oh wow ins is a red name nerd now
hey ins

blitzcrank is overpowered

Quote by captaincrunk Is the game any good anymore?

draven's still in it = good game
riot for some reason feels that tanks will only be relevant if they're legitimate 100-0 kill threats, which isn't the case at all

i'd point to champs like naut or sion as much better examples of what a tank should actually be doing, which i guess is why they're barely played compared to the ones with more damage
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I'm tired of tanks doing so much damage. Everyone shits out damage now and it shouldn't be that way.

tanks have been shitting out damage for about 4 seasons now i think, there's likely never going to be an end to it
oh hey nice i'll get victorious ashe then
i declare this thread officially reopened
it's okay, fern and i are still getting those team scores in smite too
he didn't tell you what champ to play
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Tbh my /all chat been off for 2 years now, toxic level decreased 80%

i'm triggered
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With great sorrow I announce that I am retiring my support Yasuo (KDA 0.94)

Unfortunately if I continue to play him without studying into the champion and the role more thoroughly I risk depleting the playerbase of people who would want to lane with me, making it impossible for the queue system to match me up with anyone.

much like the wind that underlines his theme, your support yasuo blows

i just can't get back into it cause the game feels so fucking slow now

every game i played recently was just a contest to see who can shield/heal/poke more and use more invulnerability ults ResidentSleeper
so i just looked at dota2wiki because i thought of the game randomly, how the fuck is pit lord still not in the game

is my calendar wrong? as far as i can tell we're in the year 2016
wow almost like riot's trash PogChamp
trundle is boring and this page needs more draven
i've seen too many league postgame chats, i guess

glanced quickly and thought "you have earned a key fragment" said "you have earned a key, faggot"
i've heard there's no draven, so the game has to be worthless
stream it for me and convince me it's worth playing, ty
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have you tried overwatch yet? I haven't but it seems to have some of the charm that league has

i didn't play it in beta so i've tried watching streams of it, but i can't get into it at all

looks like it'd lose its fun very quickly to me
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looks way too kawaii for me

there's a massive weeb population but if you're a normal person playing the game it just means you have a never-ending supply of ridiculous weeb names to laugh at

the game is honestly managed terribly and ncsoft's western division makes riot look like a good company, but the game itself is good enough to still be enjoyable in spite of its publisher's best efforts
primarily blade and soul along with the occasional smite game