ya know, I might just do that. Unfortunately the other pickup isn't a lace so I've got nothing to compare it to, but I was pretty surprised because they generally have a good rep. Worse comes to worse, I send it back to guitarcenter and tell them they sold me a faulty product.

EDIT: ORRRRRR.......I could take a multimeter to it and see if I pick up any reading
Well hi guys. Haven't posted here in a looooonnnnngggg time, but I'm back from the dead with a bit of a dilemma.

Bought a strat, didn't like the bridge and mid pickups, so I bought new ones. Long story short, they showed up today. I unboxed one, no problems there....the second one, not so lucky.

The pickup is a lace sensor burgundy. The problem: There is a wire running out of the bottom of the pickup that has wrapped itself around the leads- a very thin wire, certainly from the winding. My thought is that the winding somehow broke.

Before I go nuts and ship this thing back, I figure I better get a second opinion. So...thoughts? should I try it out before returning? Is it definitely a broken winding?

unfortunately I can't get pics at the moment, but I will try later.

doing one of my occasional lurking passes, thought about even posting for a bit.
then i see jim is leaving and i was like WTFFFFFFF??????????? GB&C can never be the same....

days old news by now, but good luck, Jim.
accidentally used wrong router bit? ive done that actually. luckily it was a coffee table and not a guitar
i hate that when that happens......

well at least you only screwed up one....

AAANNND probably wont make the same mistake again
maybe. but i want to keep the look of the tuners that i have now. kluson makes a drop in replacement set of locking tuners, not to mention the non-locking ones.

@Mint: yeah the tuners are good. but mine got busted. pretty i can barely play for 3 minutes without going out of tune. i might just get normal tuners instead of locking ones if its not that big of a deal....

but that STILL leaves me short on the amp......ah dammit...
the tuning stability WAS great....but my strap broke a couple of weeks ago and the headstock slammed down on top of my amp....and the tuners took the full brunt of the hit. they're pretty much i figured i might as well get locking ones to replace them.

but i want that amp so much.............

EDIT: Hey! someone remembered my name!
man, ive been gone too long...
it would actually be tighter than a normal almost double "normal" scale length....
im not even sure you could play that. you definitely couldn't bend....heck, would the strings even be long enough?
So this time im back and can actually say that with some confidence. I got a laptop (finally) so now i dont have to compete for computer access/cant be banned from it.

Blackstar HT-5 or
locking tuners for my gibson?
i cant afford both....
Quote by Explorerbuilder
You do realize that depends totally on scale length? A longer scale will have the frets further apart... So like a 28" baritone could have a lot more playable frets than a regular scale guitar.

Hey! someone finally brought up scale length!

Unfortunately, the situation presented by the OP is still impactical. 40" scale length? barely playable as a guitar. maybe as a bass...
...............hi guys................
im hoping to at least color-match the stain and cover it up....its not deep, but its noticable.
anyone got any suggestions for good stain?
ugh...F***ING piece of........i just dropped my gibby and took a nice chip out of the headstock. couldve been worse but....ugh. this sucks.
i do because theres barely anything else worth posting in
no seriously. every question that a n00b asks ends up being in an ultimate thread and after 3 years of build threads, they get...repetitive...
i remember a time when i couldnt get a post in the Jim Thread without ten new posts showing up......and the GB&C regulars were actually here. now its down to you, me, jim, and a few others.....
things move alot slower here than they used to.....
dead forum is dead......where is everyone?????

EDIT: forum seems dead because my clock is an hour off
necks are tough. thats not to say they're undo-able in a first build. the best advice for a neck: PRACTICE. get a few pieces of cheap pine to work on. its entirely possible to hand-carve a neck on your first build. the only "special" tool you will need is a spokeshave. the fretboard can be bought pre-slotted, so all you have to worry about are the frets themselves. a truss rod is as simple as a route along the length of the neck, placing the rod in, and a few drops of glue to hold it in place.
We've had people do this before actually. Its perfectly doable, and you'll come away with something you'll use rather than let it gather dust. Looking into books for research is a great idea, but theres also a wealth of info in the GB&C hub thread (salsawords posted the link). And anything you cant find, ask us! Odds are the guitar will come out pretty good, too, because you're getting a grade for it.
ah, wiring fun...

i HATE tiny room for mods and stuff. and they're terrible to work with. im lucky, the SG's cavity is decent sized.
Quote by Shinozoku
But do you have subtract?

no. however, i do have add negative. also included are multiply and log.

/bad math joke.

EDIT: Jim, i didn't think it was possible to BS more than Yngwie.
*stares aimlessly at random other website* what now? im on UG? when did that happen?

for the record i dont have add....
nah. im not leav....hey whats that other website over there????
dont worry. i'll be gone by 10:30. (or 9:30 according to the forum)
lolz. i kinda have to be, im a judge in RMOGC.

so anyway....
...avoid these people. yeah. bad s***.
so i just had an...interesting...experience with the definition of "jackass" and "billy mays" combined into one................ much for spending a day on GB&C comeback number 651,000 lol.

(speaking of which, im back. i swear. for real this time.)
all right...let the games begin!

last year was awesome...although i regret having to judge. again. i wish i had the resources to do a build.

that, and i was a real ass as a judge last time
i know. thank God i want to be an aerospace engineer...its such a niche market that im almost guaranteed a job

im sick of perry. he used to be cool. then he turned into an arrogant dick. we should get the best UG builders together and build an epic guitar from scratch just to send it to him...
yeah i know but there is the fairly touchy issue of a s*** job market right now. id hate for anyone to think that i was like "people should lose their jobs for the sake of accuracy".
honestly, the best way to determine if you'll like it is to try it. me personally, i would love the sound of a middle 'bucker into an AC30, but you might end up not liking it. unfortunately, pickups can be very trial-and-error...
well yeah, i know...

...but we're talking about one guy making guitars here, not an entire factory, and he's certainly not gonna fire himself

EDIT: @mintsauce

EDIT2: @phil: im pretty sure perry got the hint that most of the regulars didnt like him. he hasnt posted a build in ages.
isnt a CNC is just a LITTLE overkill for templetes?

hell, id take a CNC'd body over a hand-built one any day. much less chance of a screw up.
...just dont break anything when you put it together.

that didnt work out

also: my first facepalm since ive been back!
yeah it would really suck to have that...i feel bad for anyone who does
^not necessarily. there actually IS a disease where you cant feel anything. i once heard that phil rudd (acdc's drummer) has it but im not sure if thats true...either way, it exists.........

.....robot theory is better.....
unless shes got no nerve endings, her body would force her to stop from the pain. which leads me to believe that she cant feel anything.
...wouldnt that get painful after a while? i cant even chew after i bite might lip sometimes!
i dont have any problem with the actors/actresses...its the series thats s***...
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ANYONE > Meyer