I have a mexi strat and it sounds just fine. i think the sound would depend a lot more on the amp and the player. but yeah mexi's are awesome.
I'd go with the Matt Tuck Sig. Like you said basically the same but you prefer the emgs so there ya go
Schecters(specifically Hellraiser)Ibanezs work to imo. But it seems if you switched out the pickups on a Jackson( I think they have decent models in your price range) that would fit what your needs the most.
Maybe have him reflect on the death family or a loved one. Maybe some titles(not necessarily for the topic just mentioned.)
Blinding light- describing the immediate impact of the war specifically the bomb
the angels unleashed- alluding to the angel of death
Death of the Dark- another allusion to the bomb or ignorance of the masses
thats kind of a rhetorical question but give it more flexibility would be nice.
so far so good post the rest when you can
ok theres only a couple things
1. watch out for rhyming to much it really wasn't that bad in this song but it can get annoying for the listner
2"most beautifulest" idk if you misspelled that or if you meant to but it doesn't really flow in my opinion
3 in the first verse "darling just tell me when" i'm not exactly sure what that means so try to clarify
overall a decent song
I'd go with the WRXT
I liked it. The vocals were good for the most part just some of the high notes need to be worked on. guitars were pretty good.biggest problem is that i couldn't hear drums or the bass. if you do that and just smooth out the vocals you'll be good. and still cell really to expect someone to come close to zeppelin jimi or acdc is ridiculous there is only one jimi there is only one zeppelin. good job though overall.
That was pretty cool. nice job
Quote by Mazz211
I heard the mexican ones aren't that great but it's mexico then again what do you expect?
i have a mexican made strat and it plays pretty good not to expensive either.
The lyrics themselves are decent but you need to organize it better it seems more like a poem than a song. I'd suggest organizing it into a verse,verse,chorus,verse thing or whatever you want. Overall looks good keep it up!
The only thing i have to say is the line "my lie will reach up to the moon" i get what your trying to say but it just doesn't sound good in my opinion thats all i have to say.
it really doesn't bother me i didn't know emo kids got beat down though. thats kind of a douche move.
Coheed and Cambria:
Blood Red Summer
the line "what did i do to deserve" it's such a simple phrase with so much meaning
The chorus after the solo makes me want to get up and just belt out the whole entire song the solo before it the empahsis on claudio's vocals are all just amazing
verse one- throughout my life(2-3second pause maybe) i've come to realize(same thing here) i've been missing out on all the things that really mattered
verse two-will me...understand what i need(pause)(whispered) to live
verse three- I know it's so much to ask for, but please.............for me
chorus- help me to realize why this is the end, help me learn not to pretend
help me to realize why i must die help me to realize(woah)

without knowing what the music sounds like this is hard to figure out but thats what i got
I don't know if this has been discussed already but how come Joe doesn't have any solos practically except for maybe dead on arrival or where is your boy has one i think.
I think there is a lesson called music theory in the begginers area for lessons its somewhere anyway
If it helps at all write down what aspect of love your trying to write about or images you associate when it comes to love no offense to anyone but try not to make it rhyme every line unless you want to i guess. Just write exacly what your trying to espress Ex:love is beautiful,Love is amazing,I love her,She loves me,I don't love you,Love hurts etc. then try to use different and more poetic words i guess you could call them and try to build off of that. Hope it helps=)
Pretty good! Keep up the good work!
i start off by making a simple riff a little kind of 3 second thing maybe a little longer then i try to add some chords to fill the song out. For me that is a basic song set up i would reccomend learning the notes on th efretboard and theory i think there is a good lesson for theory on here called the crusades but use the internet to go a little more in depth if you need to
srry one more thing if you want to try to sing along to incredible vocals i would suggest journey with steve perry specifically Don't stop Believing and Faithfully thats all!
Ok i'm no frontman or whatever but i'd have to agree with the practice and also find a certain way of singing you know you really good at for example low and soft this is great in my opinion for acoustic songs. If you find a way you're good at singing just do that until you are no longer nervous but don't be afraid to explore different styles of singing as well
And if you screw up in front of people just mess around with your voice and laugh at it thats what i do and people don't bash me. ha not yet at least good luck!=)
i don't know if you've bought guitar already but i'd advise get a good quality acoustic but don't spend a lot on it. or as my teacher told me learn how to shred on a beater than buy a nice electric and you will be amazing but id learn on acoustic because it is harder to press the strings down true but it will make your fingers stronger and every good punk band has to have an EP right?=)
oh and by the way can't wait to try it=D
Any idea of a time frame in which the server will be back up?
srry as for order it seems like you would want to expand your chord knowledge from what you've said but whatever order you want
yeah barre chords jazz chords um...scales and try some acdc solos they aren't extremely difficult but they sound awesome and should help. or just try blues scales whatever works
If you want a suggestion i just do all what i consider the boring stuff first a couple of times then i basically screw around with different songs and improvise and what not and don't time yourself that makes it boring just play for how long you want to play. And if your trying to learn a song for example the intro start of going through it slow a couplle of times until you feel comfortable enough to go quicker but don't feel like your obligated to be constanly practicing th esam epart have fun with it!
Try for the chords to Into the Night,Knocking on heavens door(bob dylan version), Working Class Hero (John Lennon),Turn the page(bob seger), and............... look for the acoustic chords to sweet child of mine(Guns N Roses) or Faithfully(Journey). Hope that helps
You know Herman Li from dragon force try to mimic him and i imagine you will find some stuff to work on
I like it great metal or hardrock song
this is a nice poem kind of has a depression undertone but still good
Do you like her if so say yes if not say no
and true bj's would be convienient for her lol
not bad at all just need a killer chorus and it's good
I like it tell her good work
I'd have to say TTTYG is my favorite album IOH was ok but it has a too much pop and not enough rock. also My heart will always be the b-side to my tounge is probly there 2nd or 3rd best album
short and simple man i like that however i don't understand the line about the sparrow and maybe less rhyming would help i think with a little work this could be a very good song