you are right some pictures of gear they usually carry would go a long way. And yes almost all inventory has lost in the fire, but they have been running at their temp location now for a year, and its almost like nothing ever happened as far as selection is concerned.
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Oh man, a fire. That's pretty awful. You must be a damn dedicated person if you decide to continue and rebuild it after that. I hope it works out and you don't burn it again.

I didn't burn it down, a van ran into it and then it burned. I am not the owner, only an employee. lol pics of the fire
^ Just leave the guard off, its a nice feature but its not needed if your careful.
^KT88 will not fit, the tube sockets are to close together, one might be able to sqeeze two on the out side, with pair of 6l6 in the middle though.
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I'd love to work in a guitar shop. But everyone does, so that's nothing new.
Is it just a local shop or one I'd know? A chain?

Its a local store, they specialize in boutique acoustic guitars, honestly I have been in a ton of music stores, and I have never seen a selection of high end acoustics like they have, ever, and I not talking about Martins and Gibsons etheir. Heres a link to thier website. They had a fire about a year ago, and are finaly getting started on the new building, I have seen the plans, and it will honestly be the nicest music store in the state of MO when they get done.
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cream city.

Are you starting working in a guitar shop?

I Start on the 12th
^Thanks I cannot wait to start, cannot wait to see dealer cost too, I get a real nice discount. My First goal is to get them to carry Mesa, but I doubt I'll push it too hard untill I have been there a couple months. With all the used gear they move it will be hard to say no to a lot of stuff.
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In my defense I was only trying to keep the thread moving in the right direction, in doing so I came across like a dick, I think its funny how people get their panties in a wad when you call them out with the truth.
xXMetal-HeadXx really was a real A-hole to you 311, I cannot blame you for leaving the thread.
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interesting. its hard to look away from these amps because alot around going for around 500 used. thats a tough price to deal with especially if it can be compared to higher end amps. seriously i am just looking for a good clean channel, with the ability to get ****in heavy. I am going to try one of these out very soon. and they are available in combos. a tough one to beat.

i really loved my 5150 that i owned. i should have just kept it. I was thinkin about lookin into the new 6505+ combo, but i still feel like the clean channel will be lacking.

EDIT: Holy ****, i didnt know the 6505 combos were going for 600 new. damn you peavey!

IMO Triple X is nearly=Rectifiers I like the TX beter, the lowend is tighter and the overall voice of the amp is more along the lines that I like. Also when properly biased the cleans are just as good as the Rectos, with EL34 it adds some warmth and makes the cleans have some life, and sound less sterile, with 6l6 the cleans tend to go that way. It's no Fender, but it holds its own, and IMO for 500 they are one of the best things going in the used market, if you where a little closer I would let you try mine, hell I might even sell it.

Edit: Mesa DC, & F Series are awesome values in the used market, as well as the Mesa Nomads, all are killer, and can be found 500-800 dollars.
Kinda, I used JJ EL34 in the past and like them, I am now running JJ KT77, I like them better than both EL34 and 6l6, they have alot more bass than EL34, (still not as much as 6l6) and nearly all the midrange detail of the EL34. I like them a lot I doubt I'll use any other tube with this amp any more.
3120=Triple X, only difference (other than cosmetics) is the 3120 ships with EL34 and the TX with 6l6, etheir amp can run ethier tube type, peavey opted to go with EL34 as the "stock" tubes, which is a plus because they work well in these amps.
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Why don't YOU read the the thread and also read my comment CAREFULLY as well?

I did not insist or say that he had to, I merely suggested amps he could look at.

Also, I was wondering why he'd consider a IV instead of a V when it was still within his budget.

It does not harm him or his budget to keep options open. He has the ability and resources to spend 2k on the amp. Whether or not he ultimately choose to is up to him, however he mentioned 2K and I suggested somthing within his budget.

Maybe you'd like to reserve your comments when I suggest a USD4K amp when he mentions that his budget is USD2K.

Don't be dick, I was not trying to be BTW ethier, I already mentioned the Mark IV/V a long time ago,
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With a 2000 dollar budget the sky is nearly the limit if you go used. I would look into Mesa Mark IV or V, Roadster or Roadking, these are some of the most versatile amps I have ever tried, great cleans as well. Really there are many options.
so your sugestion had already been taken into concideration, you would know this if you read the entire thread. Also the TS said he didn't really want to spend 2K as I mentioned in my last post, although he would if he had too. I was not blasting you, I think a Mark IV would be awesome, thats why I sugested it, but the TS wants to keep the price down from what I understand.
Read the Thread before posting:

Quote by xXMetal-HeadXx

EDIT: and just because i could spend 2k doesnt mean i want to. are there any lower budgeted options that would be similar to the higher end stuff. I know what 5150/6505's are capable of, i just dont think i will have the variety i need (just throwing that out there so you dont just recommend that, everyone does).
^ If the cleans suck on the Triple X its probaly has 6l6s and it's not biased properly, so don't be afraid to turn the bias pot if the amps running 6l6's, the bias sweep is pretty limited in this mode and and safe to mess with without a bias probe. If its running EL34/KT77 then its a different issue, and the cleans will most likly be decent to mater where the bias pot is set at, since its a pretty hot sweep. Same setup with the JSX so keep that in mind. For the price used they are nearly unbeatable
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While I'm asking questions, here's another issue. When I switch to the Ultra Channel there is a popping sound. It doesn't matter what settings or effects are on, it always pops like the reverb is picking up my pedal switch noise or something (still pops if reverb is all the way down). Only from crunch/clean to ultra, not the other way around. Any ideas what this could be? I hope it is an easy fix.

My only guess as to what could be causing it is that when the amp arrived I didn't realize the speaker was disconnected and I turned it on. When I realized that the speaker was disconnected I turned it off hoping that I didn't destroy the amp. I have no idea if this was a pre-existing problem I inherited or something I caused by turning it on without a speaker.

Sounds like you caught the speaker issue just in time, if the amps power amp is working properly then it will be all right. Your poping issue sounds like a preamp issuse, try swaping around the preamp tubes and see if that helps. If your clean channel is acting normal then you know V1 is a good tube, and the issue lies in V2-V4, swap V1 with the other posistions and see if that fixes the problem, if it does, what ever position fixes the problem is where the bad tube is, just replace with a new 12AX7. If not then your amp may need to be looked over by a tech.
Blues Jr, is just about as loud. The C30 has a volume knob, turn it down, it sounds pretty good even when its quite, it just sounds best when its turned up.